Jade City

What happened in Jade City

By Fonda Lee

The epic saga follows the rival No Peak and Mountain Green Bone clans in the fictional country of Kekon as they battle for dominance and control over the capital city of Janloon. The story centers on the Kaul family, who lead the No Peak clan for generations. When the elderly Pillar Kaul Sen steps down, his son Lan inherits leadership of No Peak. However, Lan struggles with the burden of leadership and keeping the tenuous peace with the aggressive Mountain clan led by the ruthless Ayt Mada.

After Lan is mysteriously killed, possibly with the Mountain clan's involvement, Lan's hot-headed younger brother Hilo takes over as Pillar of No Peak. Hilo is determined to get revenge against the Mountain for Lan's death. The clan conflict escalates into all out war on the streets of Janloon. Hilo's sister Shae, who left the clan years ago, is forced to return and become the Weather Man. She tries to temper Hilo's aggression with strategy.

The story follows the clan war from multiple perspectives - Hilo's violent but charismatic leadership as the embattled new Pillar, Shae's machinations as Weather Man to guide the clan during wartime, the idealistic young fighter Anden's inner turmoil over jade addiction, and the street criminal Bero's continued quest for power and jade outside the clans.

After initial losses, No Peak gains the upper hand by killing the Mountain Horn Gont Asch, but at great cost. The Mountain remains a threat even after Gont's death. Tensions continue to simmer, with the future of the clans and country dependent on wartime leaders like Hilo and Shae to preserve Kekonese traditions and values amid the chaos of war on the streets of Janloon.

Jade City Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

The chapter opens with two teenage boys, Bero and Sampa, planning to steal jade from a drunk Green Bone named Shon Ju at a restaurant called the Twice Lucky. Sampa slips Bero a drug to put in Shon's drink to make him pass out. After Shon passes out in the bathroom, Sampa tries to remove his jade earrings but Shon wakes up and attacks him. Bero shoots his gun but misses. In the chaos, Bero grabs the jade and flees, feeling the effects of the jade rush through him. As he tries to jump off the balcony in a jade-induced frenzy, Maik Tar stops him.

Chapter 2

In chapter 2, Hilo and his Fists, Kehn and Tar, are dining at a restaurant when they hear a gunshot. A teenage waiter named Bero has drugged a drunk Green Bone named Shon Ju in an attempt to steal his jade, but Shon wakes up and attacks Bero. Bero tries to shoot Shon but misses. In the chaos, Bero grabs Shon's jade earrings and tries to escape, but Tar stops him.

Hilo takes the jade from Bero and returns it to Shon, warning him to be more careful. Hilo and his men take Bero and his accomplice Sampa outside to beat them for punishment. The other boy reveals that a new jade carver has moved into the area, killed the previous carver Three-Fingered Gee, and is now buying up all the raw jade. Hilo decides to take the boys to the Pillar, the leader of No Peak, to investigate this disturbing news about the aggressive new jade carver.

Chapter 3

The Pillar of the No Peak clan, Kaul Lanshinwan, is suffering from insomnia and goes for a walk in the garden where he meets the Weather Man, Yun Dorupon. Doru informs Lan that his brother Hilo has arrived with two teenage boys who tried to steal jade. Hilo wants to kill them but Lan shows mercy and lets them go after learning about a new jade carver called the Carver who is aggressively taking over the raw jade business.

Hilo suspects the rival Mountain clan is behind the Carver. The Weather Man counsels restraint but Hilo wants to retaliate. Lan decides to investigate whether the Mountain clan is backing the Carver before taking any action. Afterward, Lan considers that he needs to assert himself more firmly as the new leader of the clan.

Chapter 4

Lan visits his grandfather Kaul Sen, a legendary war hero and former leader of the No Peak clan. Sen is elderly and frail but still wears powerful jade jewelry. He reminisces about the war for independence and laments the recent deaths of Lan's father, Sen's wife, and his former friend Ayt Yu. When Lan suggests replacing the Weather Man Doru, Sen refuses and insists Doru is invaluable. Their argument escalates until Sen attacks Lan to test his worthiness as clan leader. Despite Lan's reluctance to fight back, Sen goads him into striking back. Ultimately Sen defeats Lan, reaffirming his control over the clan and Doru's position. Lan realizes he is still alone as the new leader.

Chapter 5

In this chapter, Hilo goes to visit his girlfriend Wen after meeting with his brother Lan. He sneaks into her apartment at night through the window and they have an intimate encounter.

The next morning, they discuss clan politics and the potential for war with the rival Mountain clan. Wen encourages Hilo to start preparing to defend No Peak on his own, recruiting loyal Fists from the Academy. She advises him that the streets belong to the Horn.

Hilo agrees to visit his cousin Anden at the Academy to scout potential new Fists from the current students. He believes Anden will make a formidable Green Bone warrior once he graduates and gets his jade. The chapter ends with Hilo feeling optimistic about his ability to strengthen his forces on the streets independent of his brother Lan's more conservative approach.

Chapter 6

In chapter 6, Kaul Shaelinsan returns to Janloon after two years abroad in Espenia. She arrives at the airport determined to live independently without relying on her powerful Green Bone family, the Kauls. Shae takes a taxi to the Kaul estate instead of calling her brother Lan for a ride.

At home, Shae has an emotional reunion with Lan and her grandfather, Kaul Sen. Sen is critical of her foreign clothes and lack of jade but welcomes her back. Shae lies that she already rented an apartment to avoid moving back into the family home.

Over the next few days, Shae apartment hunts without family help, finding a place in North Sotto. Her brother Hilo then confronts her at her hotel, urging her to rejoin the clan and wear jade again. Shae resists, wanting time to establish her own life first. The chapter ends with lingering tension between Shae and Hilo over her role in the clan.

Chapter 7

The chapter opens at Kaul Dushuron Academy, where the students are undergoing a training exercise to use jade abilities. Anden, a top student, succeeds in breaking bricks with Strength while protecting his hands with Steel. Afterward, his classmate Ton invites him to go out before the Boat Day holiday.

Anden's cousin Kaul Hilo visits him at the Academy. Hilo attacks Anden as a test, and they fight brutally hand-to-hand. Though outmatched, Anden fights back fiercely. Hilo approves of Anden's skill and spirit. He says Anden will graduate and become a Fist in the clan soon.

Hilo advises Anden to recruit loyal followers from his classmates to be his Fingers. He warns that tensions are rising with the rival Mountain clan and they'll need all the Green Bones they can get. Anden is anxious about graduating and wearing jade due to his mixed heritage and family history of jade sensitivity issues. But Hilo reassures him and says the clan will be there to support him.

Chapter 8

Anden gets separated from his classmates during the Boat Day festivities and wanders into Mountain territory, where he is confronted by three teenage members of the rival Wie Lon School. A fight ensues, during which Anden holds his own but is outnumbered, until Gont Asch, the Horn of the Mountain, intervenes. Gont disperses the fight and has his men bring his car around. Despite Anden's misgivings, Gont coerces him into the car and begins driving him to the Mountain clan's headquarters.

During the drive, Gont reveals he knew Anden's mother and grandfather, and suggests Anden's loyalty to the Kauls is misplaced. Anden resists Gont's implications but grows anxious about where he is being taken. The chapter ends as the car ascends into the hills outside the city, with Gont stating he is bringing Anden "to the top of the Mountain."

Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, the Pillar of No Peak, Lan, receives an urgent call from a member of the rival Mountain clan, likely Gont Asch. Gont informs Lan that they have taken his cousin Anden during the Boat Day festivities for a "talk" and will release him unharmed in the Temple District in three hours. Lan worries that his impulsive brother and Horn, Hilo, will overreact when he finds out, potentially breaking the clans' uneasy peace.

Lan tries unsuccessfully to reach Hilo, then finally gets a call from him after Hilo has surrounded Gont's nephew's apartment building with men, furious about Anden's abduction. Lan convinces Hilo to wait for Anden's release instead of retaliating. He decides not to join Hilo, choosing to stay in case the Mountain contacts him again. Lan worries the Mountain may be trying to goad them into violence as an excuse for retaliation. The Weather Man, Doru, counsels continued patience and restraint.

Chapter 10

In Chapter 10, Anden is taken to the home of Ayt Mada, the Pillar of the rival Mountain clan. He is impressed by the grand Kekonese architecture of the estate. Ayt meets with Anden and makes him an unexpected offer to join the Mountain clan and work for them expanding into the country of Ygutan.

Anden is shocked when Ayt reveals the Mountain's plans to produce and sell the illegal jade-enhancing drug shine to foreigners in Ygutan. Ayt argues this will allow Green Bones to control the spread of jade abilities worldwide. Anden questions the wisdom of this but Ayt insists it is inevitable.

Ayt implies this offer is also an overture to the Kauls and No Peak for an alliance between the clans based on profiting from the shine trade abroad. She blames past conflict on Hilo's aggression but says she would welcome discussion with Lan. Ayt tells Anden he has an important role to play in ensuring peace between the clans if Lan recognizes her offer. She sends Anden back with her message to Lan to provide a response.

Chapter 11

The Mountain clan returns Anden to the No Peak clan after taking him during the Boat Day festivities. Anden tells the Pillar of No Peak, Lan, about the Mountain clan's proposal to produce and sell the illegal jade-enhancing drug shine in Ygutan. The proposal is an attempt to form an alliance between the clans. Lan discusses the proposal with his Horn, Hilo, and Weather Man, Doru. Hilo is against any partnership with the rival Mountain clan. Doru thinks there is merit in controlling the shine trade together and proposes sending Anden to work for the Mountain as a show of cooperation. However, Lan decides to decline the Mountain's proposal, citing concerns over increased demand for jade and the erosion of Kekonese values. He instructs Doru to convey this refusal to the Mountain's Weather Man. Lan also orders Hilo to bolster defenses in disputed territories but avoid bloodshed, and to protect Lan's sister Shae, who is not wearing jade. Though displeased, Doru and Hilo accept Lan's decision.

Chapter 12

Bero, one of the teenage thieves from Chapter 2, is now working for a man named Mudt who has jade and connections to the Mountain clan. Mudt reveals he has a jade stud in his tongue and offers Bero a chance to work for him doing illegal jobs. Bero is eager to have access to jade again and agrees, hoping to gain power outside the established Green Bone clans.

Chapter 13

Shae has settled into her new apartment in North Sotto and is trying to find a job, but struggling with whether to rely on her powerful Kaul family connections. Her brother, the Pillar Lan, visits her apartment unexpectedly and asks her to do him a favor - go to the clan's jade mines up north and audit their books, as he doesn't fully trust his Weather Man Doru. Though reluctant to get involved in clan affairs, Shae agrees to help Lan. She remembers how her small involvement with the Espenians years ago led to much more, so she is wary, but Lan promises this is the only thing he'll ask of her. Shae decides to go to the mines as a favor to her brother, though it will delay her job search.

Chapter 14

In Chapter 14, the Pillar of No Peak, Lan, meets with Chancellor Son Tomarho, a high-ranking politician affiliated with No Peak. Lan asks Son to pass a law preventing any one clan from gaining majority control of the Kekon Jade Alliance (KJA), which regulates the jade supply. Though the Mountain and No Peak currently have near equal shares, Lan wants to remove the temptation for the Mountain to try to dominate the KJA.

Son agrees it's in the national interest but says he'll need No Peak's help influencing the Royal Council members to vote for it. Lan hints No Peak will punish the Mountain for aggression while avoiding open war. To get Son's enthusiastic support, Lan has his aide Woon suggest No Peak will raise tariffs on foreign textiles at the docks, benefiting Lantern Man businesses like Son's. Son agrees, pleased at the patronage.

Lan tests Woon's political skills in this interaction, considering him as a potential replacement for the current Weather Man. Though not fully convinced of Woon's abilities yet, Lan is determined to transition leadership of the clan's business and political side away from the aging Weather Man this year.

Chapter 15

Hilo and some of his Fists visit a motorcycle gang called the Chrome Demons to demand tribute and information. Hilo breaks the leader's nose to establish dominance, then has his Fists confiscate the gang's money and weapons. Hilo offers to let the gang keep operating in No Peak territory if they provide intelligence on a black market jade carver called Tem Ben who is working with the rival Mountain clan. The leader reluctantly agrees to have his people gather information. Hilo's show of strength cows the gang into obedience, though they hope clan conflict with the Mountain may provide opportunities. Hilo is pleased with how his Fists handle themselves but makes a mental note to correct one's unnecessary cruelty later.

Chapter 16

In Chapter 16, Shae travels to a jade mine in the mountains to audit the operations and records, as a favor to her brother Lan who is suspicious of his Weather Man Doru. She struggles with the heat and humidity but is happy to be outside Janloon.

At the mine, Shae meets the supervisor and shows him Lan's letter authorizing an inspection. She tours the massive open pit mine and sees the raw jade being extracted. The strong jade aura makes her long to touch it, though she knows it would be dangerous without immunity.

Shae reviews financial records and equipment purchases in the office. She discovers the Horn of the rival Mountain clan, Gont Asch, has signed off on recent equipment orders, which strikes her as odd. Shae copies these suspicious documents to show Lan. Realizing she's found something important, she decides to return to Janloon right away instead of staying longer.

Chapter 17

In chapter 17, Lan goes to the Lilac Divine, a clan-affiliated brothel and entertainment club, to relax and forget his worries for a while. He has a private performance with Yunni, one of the charm girls, who sings beautifully and gives him a sensual massage. Lan reflects on the tensions between the clans and his suspicions that the rival Mountain clan is trying to control more of the jade supply through the Kekon Jade Alliance. He worries about relying on the aging Weather Man Doru and alienating his brother Hilo.

Lan's relaxation is interrupted when Maik Kehn, one of Hilo's Fists, arrives covered in blood with an urgent message. Kehn says the Mountain clan has deliberately provoked No Peak by whispering Hilo's name - a grave insult tantamount to a declaration of war in the clan culture. The chapter ends with Lan realizing he must now respond decisively to the Mountain's aggression.

Chapter 18

In Chapter 18, the Horn of No Peak, Hilo, responds to a call from a grocer who was attacked by members of the rival Mountain clan for failing to pay them tribute. Hilo vows to find the attackers. He and his Fists go to an arcade where the attackers are said to be, planning to punish them publicly.

However, it's a trap set by the Mountain. Assassins attack Hilo and his men. Hilo fights them off, killing one, while his Fists fight the others. One of Hilo's men, Maik Tar, is badly wounded. The assassins, including the Horn of the Mountain's top Fist, flee.

Furious, Hilo demands witnesses spread word of what happened and help find the attackers. He takes the jade of the dead men as spoils. Then he rushes the wounded Tar to the hospital, determined to retaliate against the Mountain for trying to kill him.

Chapter 19

Shae discovers evidence of jade going missing from the national Treasury reserves. On her way home late at night, she is startled by her neighbor Caun Yu, who she initially suspects of following her. In the morning, Shae calls Lan to tell him about her findings, but Doru informs her there has been an attempt on Hilo's life by the Mountain clan.

Shae rushes to the Kaul house, where Lan and Hilo are planning retaliation against the Mountain clan members who ambushed Hilo and nearly killed his Fist Tar. Despite Doru advising restraint, Lan sides with Hilo to seek vengeance. As they leave to fight the Mountain clan, Shae offers to help but Lan refuses, not wanting her involved without jade. Kaul Sen angrily confronts Hilo, blaming him for the impending clan war, but Hilo is resolute. Lan instructs Shae to prevent Doru from taking over the clan in his absence. She is anxious about the coming violence between the clans.

Chapter 20

The No Peak clan, led by Lan and Hilo, goes to the Factory, a Mountain clan facility, seeking revenge for the assassination attempt on Hilo. They demand the Mountain hand over the assassins and cede control of the Armpit district. When the Mountain refuses, Lan accepts a formal duel challenge from Gam, one of the assassins. Though Hilo doubts Lan's fighting ability, Lan insists on answering the challenge himself to prove his worth as Pillar.

In a close fight, Lan manages to defeat and kill Gam. Hilo's man Maik executes the other assassin, Chon. Having answered the challenge and killed his rival, Lan wins control of the Armpit for No Peak. The No Peak men celebrate Lan's victory. Privately, Lan wonders if the fight revealed his own weakness, but resolves to be a wartime leader. He hopes the victory will deter further Mountain aggression.

Chapter 21

In Chapter 21, Shae sits with her grandfather Kaul Sen after her brothers Lan and Hilo depart to retaliate against the rival Mountain clan. Sen is despondent, lamenting the state of the world and saying he wishes to die. Shae tries to comfort him.

When Lan and Hilo return, they go into Lan's study for a private meeting, excluding Sen and the Weather Man Doru. Lan is injured but alive after challenging and killing one of the Mountain clan's top Fists. The No Peak clan now controls the disputed Armpit district. However, Hilo worries their victory was too narrow.

Shae tells them about evidence she's uncovered of jade going missing between the mines and the national Treasury reserves. Her brothers realize the Weather Man Doru must be negligent or complicit. They decide to remove him but keep this knowledge secret for now.

After getting the information he needs, Lan gently dismisses Shae from the meeting. She is stung but realizes her conflicting emotions reflect her uncertainty about her role in the clan. Lan invites her for dinner anytime, showing acceptance, but Shae continues to struggle with her sense of identity.

Chapter 22

After defeating the Mountain clan fighter Gam, Lan discusses clan matters with his brother Hilo. Lan is concerned about the loyalty of the Weather Man Doru and wants Hilo to secretly monitor him. Hilo notices Lan's jade aura seems distorted and advises Lan to rest before trying to wear the jade he won from Gam. Lan realizes the jade is negatively affecting him and removes it.

Hilo asks Lan for permission to marry his girlfriend Wen. Though initially hesitant, Lan approves the marriage, elevating Wen's status in the clan. Hilo swears loyalty to Lan as Pillar. Despite their victory over the Mountain, Lan feels burdened by his responsibilities as the new leader of No Peak.

Chapter 23

In Chapter 23, Bero and his friend Cheeky successfully steal a shipment of luxury goods from a truck at the docks. Their boss Mudt is pleased and gives them more information on future trucking schedules. Mudt also arranges for them to meet a Green Bone from the Mountain clan, who gives them submachine guns and offers them a chance to work directly for the clan if they prove themselves. The Green Bone warns them not to use the guns carelessly or mention his name.

Mudt receives a package of shine, an illegal jade-enhancing drug, from the Green Bone as a reward. The man stresses that Mudt must follow the clan's rules about dosing and distribution. A typhoon is approaching, so they all prepare to leave. Bero is excited by the new opportunity to gain jade and status in the clan through criminal jobs.

Chapter 24

After Typhoon Lokko hits Janloon, the No Peak and Mountain clans call a temporary truce to help with cleanup efforts. Anden and his Academy classmates distribute supplies and clear debris. They discuss the brewing clan war, and Lott makes critical comments about the Kauls' leadership. Later, Anden and Lott have an awkward interaction while clearing branches, where Lott implies he knows Anden's family connections.

During the Autumn Festival celebrations, the Horn of the Mountain, Gont Asch, distributes cakes in the Temple District with other Mountain Green Bones. Gont singles out Anden and ominously warns him not to become an enemy of the Mountain. Anden defiantly refuses to be intimidated. Afterward, his classmates ask what Gont said, but Anden lies that it was only holiday well wishes.

Chapter 25

In Chapter 25, tensions continue to rise between the No Peak and Mountain clans. Hilo is frustrated that No Peak gained little from the previous agreement with Mountain over the Armpit district. Meanwhile, a crime wave of cargo theft erupts in No Peak's territory in the Docks. Hilo's men catch some of the thieves, who admit they got inside information from a Green Bone, likely from Mountain. Hilo orders two killed and one released to send a message.

Hilo visits his injured Fist Tar in the hospital and tells him about his engagement to Wen. He convinces Wen to move into the Kaul estate for safety. Hilo and Wen disagree over her role in the impending clan war due to her being a stone-eye.

Hilo tries to strengthen No Peak's defenses, promoting Fingers and reassigning territories. He scouts Mountain's fighters, realizing No Peak is disadvantaged. With Lan busy, Hilo takes the lead preparing for war. He knows Mountain will try to kill him again. The clan rivalry escalates despite the previous duel intended to preserve peace.

Chapter 26

The Pillar Lan meets with executives of Lantern Man businesses to reassure them about clan protection during the conflict with the Mountain. He then sends the Weather Man Doru to Ygutan, ostensibly to investigate the Mountain's shine operations there but really to get him out of Janloon. Lan meets with politicians on the Royal Council and announces he is suspending all jade mining operations due to accounting discrepancies that suggest the Mountain is manipulating the jade supply. This is meant to turn public opinion against the Mountain clan. Lan continues to struggle with the negative effects of absorbing his rival's jade after defeating him in a duel. He asks his assistant Woon to arrange a secret phone call to help with his jade tolerance issues.

Chapter 27

Shae visits her mother Kaul Wan Ria in the seaside town of Marenia. Her mother seems content in her quiet life away from the clan. Shae practices with her moon blade and reflects on how living abroad gave her a different perspective. She finds her mother depressing and wonders if she'll end up similarly detached from the clan.

Back in Janloon, Shae discovers her neighbor Caun Yu is a Green Bone spying on her for Hilo. When confronted, Caun admits Hilo ordered him to guard Shae without jade. Hilo arrives and argues with Shae over her avoidance of the clan during the war with the Mountain. Shae insists on living her own life, but Hilo says as a Kaul she can't avoid the clan conflict. After a bitter exchange, Shae orders Hilo to stop having her followed. She struggles with her complex feelings over her identity and role in the clan.

Chapter 28

In Chapter 28, Anden is asked by Lan to pick up a mysterious package from an apartment and bring it to him. Though uneasy, Anden complies. At the Kaul house, Lan has Anden practice his jade abilities, criticizing his weak offensive skills. Lan's mood turns angry and volatile, which disturbs Anden.

After Lan is called away, Anden investigates the package he delivered and discovers it contains vials of the illegal jade-enhancing drug shine. When confronted, Lan reveals he has been taking small doses of shine to help him tolerate the jade he won in a recent duel. Lan makes Anden promise to keep it secret, as he doesn't want the clan to doubt his strength as Pillar.

Anden is distressed to learn Lan is taking shine and worries it could be dangerous. However, Lan insists it is only temporary to help him adjust to the new jade. He guilts Anden into keeping his secret and being loyal. Anden leaves, shaken and conflicted over the revelation about the respected Pillar of No Peak.

Chapter 29

In this chapter, Bero and Cheeky meet with the Green Bone from the Mountain clan who gave them guns previously. The Green Bone tells them he has an important job for them to prove themselves to the clan. He instructs them to attack the Lilac Divine, a No Peak establishment, with their guns when called. Bero and Cheeky are uneasy about attacking the rival clan's territory but want to earn status in the Mountain clan. Bero reflects on his longstanding resentment of Green Bones and desire for jade. The boys agree to carry out the attack, hoping it will lead to them being accepted by the Mountain clan.

Chapter 30

In this chapter, Shae attends one of Anden's relayball games at the Kaul Du Academy. She is impressed by how much Anden has grown and developed into a promising Green Bone warrior. After the game, Shae and Anden go out to eat and talk. Anden seems troubled and implies that something is wrong with Lan, asking Shae to speak to him. Shae brushes this off, thinking Lan is just under a lot of stress as the new Pillar during the brewing clan war.

Shae tells Anden about her new job offer with an international Espenian company, which will require more time abroad. Anden is clearly disappointed that Shae will be leaving again soon. Their conversation ends awkwardly.

Afterward, Shae visits the Temple of Divine Return, feeling unsettled. She reflects on her lapsed faith and uncertainty over her identity now that she has left the clan. Shae prays for guidance on finding her way and purpose in life beyond the clan. The chapter ends with her hoping for a sign to point her path forward.

Chapter 31

In this chapter, Lan receives a call from Hilo informing him that they have proof the Weather Man Doru has been betraying the clan. Lan decides Doru must be dealt with that night. He appoints his assistant Woon as the new Weather Man, but does not tell him yet.

Later, when Lan is leaving the Lilac Divine brothel, he senses he is being followed by two armed young men in a car. Lan gets out of the taxi he is in and tries to evade them, but the men pursue him on foot to the harbor. Though affected by an overdose of the drug shine, Lan deflects their gunfire back at them using his jade abilities, injuring them. However, as one escapes, Lan suddenly collapses from the shine overdose. In his delirium, he stumbles off the pier into the water. His fate is left uncertain as the chapter ends.

Chapter 32

In Chapter 32, Shae receives an early morning call from her brother Hilo informing her that their eldest brother, the Pillar Lan, has been killed. Shocked and grief-stricken, Shae goes to the bank and retrieves all of her jade, which she has not worn in years. She puts it on and feels the rush of its power, along with guilt over finding exhilaration in the jade while also mourning Lan.

Shae has Hilo's Fist Maik Kehn drive her to the Kaul house. There she finds Hilo planning retaliation against whoever killed Lan. Shae tells Hilo she will join him and knows where they should go. Hilo embraces her and vows to kill all their enemies in revenge for Lan's death. Shae struggles with the conflicting emotions of grieving for Lan and regaining her jade abilities, but is determined to aid Hilo in getting vengeance.

Chapter 33

In this chapter, the Horn of the Mountain clan, Gont Asch, is warned that Kaul Hilo is coming to kill him in retaliation for the death of Kaul Lan. Gont prepares defenses at the Silver Spur Cockfight Pit, a Mountain clan establishment.

Meanwhile, Hilo and his sister Shae devise a plan to fake an attack on Gont as a distraction while they lead a surprise assault on the Palace of Fortune, Cong Lady, and Double Double - three major Mountain clan betting houses on Poor Man's Road. Shae fights and kills several Green Bones with her long unused jade abilities reawakened. After the successful attack, the entire disputed Armpit district is under No Peak control.

When Gont learns his clan suffered heavy losses, he is enraged and declares open war on No Peak. He vows to target the Kaul family members themselves in retaliation. The clan conflict escalates dangerously.

Chapter 34

In this chapter, Shae struggles with the aftermath of violently retaliating against the Mountain clan for her brother Lan's death. She puts on her jade again for the first time in years and joins Hilo in attacking the Mountain's establishments on Poor Man's Road. Though successful, Shae feels conflicted about her actions.

At home, Hilo tells Shae their grandfather Kaul Sen is sedated after a breakdown over Lan's death. Hilo is now the new Pillar of No Peak. Shae realizes this means the end of the clan under Hilo's leadership. When Hilo asks her to be his Weather Man, Shae reluctantly accepts, believing she's the only one who can temper Hilo's aggression and save the clan. She kneels and swears loyalty to him as the new Pillar.

Shae knows the Mountain clan will retaliate brutally now that she and Hilo have attacked them. She feels the gods were cruel to answer her earlier prayers by having Lan killed, forcing her jade and the clan upon her again when she'd tried to leave that life behind. But Shae accepts her duty to the dead and the clan.

Chapter 35

In this chapter, Bero escapes to the Goody Too after his failed attempt to kill Kaul Lan at the pier. He expects praise for killing the Pillar of No Peak, but his boss Mudt is horrified instead. Mudt reveals the Mountain clan only intended Bero and Cheeky to vandalize the Lilac Divine, not assassinate Kaul Lan. Mudt helps Bero escape through a secret tunnel because he believes Bero has strange luck from the gods. Bero is angry that despite killing the Pillar, he is denied reward and forced to flee Janloon. He follows the tunnel hoping his fortune will change again. The chapter shows Bero's continued resentment over his poor treatment and denied rewards despite seizing every criminal opportunity presented to him.

Chapter 36

In Chapter 36, the No Peak clan holds a funeral procession and burial for Kaul Lan, who was killed by the rival Mountain clan. His brother Kaul Hilo walks in the procession as the new Pillar, though his position is not fully accepted yet. At the cemetery, Hilo notices some guests pay respects to his grandfather Kaul Sen instead of him, showing divided loyalty in the clan. Hilo's cousin Anden tries to confess to Hilo that Lan was secretly taking the illegal jade-enhancing drug shine before he died, but Hilo silences him angrily, insisting Lan's reputation remain untarnished.

After the guests leave, a grieving Kaul Sen weeps over Lan's grave. Hilo promises his grandfather he will lead the clan well. Once alone, Hilo speaks aloud at Lan's grave, saying he's buried Lan's jade with him, and vowing to prove himself a worthy new leader of No Peak. The chapter shows Hilo determined to hold the clan together and get revenge on the Mountain clan, though his position as Pillar is not secure yet.

Chapter 37

Shae visits the imprisoned former Weather Man Doru at his home. Doru is without jade as punishment for betraying the clan. Shae accuses him of conspiring with the rival Mountain clan, but Doru claims he was trying to facilitate a peaceful merger of the clans as he believed Kaul Sen wanted. Doru admits knowing the Mountain would try to kill Hilo but says Lan's death was never intended.

Shae is disgusted by Doru's actions but offers to spare his life if he will spend time with the ailing Kaul Sen. Doru agrees to follow the rules and not discuss clan business anymore. Shae will try to convince Hilo as the new Pillar to show Doru mercy so he can provide comfort to Sen in his final days. She wants to grant her grandfather this last wish even though she has lost respect for Doru.

Chapter 38

The chapter opens at the Twice Lucky restaurant in disputed clan territory. The owner, Mr. Une, finds two No Peak Green Bones guarding the place, expecting a Mountain clan attack. Indeed, the Mountain clan soon arrives to try to seize the territory. A battle ensues, leaving some Green Bones dead. The massive Horn of the Mountain, Gont Asch, enters and demands Mr. Une's allegiance. Though loyal to No Peak, Mr. Une is forced to swear tribute to the Mountain to save his staff and restaurant from being killed or burned down. Gont warns that the Mountain will destroy what they cannot take from No Peak, and will be victorious in the clan war. The chapter shows how civilians like Mr. Une are caught in the middle of the escalating violence between the warring clans.

Chapter 39

In Chapter 39, Shae begins her new role as Weather Man of the No Peak clan. She meets with Woon, Lan's former assistant, and offers him the position of Chief of Staff to be her right hand in running the Weather Man's office. Woon is grateful for the chance to atone for failing to protect Lan.

Shae then meets with Hami Tumashon, a senior Luckbringer. She is honest about her challenges in suddenly taking over as Weather Man and asks for his advice on securing the loyalty of the staff. Hami suggests she make changes quickly and fire those still loyal to the previous Weather Man, Doru. Shae promotes Hami to Master Luckbringer.

Shae holds a meeting with all the senior Luckbringers and declares her intention to strengthen No Peak against the rival Mountain clan. She announces Hami and Woon's promotions, warning of evaluations and firings to come. Though met with some skepticism, Shae's actions alongside Hami and Woon establish her authority.

Shae begins the massive task of remaking the Weather Man's office and reviewing the clan's operations. When the Minister of Tourism calls angrily about the clan violence, Shae asserts herself as the new Weather Man. Despite the challenges, she is determined to lead the business side of the clan and support Hilo during the war with the Mountain.

Chapter 40

In this chapter, Hilo struggles to adjust to his new role as Pillar of No Peak. He meets with the Maik brothers, Kehn and Tar, for an update on the clan war with the Mountain. Several of their Fists have been killed and they've lost territory in the Docks to the Mountain's Horn, Gont. Hilo decides against immediately counterattacking to retake the lost ground.

He makes some personnel changes - appointing Tar as his new Pillarman and Kehn choosing Juen to be his First Fist. Hilo's girlfriend Wen brings them food and he asks Shae to find Wen a safe job with the clan.

Shae confronts Hilo about ignoring the Royal Council during the war. She stresses that he must engage with the council and politics as Pillar, not just the street fighting. Shae advises using the council negotiations to stall for time until the Academy class graduates and strengthens No Peak's ranks.

Though Hilo dislikes politics, he agrees to meet the council on Shae's advice. He recognizes he must operate on a broader level to truly defeat the Mountain. Hilo acknowledges Shae's value as Weather Man, and they reconcile over past tensions. He vows to destroy the Mountain clan completely.

Chapter 41

In Chapter 41, it is time for the Pre-Trials at Kaul Dushuron Academy, where the year-eight students compete in events to prepare for their final Trials and graduation. Anden, still grieving for his cousin Lan, competes halfheartedly and wins First of Class. His classmates, excited about graduation, discuss whether many students will choose to become Fingers for the clan during wartime. Anden angrily confronts his classmate Lott for speaking disrespectfully about the clan.

When the new Pillar Hilo arrives, he advises Anden on how to lead his fellow students and win their loyalty. Hilo affixes Anden's prize jade stud to his training band. Anden feels exhilarated by the new jade energy but also worried that Hilo seems unaffected by his many added stones. Hilo implies too much jade can ruin some people. Anden hopes that will not happen to his cousin as the new leader of No Peak.

Chapter 42

In Chapter 42, Maik Tar of the No Peak clan goes to the Paw-Paw Pawnshop to confront Tem Ben, a jade carver secretly working as a White Rat (clan spy) for the rival Mountain clan. Maik knows Tem has been buying stolen jade in No Peak territory. When Tem tries to shoot Maik, Maik uses his jade abilities to break through the wall and disarm and cripple Tem.

Maik reveals he's been spying on Tem for months and knows he's a Mountain operative, not just a black market jade buyer. Maik starts to torture Tem to get him to reveal everything about the Mountain's activities in No Peak areas. Tem refuses to talk and insults Maik. Maik continues the brutal interrogation, intent on getting Tem to confess on tape before killing him. The chapter shows the Green Bone code against murdering enemy clan members doesn't apply to White Rats like Tem during wartime.

Chapter 43

In Chapter 43, Shae returns home late from the Weather Man's office and is approached by Wen, Hilo's fiancée. Wen invites Shae into the Horn's residence for tea and reveals she has renovated the entire house herself.

Wen asks Shae for help finding a new clan job, one that will make use of her skills to help No Peak win the war against the Mountain. Shae suggests a secretarial job but Wen pushes for a role as a White Rat, a spy or smuggler who can safely handle jade. Shae is shocked but recognizes Wen's value in this prohibited role, which Hilo could not know about.

Shae sees she misjudged Wen and agrees to consider it. She realizes Wen and Hilo have very different temperaments and abilities. Wen believes Hilo needs Shae's guidance as the less strategic new Pillar. Shae is uneasy about deceiving Hilo but acknowledges Wen could help the clan. The chapter shows Wen maneuvering to become an influential ally and asset to Shae as Weather Man.

Chapter 44

In Chapter 44, Bero returns to Janloon after hiding out on Little Button island following his failed assassination attempt on Kaul Lan. He finds the Goody Too store where he used to work for Mudt has been ransacked and closed down. A homeless man tells Bero that Mudt is dead.

Bero breaks into the store and finds the secret tunnel leading to Mudt's stash of shine. He takes as much of the illegal jade-enhancing drug as he can carry, planning to retrieve the rest later. As Bero is leaving, Mudt's teenage son arrives, seeking revenge on Maik Tar for killing his father.

Bero reveals to the boy that he previously killed a Green Bone. He suggests they partner up, get their own jade, and kill Maik Tar together. Bero sees the younger Mudt as someone he can manipulate to help him in his ongoing quest for jade and power outside the clans. The chapter ends with Bero believing he now has the means to gain jade abilities through the shine he found, and an ally in his mission of revenge against the Green Bone clans who've denied him status.

Chapter 45

In this chapter, Hilo attends the second day of negotiations between the No Peak and Mountain clans, mediated by the Royal Council. He finds it frustrating and unproductive, merely a show for the councilmen. In a break, Shae convinces Hilo to stay through the 5 days to gain political advantage when negotiations fail.

Back in the meeting, Ayt Mada continues to portray herself as reasonable and Hilo as aggressive and unreasonable before the council. Hilo receives tragic news that his Fist Goun has died from wounds suffered in a recent fight.

Afterward, Hilo's Pillarman Maik Tar reveals they've captured the traitorous White Rat Tem Ben, a jade carver working for the Mountain. Tar tortured Tem into revealing useful intelligence about the Mountain's operations and plans. Hilo decides this information will allow him to take control of the negotiations the next day and confront Ayt more forcefully.

Chapter 46

Hilo meets with Chancellor Son Tomarho, a politician tied to No Peak. Hilo is blunt about needing increased tribute from Lantern Men to fund the clan war. Son is reluctant but realizes he has no choice but to support No Peak. At the mediation with the Mountain clan, Hilo publicly accuses them of stealing jade. This ruins Shae's plan to use the audit results as leverage. Ayt implies Hilo relies on false stories and criminals. Hilo reveals he killed two of her informants and will find the rest. He walks out, ending the failed talks. Later, the Mountain's Weather Man calls Shae to arrange a private meeting between the Pillars at the Temple of Divine Return.

Chapter 47

In Chapter 47, Shae meets secretly with Ayt Mada, the Pillar of the rival Mountain clan, at the Temple of Divine Return. Ayt denies ordering the assassination of Shae's brother Lan, saying she only intended to kill Hilo to force Lan to negotiate. Ayt reveals the Mountain's plans to produce and sell shine abroad and monopolize the jade supply. She offers to make Shae the Weather Man of the unified clan if Shae helps her kill Hilo. Though tempted, Shae refuses to betray her family and clan. Ayt threatens that Shae will regret forcing her hand. Shae worries that the gods are not listening and cannot save Kekon from Ayt's ruthless vision. She leaves, determined to oppose Ayt despite the danger.

Chapter 48

In Chapter 48, Hilo is furious when he learns that the imprisoned former Weather Man Doru has escaped with the help of Hilo's grandfather Kaul Sen. Sen gave Doru some of his jade to allow him to overpower his guards and flee to the rival Mountain clan, taking all of No Peak's secrets with him.

Hilo and Shae discuss No Peak's dire financial situation in the ongoing clan war with the Mountain. Tourism and mining revenues have plummeted, while the Mountain continues profiting from shine production and jade smuggling abroad. Shae estimates No Peak can only last about 6 more months without going bankrupt.

Hilo considers the possibility that he could fail as Pillar and be killed, which would likely mean the end of the entire No Peak clan. He despairs over failing to avenge his brother Lan's death or have children with Wen. However, Hilo resolves not to give up yet and thinks cunning and opportunity could still win the war. He tells Shae to focus on raising money urgently needed for the war effort, while he tries to turn the tide on the streets. Hilo steels himself to make plans for his own death if necessary.

Chapter 49

In this chapter, Maik Wen travels to Euman Island posing as a clan representative to secretly meet with Espenian military officers about restarting jade sales. She smuggles a large quantity of jade past Mountain clan patrols by concealing it in a funeral urn supposedly carrying her grandmother's ashes. On Euman, Wen meets with Colonel Deiller and reveals the hidden jade, claiming to be an emissary from Kaul Shae seeking a confidential arrangement to sell jade to the Espenians directly during the mining shutdown. Deiller verifies Wen's identity through a past code phrase and has the jade authenticated. He agrees to contact his superiors about potentially establishing a covert jade supply from No Peak, which would give Espenia leverage over the outcome of the brewing clan war in Janloon. The risky gambit is a desperate attempt by Shae and No Peak to gain a financial and political edge over the rival Mountain clan.

Chapter 50

The No Peak clan is suffering heavy losses in their war against the rival Mountain clan. The Horn of the Mountain, Gont Asch, sends the severed head of Hilo's Fist Lott Penshugon as a threat. Hilo visits Lott's grieving family and promises to support them. He reflects on how he befriended Lott and his brother years ago at the Academy.

Hilo's Fist Eiten is brutally maimed by Gont, who sends him back to deliver an ultimatum to surrender or see more Fists killed. Hilo refuses Eiten's plea for death and promises him vengeance in a year if he still desires it. Hilo advises Kehn on mercy and being a good Horn.

Privately, Hilo considers accepting Gont's offer of a clean death for himself if it would spare his clan further suffering in their doomed war. But he hides his fatalism from Kehn, who insists on fighting on. Hilo focuses on comforting his men and keeping their loyalty as the Mountain continues to gain ground.

Chapter 51

In Chapter 51, it is New Year's Eve in Janloon. Shae and Hilo sit together at the Kaul house discussing the dire situation of the No Peak clan in their ongoing war against the rival Mountain clan. After months of conflict, No Peak is on the brink of defeat and ruin.

Shae reflects that in just two days, she may become the short-lived new Pillar presiding over the end of the clan if Hilo's plan fails. She has Hilo's letters to his Fists, to be delivered in the event of his death, and has made preparations for as orderly a transition as possible.

Hilo thanks Shae for giving his fiancée Wen a new clan job that requires travel, implying it aids their war effort. Shae says she has gotten to know Wen better.

Hilo reveals he guessed that Ayt, the Pillar of the Mountain, tried to recruit Shae against him. However, he trusts Shae completely. Shae is disturbed to learn her neighbor Caun Yu, who'd been spying on her for Hilo, died in the clan war.

As they walk in the garden, Shae asks Hilo about the truth of Lan's death. Hilo admits he buried Lan with his jade, meaning Lan was not killed by the Mountain as Hilo had claimed. He reveals that Lan was secretly taking dangerous amounts of shine before he died. Though the Mountain sent the assassins that night, Lan was already fatally weakened.

Hilo insists Lan's death is still the Mountain's fault for hounding him and breaking him down as Pillar. Shae realizes the tragedy resulted from many complex causes, though the Mountain holds primary responsibility. She now understands Hilo's motivations on Poor Man's Road in avenging Lan.

Despite regret and grief over Lan's death, Shae feels aligned with her role in the clan and committed to opposing the Mountain clan alongside Hilo, even if it means their defeat.

Chapter 52

In Chapter 52, Hilo goes to marry his girlfriend Wen on the same day, knowing he may die soon in his conflict with the rival Mountain clan. He dresses in his best suit and considers visiting his grandfather Kaul Sen, but decides against it, sensing Sen is frail and near death.

Hilo meets Wen at her house and they sadly acknowledge this rushed wedding is not what they'd hoped for. But Hilo wants them to be married in case he doesn't survive his upcoming confrontation with the Mountain. Wen agrees and changes into a nice dress.

They have a brief civil ceremony officiated by a judge and witnessed by Hilo's Fist Kehn and sister Shae. Hilo and Wen exchange traditional marriage vows pledging devotion until death. Hilo feels conflicted, wishing he could wholly devote himself to Wen but knowing his clan oaths may prevent that. Still, he is happy to make Wen his wife.

Afterward, Hilo takes Wen to his bedroom and they make love gently, trying to stretch out their precious time together. Hilo wants to savor what he fears may be their last intimate moments as husband and wife. The chapter shows Hilo's bittersweet wedding to Wen on the eve of his fateful clash with the rival Mountain clan.

Chapter 53

In Chapter 53, Anden arrives at the Kaul house on New Year's Eve after finishing his Trials at the Academy. He joins the family for a subdued holiday dinner, including Hilo, Shae, the Maik brothers, Wen, and a frail Kaul Sen. Sen makes disturbing comments to Anden about his mixed heritage and unstable jade tolerance, but Hilo dismisses this as confusion from Sen's fading mind.

After dinner, Hilo takes Anden aside to the training hall. He confirms that Anden is ready to act on behalf of the clan for a dangerous mission to help No Peak in its war against the Mountain. Anden kneels and recites the Green Bone oaths to Hilo, pledging loyalty as a brother in arms. Hilo embraces Anden and calls him brother, cementing Anden's formal entry into the clan on the eve of a fateful confrontation with the Mountain.

Chapter 54

Hilo and Anden arrive at the Twice Lucky restaurant to meet Gont Asch and his men. Hilo agrees to Gont's offer of an honorable death in exchange for No Peak's surrender if Anden witnesses and returns safely. When Gont's men attack Hilo, he goads them into a brutal fight where he kills some of them before appearing to tire against the group. Just as Gont moves to deliver the death blow, Hilo secretly passes his hidden jade to Anden, signaling him to attack. Anden channels the tremendous jade energy to freeze Gont, allowing Hilo to stab him. Anden then channels directly into Gont, stopping his heart and killing him. The power rush nearly destroys Anden but he uses the jade abilities to kill more men and drive off the rest. Afterward, Anden collapses next to the gravely wounded Hilo, having completed their desperate gambit to kill Gont at the cost of Hilo's life.

Chapter 55

In Chapter 55, Anden awakens in the hospital after killing Gont Asch and channeling tremendous amounts of jade energy during the fight at the Twice Lucky restaurant. Though No Peak prevailed and the war has turned in their favor, Anden feels disturbed, craving to use jade again despite the agony it caused him.

Hilo visits Anden in the hospital and happily reports that No Peak has regained lost territory after Gont's death. However, Hilo says the Mountain's leader Ayt is still a threat. He reassures Anden that the strange feelings are temporary side effects that will fade as the shine treatments reset his jade tolerance.

Anden worries that he is being given regular doses of shine just like what killed Lan. Though Hilo insists it is medically controlled, Anden feels resentment over Hilo's high tolerance to jade. He struggles to share in Hilo's optimism about their victory, instead feeling empty, unstable and concerned about his own altered state of mind.

Chapter 56

The chapter opens on graduation day at Kaul Dushuron Academy. Anden arrives late after recovering from the fight with Gont Asch. He is greeted with awe and addressed as "Kaul-jen" by his classmates, who know of his role in killing Gont. During the ceremony, Hilo has Lott lead the graduating class in reciting the Green Bone oaths instead of doing it himself. When it's time to award jade, Anden panics and publicly refuses to accept his earned jade, humiliating himself and Hilo.

Afterward, a furious Hilo confronts Anden, who tries to explain he is too sensitive to jade and fears becoming addicted and unstable. Hilo insists Anden is betraying him and the clan. When Anden refuses to reconsider, Hilo disowns him. Devastated, Anden runs off and ends up weeping at Lan's grave, where Shae finds him. She reassures Anden that Lan would have supported his decision and offers her acceptance. Anden decides to leave Janloon to find his own path, without jade or clan obligations. The chapter shows Anden's inner turmoil over jade addiction and his difficult choice to reject the clan in order to remain true to himself.

Chapter 57

Shae receives a letter from the exiled former Weather Man, Doru, warning her to prepare an escape plan because Hilo and the No Peak clan are doomed. She burns the letter, refusing to abandon her family and clan.

Shae joins Hilo and their grandfather Kaul Sen for brunch at the Twice Lucky restaurant, now back under No Peak control. Though the clan has regained territory after killing Gont Asch, tensions continue with the Mountain clan under new leadership.

The owner Mr. Une presents his severed ear to Hilo, begging forgiveness for cooperating with the Mountain when they occupied his restaurant. Hilo mercifully accepts Une's apology. Customers approach Hilo and Shae, pledging renewed loyalty and support to the clan.

Shae notes that Hilo seems burdened with hurt and resentment over Anden's rejection of the clan. She encourages him to forgive Anden, but Hilo refuses to discuss it. Shae hopes Anden is safe where she sent him in Marenia. She remains cautiously hopeful No Peak can prevail against the Mountain's aggression if the clan stays united under her and Hilo's leadership.