What happened in Dust

By Hugh Howey

The novel follows Juliette, the sheriff of Silo 18, as she embarks on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth about her post-apocalyptic world. After being sent to clean the external sensors as punishment, Juliette discovers signs that life may still exist outside the underground silos. She returns determined to dig between silos and contact others who may have survived the apocalypse centuries ago.

Juliette secretly excavates an ancient digging machine and tunnels through to the deteriorating Silo 17, reuniting with her lost love Solo and his group of refugee children. But contact with Silo 1 results in a catastrophic attack. Toxic gas floods and kills everyone left in Silo 18. Juliette leads the survivors to Silo 17, where growing unrest and dwindling supplies force her to contemplate even riskier plans.

Disguising herself in an old cleaning suit, Juliette ventures alone into the toxic outside environment, seeking answers and justice against those in Silo 1 responsible for the attack. She discovers a hidden facility housing the silos and makes radio contact with Donald and Charlotte, two mysterious survivors who urge her to lead the silo residents to freedom.

But Thurman, the head of Silo 1, confronts Juliette outside and mocks her failed mission. He claims that the surface world is irreversibly poisoned and that her attempts at escape are futile. Juliette is left questioning all she thought she knew about her confined world and its history. The book builds toward her efforts to uncover the startling truth and secure freedom for her people against seemingly impossible odds.

Dust Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

Juliette uses a large excavator to dig through the concrete outer wall of Silo 18, hoping to break through to the outside. She endures the intense vibrations and noise as the excavator's metal piston slams repeatedly into the wall. The miners who normally operate the machine watch unhappily as she works. Juliette suspects they resent her taking over the excavator and digging where it's forbidden. She pushes on despite her exhaustion, fearing they'll make her stop if she rests.

When the excavator suddenly lurches forward, the miners shout that Juliette has broken through the wall. A dark void is visible between the rebar. Juliette asks for a torch and flashlight so she can see what lies beyond the hole she's created.

Chapter 2

Juliette and the miners she recruited continue working to break through the concrete wall of Silo 18. They expand the initial hole Juliette made with the excavator, using picks and another excavator to tear out sections of the wall. Juliette wants to avoid blasting so they don't damage whatever machine lies behind the wall. She catches her friend Shirly frowning at the work underway, aware Shirly isn't happy about the loss of workers and breaking the forbidden seal. But Juliette is determined to reveal to everyone what's out there beyond the silo. A porter arrives with food and sees the work, which will spread gossip about their efforts.

Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, Juliette and the miners she recruited continue their work to uncover the ancient digging machine buried behind the concrete wall of Silo 18. After breaking through the wall with an excavator, Juliette crawls through the hole and finds herself in a large, dark space housing the colossal digging machine. She and the miners explore the machine's inner workings, finding it is designed to push rock and debris out through moving metal plates and chutes. They discover the front of the machine has large spinning discs meant to cut through rock.

The machine appears designed to be powered by a separate motor, but the mounts for the motor are empty. Juliette realizes the missing power source is meant to be attached from the outside, likely powered by the main generator. She tells the miners the machine was buried and preserved on purpose, stowed safely away until needed again. Juliette is determined to get the ancient digger working once more.

Chapter 4

Juliette emerges from the ancient digging machine to find Lukas, head of IT, has come to visit her. He is unhappy with her project to dig through the silo wall and warns it is stirring dissent among the people. Juliette insists on helping her friends in Silo 17 and fulfilling her promise to them. Lukas asks her to keep the digging secret if she must do it. Juliette agrees to come back upstairs and temper the growing heresies after making some progress on uncovering the digger. She decides not to tell Lukas about another idea she has for something to do upstairs. Juliette warns Lukas she aims to discover more about the world outside, but he thinks she reaches too far.

Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, the narrative shifts to Silo 17. A young porter named Mission makes his delivery rounds, noting the silo seems emptier than usual. He encounters his friend Rodny, who says people have been disappearing and rumors are circulating about where they've gone. Rodny heard they are being sent to Silo 18 to work on a secret project involving digging machines.

Mission goes to the bar and mentions the rumors to the bartender, who gets angry at the talk of forbidden things. The bartender says people spreading such rumors will disappear too. Mission leaves the bar uneasy and goes to make a delivery to the deputy, who is acting as sheriff. The deputy seems distracted when Mission asks about the missing people. He tells Mission not to worry and focus on his work.

As Mission leaves, he decides he needs to find out where the missing people have gone. He resolves to make the long descent down the silo to the mines and excavation levels in search of answers.

Chapter 6

In Chapter 6, the narrative shifts to Jimmy Parker, who is sitting alone in the abandoned lower levels of Silo 17, which he calls the Deep. A young girl named Elise finds him and tells him it's time to go meet the others. As they walk back upstairs, Elise asks how long until their friend Jewel comes to help them escape. Jimmy says it will take time for Jewel to tunnel through the rock separating the silos.

Elise mentions their friend Rickson believes the people from Silo 18 just want to take over their silo, but Jimmy tries to temper her optimism by explaining that Rickson isn't entirely wrong about people. Jimmy wants Elise to be realistic but struggles with filling her head with cynicism. As they continue upstairs, Jimmy reflects on his conflicting desires to help Elise survive and also keep her innocence intact.

Chapter 7

Jimmy descends into the flooded lower levels of Silo 17. He follows electrical wires and hoses down slippery stairs to the pump room. The pump is sputtering and struggling to pull up water from the nearly empty well. Jimmy remembers Juliette's instructions to prevent the pump from running dry. He uses wire cutters to disconnect the pump's power. Jimmy resolves to live with the children in the upper farms, keeping the silo dry until Juliette can come help them escape. They will take turns shorting out the pump's starter switch by hand when the well refills.

Chapter 8

In Chapter 8, Juliette and the miners continue working to excavate and restore power to the ancient digging machine buried behind Silo 18's concrete wall. Juliette is determined to tunnel through the solid rock and connect with Silo 17. The miners rig up a large battery bank to test the digger's systems. They discover the digger uses three large electric motors to power the cutting discs and debris conveyors.

When they engage the motors, the machine rumbles to life for the first time in centuries. The deafening grind of steel on rock fills the chamber as the discs begin chewing into the wall. Juliette is thrilled to see their hard work paying off. The digger starts spitting out pulverized rock. She tells the miners they'll need a much larger power source to continue excavating. Juliette decides to secretly siphon power from the main generator upstairs, against Lukas' wishes. She believes uncovering the truth is worth the risk, and hopes the people will understand once the silos are connected.

Chapter 9

Juliette argues with Shirly about taking the backup generator, causing a rift between them. Juliette inspects the ancient digging machine with Bobby and his daughter Hyla. They discuss how to steer the unwieldy digger by wedging it against the wall. More supports will be needed from the mines. The tailings will be dumped down an existing mineshaft. Juliette decides not to couple the generator herself, wanting to minimize her presence and the unrest it's causing. She tells Bobby this secret project is about more than helping her friends in Silo 17.

Chapter 10

Juliette visits Walker in his workshop to let him know she'll be away working on another secret project. Walker seems to know what she's planning even though she hasn't told anyone yet. Juliette wants Walker to contact Solo over the radio so she can check on the flooding situation in Silo 17. Solo gives her a mixed update - the floods have receded faster than expected, but rust will set in quickly.

Juliette packs a small bag and leaves Mechanical, dreading the feeling of abandoning her friends. As she climbs the stairwell, she senses the growing distrust and fear among the people about her plan to dig between silos. Some still greet her warmly, but she feels unwelcome in many places.

She stops to see Deputy Hank, who apologizes for sending her to clean. Juliette forgives him and asks him to keep an eye out for trouble as she travels upstairs. She tells Hank she'll be staying in her office in the mids for a few weeks to provide more direction to the deputies. Juliette senses danger ahead but is determined to smooth things over above as she pushes forward with her secret plans below.

Chapter 11

In this chapter, Juliette climbs up through the damaged levels of Silo 18, observing the aftermath of the recent fighting. She passes people who view her with hostility due to her controversial digging project. Juliette arrives at the temple on level 99 and speaks with Father Wendel after his Sunday service ends.

They have a tense conversation about Juliette's belief that the digging machine was left by the gods to help them escape, versus Wendel's view that it is dangerous and blasphemous. He accuses Juliette of spreading fear, while she argues he wields power through promoting fear. Their debate ends unresolved, with Juliette regretting that she likely worsened people's doubts. She wishes Wendel well and leaves to continue her journey up the silo.

Chapter 12

Juliette climbs up through the silo, reflecting on the past events and people in different levels as she passes through. She meets Lukas in the thirties and they go back to his apartment, where he runs her a bath. Juliette says they need to talk about her secret plan requiring help from IT to do something topside. Lukas asks her to wait until tomorrow to discuss it. They become intimate in the dark, but Lukas mentions a scar of Juliette's is missing. She becomes self-conscious about her scars, turning off the light. Lukas apologizes and says he loves her no matter what. Juliette cries, realizing the scar is truly gone, healed.

Chapter 13

In Chapter 13, Juliette arrives in the upper levels of Silo 18 and settles into her office to begin overseeing the deputies and smoothing tensions related to her secret digging project. She meets with Deputy Hank, who updates her on unrest brewing in the lower levels. Juliette asks Hank to emphasize her intent to help people reunite with loved ones in Silo 17.

Juliette visits the nursery and reflects on the children being raised without knowledge of the outside world. She debates Deputy Marsh on whether it's right to withhold the truth from them. Juliette learns from Dr. Wilson that there's been an outbreak of illness from tainted water. She authorizes tapping emergency reserves to import clean water from Silo 17.

Juliette has dinner with Lukas, where she reveals her plan to tap into the forbidden wireless network to communicate topside. Lukas is extremely uneasy but agrees to help her attempt contact after setting up safeguards. They access the old servers, but the network is dead. Juliette realizes any contact with the outside will require getting the ancient digging machine fully operational first.

Chapter 14

Juliette settles into her office in the upper levels of Silo 18 to oversee the deputies and ease tensions over her secret digging project. She meets with Deputy Hank about unrest in the lower levels and asks him to emphasize her intent to reconnect with Silo 17. Juliette debates with Deputy Marsh whether children should know the truth about the silos and outside. She learns of an illness outbreak from tainted water and authorizes emergency clean water imports from Silo 17. Juliette reveals to Lukas her plan to tap the forbidden wireless network and try to contact the outside. Though uneasy, Lukas helps her attempt access but the network is dead. Juliette knows contacting the outside requires getting the ancient digging machine fully operational.

Chapter 15

In this chapter, Charlotte awakens from a nightmare and finds her brother Donald working secretly in the warehouse. Charlotte realizes Donald is making a protective suit, likely to help him escape outside the silo due to his worsening lung condition. Though Donald lies about the suit's purpose, Charlotte knows he wants to avoid being buried in the silo. She feels sympathy for his plight but sadness at the thought of him dying. Charlotte continues working on repairing the drones, gaining more mechanical skills. She reminisces about playfully fighting with Donald when she was younger and stronger. Charlotte grapples with knowing her brother is terminally ill but not directly discussing it with him. The chapter provides insight into the close sibling relationship between Charlotte and Donald.

Chapter 16

In Chapter 16, Juliette continues overseeing the upper levels of Silo 18 while directing the secret excavation project down below. She meets with Deputy Marsh and Dr. Wilson to discuss the outbreak of illness from contaminated water. They authorize emergency rations and imports of clean water from Silo 17 to contain the outbreak.

Juliette visits the nursery and debates with Deputy Hank whether to tell the children the truth about the silo. Hank argues keeping them ignorant protects their innocence, but Juliette believes they have a right to know. She reflects on the challenge of deciding what's best for the silo's youth.

Juliette has dinner with Lukas, who is still uneasy about her plan to access the forbidden wireless network. He agrees to help on the condition extra precautions are taken. They find the network is completely dead, leaving Juliette disappointed. She realizes the only way to contact the outside is getting the ancient digging machine fully operational.

The chapter shows Juliette settling into her leadership role overseeing the upper half of Silo 18. She aims to maintain order while pushing forward with her secret excavation project down below, which she hopes will lead to escape.

Chapter 17

Juliette works with Nelson in the Suit Lab to build protective suits, planning to have them ready before the diggers break through the wall to Silo 17. Her assistant Marsha tries to go over mayoral duties with Juliette, but Juliette is distracted and focused on the suits. Marsha informs Juliette the lottery committee wants to hold another lottery despite the declining population. Juliette suggests suspending the lottery and offering amnesty once the silos connect, but the committee is skeptical of her plans.

Lukas arrives and urges Juliette to attend an upcoming town hall meeting. She is reluctant, feeling her time as mayor is limited anyway. Lukas warns she needs to maintain appearances or risk losing her position sooner. He also cautions about leaving her forbidden books lying around. After Lukas leaves, Juliette resolves to finish the suits quickly so she can be present when the diggers break through the wall. She aims to get answers and make people believe her before her time as mayor runs out.

Chapter 18

In this chapter, Lukas leaves the Suit Lab and heads to the server room to speak with Donald, who contacts him daily over the comm server. As Lukas passes by, other workers fall silent, wary of him as the head of IT. Lukas reflects on how he used to think being in charge meant doing whatever you want, but now sees the difficulties of leadership. He considers that Juliette would make a better mayor than him.

In the server room, Lukas picks up one of the Legacy books left there and reads about historical figures who fought for liberation but then oppressed people afterwards. He and Juliette debate whether violent revolutions ultimately improve society. Donald urges Lukas again to stop the secret digging project, fearing the vibrations are noticed by outsiders. Lukas lies that it's just generator issues.

When Donald calls, he seems disappointed Juliette isn't there. Lukas asks why Donald helps them. Donald says his job is to prevent their death, and that he helps them remember history to inherit and set right the world. Before explaining further, Donald abruptly ends the call, leaving Lukas yearning for more answers.

Chapter 19

In this chapter, Juliette attends a town hall meeting for the first time as mayor. She is unprepared for the angry crowd that confronts her, accusing her of letting in poison and questioning what she discovered outside. People demand to know about the loud noises from her secret digging project. The crowd grows unruly, shouting over Juliette's attempts to explain herself. Judge Picken tries to restore order but eventually Juliette is pulled off stage for her safety.

Juliette retreats to the judge's chambers with Peter. Her father arrives, having heard of her plan to go outside. He pleads with her not to risk her life again. Juliette insists she must find out what's really out there. Her father reluctantly agrees to be on standby as doctor during her mission above if she gets a checkup before and after. When Juliette asks about her disappearing scars, her father cryptically says scars don't go away, even with time. The chapter shows Juliette determined to push forward despite growing unrest in the silo.

Chapter 20

Juliette is determined to get the ancient digging machine fully operational so she can break through to Silo 17 and contact the outside. She secretly diverts power from the main generator, despite Lukas' warnings that it's too risky. The diversion causes a level-wide blackout, confirming Lukas' fears. Juliette works frantically with the miners to get the machine running before the outage is investigated. The digging discs come to life and begin pulverizing rock. Juliette dons a heat suit and enters the machine, aiming the chutes so the debris can be dumped down a mineshaft. She marvels at the power of the ancient digger as it bores through solid rock. But soon the blackout is discovered and the power is cut. Juliette emerges, covered in dust, to find angry workers waiting for her.

Chapter 21

Captain Brevard is nearing the end of his shift overseeing the cryopod facility in Silo 1. He and Deputy Stevens are investigating a disturbing scene - blood splattered inside one of the cryopods. Their night guard Darcy returns with DNA test results. The blood inside doesn't match the deceased man found in the pod. Darcy insists it wasn't murder because records show the man was plugged into the pod's systems when he was shot. The victim is somehow still alive. Brevard realizes the case is far more complex than a simple homicide. Records seem to have been tampered with, the pod's occupant is misplaced, and the victim's identity is unclear. Brevard now faces unraveling this mystery before his shift ends.

Chapter 22

In Chapter 22, Captain Brevard and his team rush to the medical wing after discovering the man shot in the cryopod is still alive. The revived man insists his name is not Troy and demands to be released, claiming to be a silo Head. But his identity records were tampered with. The doctor reveals someone has been secretly waking people from the Deep Freeze, including a woman named Anna who is now dead. Brevard decides to inform Shepherd of the complex situation. When they question the revived man again, he claims his name is Paul Thurman and denies being Shepherd. Brevard realizes unraveling the man's true identity is key to solving the mysterious murder and cryopod tampering.

Chapter 23

In Chapter 23, Mission makes his way down to the excavation levels of Silo 17, searching for answers about the missing people. He encounters his friend Rodny, who warns him to turn back. Rodny reveals he was sent to work on a secret project digging toward Silo 18. He tells Mission that Juliette aims to help them escape, but others think she just wants to take over their silo.

Mission descends further and finds Jimmy and the children living in the upper farms. Jimmy confirms Juliette is digging to reach them, but says the silo is still in danger from the flooding lower down. Mission offers to help maintain the pumps, but Jimmy insists on keeping the children away from the toxic levels.

Elise gives Mission a note to deliver topside. Mission promises to spread the word about their plight without revealing Jimmy's location. He begins the long ascent back up the silo, determined to find others willing to help. Mission hopes Juliette's digging project succeeds so his people can finally escape to the outside.

Chapter 24

In this chapter, Juliette's secret digging project finally breaks through the wall between Silo 17 and Silo 18. Jimmy and the children in Silo 17 have been waiting in the upper generator room for the digger to come through. When it does, the deafening noise and flying concrete create chaos. Jimmy worries the out-of-control digger will bore straight through the entire silo.

The digger's giant cutting discs break into the generator room, slowing down once inside. Two strangers from Silo 18 emerge - a woman named Courtnee and a pale man with white hair. Courtnee smiles warmly at the group, especially Elise. She asks if Jimmy is Solo, revealing that Juliette went outside already. Jimmy is shocked and disappointed to learn Juliette isn't there as expected. The chapter ends with the exciting but uneasy first contact between the isolated groups from each silo, without their leader Juliette present to guide the reunion.

Chapter 25

Juliette emerges from Silo 18 wearing a protective suit, entering the outside world for the first time. She is awestruck by the massive facility housing the silos and the view of the open sky, but finds the air toxic. Juliette spots signs of past violence and death everywhere. She discovers the facility seems designed to nurture and observe the silos. After exploring topside, Juliette descends into a control room full of computers. A man contacts her over a radio, identifying himself as Donald. He guides her through restoring power and camera feeds. Together, they watch historic videos revealing the apocalypse was caused by war over dwindling resources. Donald says he woke Juliette because the silos are failing again. He urges her to lead the survivors out before it's too late.

Chapter 26

In Chapter 26, Juliette emerges from the airlock after exploring the facility topside. Lukas anxiously waits for her in the Suit Lab. Juliette describes the massive facility housing the silos and the toxic outside air. She tells Lukas about discovering the control room with Donald, who revealed the truth about the apocalypse and urged her to lead the survivors out.

Lukas is disturbed by her account and by the changes he notices in Juliette. She seems more driven and impatient now that she knows the truth about their world. Juliette says they need to evacuate both silos before it's too late. Lukas warns her that people may not want to believe what she found out there. He suggests keeping some secrets to themselves for now.

Juliette's father arrives to check on her after the ordeal outside. She apologizes for not heeding his advice before. He examines Juliette and is troubled that her scars continue to fade at an accelerated rate. Juliette's father says they need to run more tests on her. She senses he's hiding something but he won't reveal anything further. Juliette becomes frustrated with the lack of answers about her own body while being surrounded by secrets and lies. She resolves to push forward with her plan regardless of the risks.

Chapter 27

In this chapter, Juliette prepares to go outside again, this time to take air and soil samples. She enters the airlock in a protective suit, feeling more excitement than fear compared to her previous cleanings. Lukas monitors her from inside, communicating over the radio.

Juliette takes samples of the airlock argon, the outside air, the surface soil, and deeper soil. She also takes a sample from a deceased cleaner's suit. Between each sample, she checks in with Lukas, who updates her on preparations for her return to the airlock.

Sensors in the airlock detected concerning readings, so Lukas has the observation deck cleared as a precaution. He warns Juliette it may take a while to purge the airlock again before her re-entry. Juliette instructs him to have everyone move to the lower levels in case her return causes any risk.

As Juliette takes the final sample, Lukas lightens the mood by joking she could have done some cleaning outside while out there. The chapter shows Juliette focused on her mission to finally get real data about the outside, while Lukas provides levity and support through an anxious process.

Chapter 28

In Chapter 28, Juliette undergoes a meticulous decontamination process after returning from the outside with air and soil samples. She waits anxiously at the bottom of the airlock ramp, remembering her traumatic previous cleaning experience. Once inside the airlock, Juliette quickly stores the samples in an airtight box then lowers herself into a large tub of water to be doused in flames, counting the seconds until it's over.

After the burn, Juliette scrambles into the second airlock where Lukas, disguised in a suit, helps scrub her down with Nelson. Peter informs Juliette over the radio that the digging machine broke through to Silo 17. While flames rage in the first airlock again, Juliette feels elated but also guilty for missing the breakthrough. She anxiously hopes the risk of going outside was worth it and the samples will provide answers. The chapter depicts Juliette overcoming her fears to obtain potentially vital information, while continuing to push forward the plan to connect the silos.

Chapter 29

In Chapter 29, the narrative shifts to Silo 17 after the breakthrough. Jimmy watches as Courtnee and the pale, white-haired man emerge from the ancient digging machine. Courtnee reveals that Juliette already went outside, to Jimmy's shock and disappointment. Courtnee smiles warmly at the group, especially Elise. She asks if Jimmy is Solo and says Juliette aims to help them escape.

Jimmy is wary of these strangers suddenly in their midst. The pale man whispers to Courtnee, who says his name is Scottie. Jimmy notices Scottie bears a striking resemblance to a childhood friend who went missing long ago. Courtnee asks about the flooding and offers help maintaining the pumps. Jimmy declines, not trusting them yet.

Courtnee says Juliette will return soon and they'll all go outside together. Jimmy privately hopes Juliette comes back with answers. He reflects on how their hopes were pinned on her opening the tunnel between silos. Now Juliette has gone further than any of them dreamed, into the outside world.

Chapter 30

In this chapter, Jimmy leads the children from Silo 17 through the tunnel the ancient digging machine bored between the silos. They follow Courtnee to the other side, where the workers stare in awe at the first outsiders to emerge. Jimmy feels uneasy bringing the kids into this unfamiliar, busier world. The tunnel seems unnatural and dangerous to him. When they reach the end, the workers are surprised by the children. Courtnee waves them back to work. Jimmy hopes to find Juliette, but is told she went outside already. He worries he's made a mistake exposing the kids to this place so different from their own silo. But he resolves to stay strong and follow Courtnee for now.

Chapter 31

Juliette undergoes testing after returning from the outside world. Dr. Wilson takes blood samples and notes her scars are nearly gone. Juliette's father arrives and questions her about physical changes. She senses he knows more than he's saying. Her father reveals the outside air seems to be rapidly healing her, possibly undoing previous damage. He worries prolonged exposure could be dangerous and wants to run more tests.

Juliette meets with Lukas to review the soil sample results. High levels of toxins are present, confirming the outside environment is hostile to life. Lukas says this validates her father's concerns about going outside again, but Juliette insists the truth is more important than her safety. She aims to explore the facility further next time.

Peter informs Juliette that the digging machine has broken into Silo 17. While anxious to see her friends, Juliette feels guilty for not being there when the silos connected. Lukas arranges for her to speak publicly about the breakthrough after rumors spread. Juliette tells the crowd the tunnel will allow visits between silos and finding missing loved ones. She aims to quell anxieties, but many still view her warily.

Chapter 32

In this chapter, Jimmy and the children from Silo 17 arrive in Silo 18 and undergo medical checkups by Dr. Nichols, Juliette's father. Elise clings to Jimmy, uneasy about their new surroundings. Dr. Nichols is friendly and gives the kids coins, but the older kids Rickson and Hannah are wary of him and decline implants for their infant.

Jimmy and Elise go with Courtnee to call Juliette on the radio. Along the way, they encounter a puppy that startles Jimmy. Courtnee explains dogs had overrun the silo when people from Supply moved down during the unrest. Elise finds more puppies that a mechanic is supposed to put down. Courtnee leads them away to call Juliette, as Jimmy reflects on the challenge of coexisting with the dogs.

Chapter 33

In this chapter, Jimmy and Elise from Silo 17 arrive in Silo 18 and meet Walker, a mechanic who has been speaking with Jimmy over the radio. Walker calls Juliette on the radio so Jimmy and Elise can speak with her. Juliette apologizes for not being there when the silos connected, explaining she went outside on a mission and has one more project to finish in a few days. Jimmy expresses that he wants to see Juliette soon.

Juliette asks to speak with Courtnee, who updates her on the digging project. While they talk, Jimmy loses track of Elise briefly and panics trying to find her. Elise reappears in the hallway with her memory book. Courtnee tells Jimmy that Juliette wants him to keep the radio so they can stay in touch.

Courtnee leads Jimmy and Elise to get food, promising Elise the sweetcorn she wants. Elise seems distracted, humming and carrying her unusual memory book that holds loose pages. Jimmy looks forward to reuniting with Juliette in a few days at their new accommodations near the farms.

Chapter 34

Juliette enters the airlock to retrieve the samples, feeling the residual heat from the earlier fire. In the lab, she and Nelson open the sample containers, beginning their analysis. The gaskets and heat tape from IT show more degradation than the control samples from Supply, confirming the outside air is toxic. But when they inspect the argon control sample, they find it also shows damage. Juliette realizes the argon may be tainted, undermining their baseline assumptions. She asks Lukas where the argon comes from. The unexplained wear suggests the toxicity levels outside, and their understanding of the environment, may be even worse than they thought.

Chapter 35

In Chapter 35, the perspective shifts to Silo 1. Donald watches video feeds from Silo 18 and is troubled by the changes under Juliette's leadership. He contacts Thurman, who is recovering from being shot. Thurman says the attack was meant to look like an accident to avoid being seen as a murder. Donald realizes whoever shot Thurman has high-level access in Silo 1.

Thurman says he woke Donald because he sensed things were going wrong in the silos again. Donald has monitored growing instability as resources dwindle. Thurman says it's time to intervene before another uprising occurs. He instructs Donald to wake Shepherd, claim that Thurman is dead, and make Shepherd shadow Donald to learn the truth about the silos and outside. Their aim is to enact the next phase of the plan and lead the silo residents out.

Donald is conflicted about deceiving Shepherd, who he remembers as an innocent child. But Thurman insists the deception is temporary and necessary to set things right. Donald resolves to wake Shepherd per Thurman's instructions and try to steer the silos toward a better future.

Chapter 36

In this chapter, Donald realizes his health is deteriorating rapidly when he starts coughing up blood. He reflects on his hope to fix the silos and let the people live freely, even though he knows the world is too far gone. When Silo 18 doesn't answer his daily call, Donald worries something bad is happening there.

Juliette eventually answers and angrily accuses Donald of pumping toxic gas into the airlocks when people are sent to clean. She says this gas eats away at the cleaning suits and people's bodies. Juliette threatens to cut off all connections between the silos.

Shocked by her claims, Donald realizes she is talking about the argon gas used to pressurize the airlocks. He remembers being sent outside after the apocalypse into the nanos and toxins filling the air. Donald has an epiphany that each cleaning pumps more poison outside, steadily killing the world. He yells into the radio that he is an ancient who helped cause this, but Juliette is already gone. Donald despairs over his role in humanity's destruction.

Chapter 37

In this chapter, Charlotte works on repairing a drone to fly and survey the area outside the silo. Her brother Donald paces around muttering about fear poisoning the world and gas being pumped into the silos to kill people. Charlotte reflects on her brother's declining health and unstable state of mind.

Suddenly, men in silver coveralls storm into the warehouse. Charlotte hides under a tarp by the drone while the men grab Donald. She watches helplessly as a feeble old man with brilliant white hair viciously beats her brother, despite Donald's pleas. The old man seems to have great difficulty walking, but summons shocking strength to kick Donald repeatedly while two men pin him down. Charlotte is horrified but doesn't intervene, only watching the brutal assault on her brother unfold.

Chapter 38

In this chapter, Juliette speaks with Lukas and Deputy Marsh about the argon gas used in the airlocks. They explain it comes from an underground supply meant to last hundreds of years. Juliette realizes the airlock gas must be getting contaminated from the outside. She aims to investigate the argon supply on her next trip outside.

Juliette visits the farms to see the arrivals from Silo 17. Elise shows her drawings in a memory book. Juliette is troubled by the book, which could spread dangerous ideas. She tells Jimmy to keep Elise's book hidden for now.

Juliette announces a future expedition outside to explore the facility. Hundreds volunteer to join her. Lukas screens applicants looking for useful skills and trustworthiness. He compiles a list of thirty-eight people, including himself, to journey topside.

Juliette addresses everyone selected. She says they'll train over the next month, then make two trips outside - one to explore and one to evacuate. Juliette knows these missions into the toxic air could be deadly, but she aims to lead as many people to freedom as possible.

Chapter 39

Juliette and Lukas are in the server room, where Juliette is investigating the power and gas lines that run to Silo 17. She suspects the other silo's servers and power are actually supplied from Silo 18. Lukas gets a radio call - one of the children visiting from Silo 17, Marcus, has fallen to his death down the stairwell after a crowd confronted the group. Juliette's father says Elise is now missing, and Jimmy went to look for her. Juliette decides to go help search, despite the danger from the angry crowds. Her father takes the surviving children to Supply for safety. Juliette urges him to get them back to Mechanical instead, afraid Supply isn't secure either. She blames herself for the unrest caused by bringing the Silo 17 group over.

Chapter 40

Elise chases after her lost puppy and ends up lost herself in the bizarre, the crowded and chaotic 100th level of the silo. She encounters a boy named Shaw who gives her food and tries to help. Elise spots her puppy caged in a pen where dogs are sold for meat. As she retrieves her pet, a man takes her memory book. Shaw helps Elise get her book and puppy back. They run through the bizarre together with the men chasing them. Solo appears and rescues Elise and Shaw. He reunites Elise with Jimmy, promising to take them home.

Chapter 41

Elise is reunited with Juliette and Solo after getting lost. They head down the stairwell together, but a porter delivers the tragic news that Marcus has fallen to his death after being knocked over a railing by an angry crowd. Juliette blames herself for the unrest caused by bringing the Silo 17 group over. On the radio, Shirly tells Juliette more crowds are coming through the tunnel between silos, including some taking equipment from Silo 17. Juliette admits she may have implied it was okay to salvage parts but didn't directly authorize it. Jimmy confronts her about this, saying she promised to rebuild his home, not cannibalize it. Juliette vows to address the unauthorized salvaging. The chapter depicts Juliette grappling with the unintended consequences of connecting the silos as she tries to make things right.

Chapter 42

Donald is in the medical wing recovering after being brutally beaten by Thurman and his men. Dr. Sneed informs Donald that Thurman ordered him to induce a coma to keep Donald under control. Donald pleads with Sneed not to follow the order. He reveals to Sneed that Thurman is not really Troy, the head of Silo 1 - his identity was altered. Donald says Thurman shot Troy and is manipulating events in the silos for his own agenda.

Donald asks Sneed to wake Helen, explaining she is Donald's sister Charlotte using a different name in this life. Donald hopes Helen can help stop Thurman's plans. He also asks Sneed to wake Shepherd, who Donald was supposed to mentor about the truth of the silo system. Before Donald passes out, he tells Sneed that Thurman is poisoning peoples' minds and they need to work quickly before he takes over completely.

Chapter 43

In this chapter, Charlotte wakes up alone in the warehouse after her brother Donald was attacked. She finds blood splattered on the wall where he was beaten. Charlotte realizes she is now on her own with no one left. She decides to go to the flight room and try to get the radio working, hoping she can either contact Donald or reach out to someone else for help. Charlotte aims to listen to the radio chatter and find out what happened to her brother. She searches through spare parts he left, determined to get the radio transmitting one way or another.

Chapter 44

In this chapter, Donald is being held captive and beaten by Thurman and his men. Donald is severely injured, with cracked ribs making it painful to breathe and coughing up blood. He reflects on bringing his sister Charlotte into danger and considers telling Thurman where she is hiding to spare her.

Thurman visits Donald and tells him he only has a few days left to live from the toxic outside air he was exposed to. Thurman plans to put Donald into a coma. They discuss Donald's recent actions including stealing drones and bombs, and contacting Silo 18. Donald accuses Thurman of damaging the silos system. Thurman says he is shutting down Silo 18, calling it a costly mistake.

Donald reveals he knows Thurman shot Troy and took over his identity in Silo 1. Thurman wants to know how Donald subverted the cryopod system to do the same. In exchange, Donald wants to know the purpose of the silos' servers tracking every detail of the residents' lives.

Thurman claims the servers weigh each person's predicted chances of survival and decide the lotteries, optimizing the gene pool. Donald realizes the silos are in an artificial war with only one meant to win. Thurman agrees but says Donald already knew this.

Donald explains that Anna helped him assume Thurman's identity by altering the systems before Thurman put her under permanently. Anna wanted to ruin Thurman for planning to entomb her. Donald now feels regret over bombing Silo 40 and killing Anna.

Thurman storms off angrily as Donald tries to reveal his sister Charlotte's location. Donald grapples with his role in helping the silo rulers oppress the people, resolving to try and make amends.

Chapter 45

In Chapter 45, Juliette speaks at a town hall meeting, aiming to ease tensions over the influx of people from Silo 17. She announces a future mission outside to explore the facility that houses the silos. Over 300 people volunteer and Juliette's team selects 38 to join the dangerous venture. Those picked undergo physical exams and training for the toxic environment.

Lukas informs Juliette that the head of Mechanical, Sims, was found dead from a suspicious fall. Juliette suspects he was murdered for opposing her. She meets with Father Wendel, who believes God is angry over her forbidden explorations. Juliette argues people have a right to the truth.

Her father examines the volunteers and is disturbed by Juliette's physical changes. He warns her not to go outside again until more tests are done. Juliette refuses and continues preparations. She aims to lead an exodus to escape the silo's dying world. But many challenges remain, including dwindling argon supplies and growing dissent from those who think she's defying God's will.

Chapter 46

Lukas gets an urgent call from someone claiming to have created Operation Fifty, demanding to speak with Bernard. Lukas tries to buy time by having Sims impersonate Bernard, but the caller isn't fooled. The voice accuses Lukas of being poisoned by someone he's been talking to, likely Donald. The caller apologizes but says he must "shut them down." White gas suddenly billows from the vents into the server room. Lukas and Sims flee but find the door locked. Sims' nose starts bleeding heavily. They are trapped in the server room being gassed from above.

Chapter 47

Juliette and Walker try to contact Lukas over the radio, but only get static. Hank reports a vapor leak in the stairwell causing heavy traffic. Peter says there's smoke inside the new airlock and that the inner and outer doors are open. Juliette realizes the outside air is leaking in and tells Peter to seal off the cafeteria. She asks Walker to raise Lukas again. Peter says he can't stay as crowds are coming. Juliette concludes the argon gas has leaked in from the outside, poisoning the air. She feels hopeless to stop it. Lukas finally makes contact over the radio.

Chapter 48

Juliette tries to evacuate people to the ancient digging machine after realizing the silo is being attacked. She contacts Lukas, who says someone is "shutting them down" before the radio feed cuts out. Juliette tells Hank to get everyone to Mechanical but he reports people are panicking and heading upstairs instead. Juliette races to gather people herself, shouting for everyone to get to the tunnel to Silo 17. She contacts Peter, who says outsiders are getting in and people are dying from toxic gas flooding the stairwell. Seeing white smoke descending, Juliette watches in horror as someone falls to their death. She tries to lead the frightened crowds to safety as the poisonous fog pours in.

Chapter 49

In this chapter, Juliette follows the crowds into Mechanical during the toxic gas attack on Silo 18. She searches for the children from Silo 17 but finds they have already gone through the tunnel with her father. Juliette urges everyone into the ancient digging machine and through the tunnel to the other silo. In the pitch darkness, panicked crowds jam the narrow passage as some try climbing over piles of rubble.

Reaching the digger, Juliette asks Raph if he's seen the children and Shirly. He says they already went through. Inside the digger, Shirly directs the chaotic crowd squeezing through the exit. Juliette tells her the outside air is flooding in and she's going to seal off the tunnel. Shirly is distraught, arguing that her charges were meant to protect Silo 18. In a heated exchange, Shirly knocks Juliette out.

When Juliette comes to, the digger is nearly empty. She hears a distant boom - Shirly has detonated the charges, sacrificing herself to seal off the tunnel and protect Silo 17. Juliette weeps for her lost friend. Lukas contacts her over the radio, but he is trapped and dying from the toxic air. Juliette is devastated, feeling she has doomed everyone. A cloud of dust from the collapsed tunnel billows through the digger, a grim taste of all she has lost.

Chapter 50

Juliette emerges from the ancient digging machine into Silo 17, which is now crowded with refugees from Silo 18. She is devastated after sealing off the tunnel between silos, trapping Lukas and others inside to die from toxic gas flooding Silo 18. Juliette aims to lead the remaining survivors to the outside world before Silo 17 also fails. She inspects the silo and is disturbed to find it deteriorating faster than expected. Juliette asks about the children from Silo 18 but no one has seen them since arriving. She contacts Jimmy over the radio. He says her father took the children up top and hasn't returned. Juliette decides to go after them. She gears up and climbs toward the surface, hoping the toxins haven't reached this silo yet.

Chapter 51

In Chapter 51, the perspective shifts to Silo 1. Donald is recovering in the medical wing after being brutally beaten by Thurman. Dr. Sneed informs him that Thurman ordered Donald to be put in a coma. Donald pleads with Sneed not to follow the order. He reveals Thurman shot Troy and assumed his identity in Silo 1. Donald asks Sneed to wake Helen, explaining she is really his sister Charlotte using a different name. He hopes Helen can help stop Thurman's plans. Donald also asks Sneed to wake Shepherd, who he was supposed to mentor about the truth of the silos. Before losing consciousness, Donald tells Sneed that Thurman is poisoning peoples' minds and they need to act quickly.

Chapter 52

Charlotte listens to the radio and hears Juliette's voice from Silo 18 as toxic gas floods in and people panic. She flips through other silo channels and realizes Silo 18 is gone. Charlotte is determined to reach out to Juliette or others who may still be alive. She disguises herself as a man using grease and a cap, planning to sneak out that night to the comm room and get a microphone. Looking through facility directories, she jots down the location of places she needs to search for her brother and a way to broadcast. Charlotte waits until evening, then gears up to head out, hoping to find answers about her brother's fate and a way to contact any other survivors.

Chapter 53

In this chapter, Charlotte disguises herself as a male technician and ventures out of the warehouse to infiltrate the communications room on level 34. She aims to get a working radio so she can try contacting her brother Donald or any other survivors. Charlotte uses an ID card from Donald to access the lift and reach the admin level.

A guard directs her to the comms room. On the way, Charlotte is shocked to encounter Thurman, recognizing him as the man who viciously beat her brother. Thurman doesn't recognize Charlotte in her disguise. In the comms room, Charlotte tricks the operator into letting her take parts from a radio unit, claiming she'll fix it. She hurriedly gathers the components she needs and leaves.

Charlotte feels intense fear of being caught by Thurman as she exits back through security. A man yells for her to hold the lift as she escapes, but she refuses. Charlotte succeeds in getting the radio parts using her disguise and technical ruse, but remains uneasy after the close call with Thurman. She aims to build a working radio to reach out to any other possible survivors.

Chapter 54

In this chapter, Charlotte disguises herself as a male technician and ventures out to infiltrate the communications room, aiming to get a working radio so she can try contacting her brother Donald or any other survivors. She uses an ID card from Donald to access the lift and reach the admin level. A man named Eren gets on the lift with her and becomes suspicious of her disguise. When he confronts her, a struggle ensues and Charlotte accidentally kills Eren with a screwdriver.

Charlotte manages to get the lift moving again, but Eren shoots her in the shoulder as the doors close. Bleeding badly, she makes it to the supply room on level 54. Charlotte wipes the blood off the buttons in the lift, trying to cover her tracks. She is injured but succeeded in getting radio parts using her disguise. However, the close call leaves her uneasy about Thurman discovering her. Charlotte is determined to build a working radio to reach out to any other possible survivors.

Chapter 55

In Chapter 55, Charlotte is hiding in the warehouse after attacking a man who discovered her in disguise. She treats her gunshot wound as best she can, then cleans up evidence of the struggle before retrieving the radio parts she came for. Charlotte succeeds in getting a microphone and other components to build a working radio.

She returns to the warehouse and wires up the radio, then attempts contact on channel 18 for Silo 18. Getting only static, Charlotte tries channel 17 instead. A man's voice responds, asking what is happening in Silo 18. He says people are trapped on their side with rubble blocking the tunnel.

A woman's voice joins the conversation, identifying herself as Juliette. She delivers the grim news that everyone in Silo 18 is dead, including her friend Shirly. Juliette says she is responsible for killing them all. The chapter ends with Juliette's cryptic and ominous message, leaving the fate of those in Silo 18 uncertain.

Chapter 56

Juliette wakes up in the pump facility of Silo 17 after escaping the toxic gas attack that killed everyone in Silo 18. She is devastated after sealing off the tunnel between silos, trapping her friends inside to die. Juliette's father examines her while Raph says some survivors made it over before the tunnel was sealed. Juliette worries about the children from Silo 18 but is told Solo took them upstairs. She realizes the magnitude of the loss of life and grapples with being responsible. Some are trying to dig through the rubble to Silo 18, but Juliette knows the air is toxic and aims to stop them. She learns Father Wendel and his congregation came over earlier seeking refuge and food. Juliette reflects on the survivors wrongly thinking this disaster is temporary, unaware that the outside world is uninhabitable. She resolves to do what she can to help them survive one minute at a time in this grim new reality.

Chapter 57

Juliette returns to Silo 17 after the toxic gas attack killed everyone left in Silo 18. She follows Raph to where Courtnee and others are digging to get through the rubble blocking the tunnel between silos. Juliette tries to convince Courtnee that the outside air leaking in has poisoned Silo 18, so they must stop digging to protect themselves. Courtnee angrily blames Juliette for bringing them to this decrepit silo and wants to get back home. Juliette admits she's responsible but insists Silo 18 is lost. She reveals that a man from another silo attacked them, likely because of her actions. Some diggers are swayed to stop, but Courtnee remains distrustful. Juliette says they should focus on powering the failing pumps in Silo 17 and getting justice later by preventing this man from destroying other worlds. Courtnee orders the digging to halt for now, still reluctant to follow Juliette's advice.

Chapter 58

In this chapter, Elise becomes separated from the group while chasing after her lost puppy in the stairwell of Silo 17. She encounters strangers carrying items from the farms, reflecting on Rickson's stories of dangerous outsiders. A bearded man invites Elise inside a room, saying he has food to share. He claims to recognize her as one of the original Silo 17 residents. The man refers to a "flock" gathering at the church and says Elise is a miracle. Drawn by hunger and his friendly manner, Elise follows the stranger inside, hoping to find her puppy.

Chapter 59

In Chapter 59, the perspective shifts back to Silo 1. Donald is recovering in the medical wing after being brutally beaten by Thurman. Dr. Sneed tells Donald that Thurman ordered him to put Donald in a coma, but Sneed refuses to follow the command.

Donald asks Sneed to wake Helen, explaining she is really his sister Charlotte using a different identity. He hopes Helen can help stop Thurman's plans. Donald also asks Sneed to wake Shepherd, who he was supposed to mentor about the truth of the silos.

Before losing consciousness, Donald tells Sneed that Thurman is poisoning peoples' minds and they need to act quickly. He says Thurman shot Troy and assumed his identity in Silo 1.

Sneed decides to wake Shepherd as Donald requested. Shepherd is confused about being taken out of stasis early. Sneed explains that Donald wanted Shepherd to know the truth about the silos and outside world.

Shepherd struggles to process everything Sneed tells him. He grapples with the realization that he was kept asleep for decades while others secretly controlled the fate of the silos. Shepherd resolves to find Donald and get the full truth from him.

Chapter 60

Charlotte is hiding in a drone lift after escaping an attack in Silo 1. She reflects on feeling vulnerable, like when she was in the military. Charlotte reads through her brother Donald's notes, learning more about the silos and realizing the danger of rebelling. She tries contacting Silo 17 on the radio and a man answers, saying Juliette is gone. Charlotte asks him to get Juliette, not revealing her identity. The man says to call back in the morning. Charlotte decides to risk staying out a little longer to try the radio again rather than hiding in her box. She hopes to make contact and get help, but knows the risk of being discovered.

Chapter 61

In this chapter, Donald is visited in his room by Thurman and two security officers, Brevard and a younger officer. They interrogate Donald about an attack on one of Thurman's men, Eren, who was killed with a screwdriver. The officers search for the killer, suspecting someone Donald knows. Donald denies knowledge of the attack.

Thurman reveals it was someone disguised as a reactor tech, making them think it was Donald's accomplice. Donald worries it could be his sister Charlotte but doesn't admit this. Thurman says Donald will be put into a coma that day. He asks about Anna and the gas feeds she may have tampered with. Donald says he doesn't know anything about that.

When Donald asks what's wrong with him, Thurman says his body is now a battlefield where microscopic armies are waging war that will destroy him. Donald admits to Thurman that he wasn't trying to escape the silo that day Thurman stopped him, he was trying to die. Thurman regrets saving Donald, who says Thurman shouldn't have stopped him. The chapter shows Donald grappling with protecting his sister while also readying for his impending coma.

Chapter 62

Darcy, a security officer, scrubs blood from an elevator where a murder occurred. He finds a bullet wedged in the crack between the floor and wall, collects it as evidence, and takes it to the medical lab for analysis. The bullet's blood matches someone listed as "Emer" in the personnel records. Darcy realizes "Emer" refers to the emergency personnel cryopods. He goes to the room housing these pods and finds one is empty and turned off. Darcy suspects whoever occupied this pod is the murderer, likely awakened improperly. Though he can't get the pod occupant's name, Darcy knows where these emergency personnel work when on shift. He resolves to investigate further and report his findings, hoping to solve the murder case and conspiracy behind it.

Chapter 63

Charlotte contacts Juliette over the radio and reveals she is Donald's sister. Juliette blames Charlotte and Donald for destroying her silo, but Charlotte insists it was a man named Thurman. She says Thurman brutally beat Donald and that she and Donald wanted to help the silos, not destroy them.

Charlotte explains that only one silo is allowed to survive while the rest perish. Juliette says her people will want her dead for her role in the disaster. Charlotte apologizes and says she would help if she could. When asked about the outside world, Charlotte admits she hasn't seen it herself but saw a glimpse of blue skies on camera.

Juliette describes her experience outside as bleak and says the two men she loved who spoke of hope are now dead. Charlotte reveals that she is from the old world before it was ruined. She admits "her people" were responsible and that Thurman killed the wider world.

Just as Charlotte is explaining her theory about the diggers being meant to tunnel somewhere else, not between silos, a man storms in and holds her at gunpoint, ordering her to put her hands up.

Chapter 64

In Chapter 64, the perspective shifts back to Silo 17. Juliette speaks to the weary survivors crowded into the upper farms and pump facility. She tells them Silo 18 is uninhabitable but they are safe in Silo 17 for now. Juliette says she aims to lead an exodus to the outside world before this silo also fails. She asks for volunteers to scout other levels and begin repairs. Juliette tasks a team with assessing the solar array on the roof that provides power. Another group is to inventory food supplies and ration them. She tells Raph to organize clearing rubble from the tunnel to recover any bodies on the other side. Juliette knows these grim tasks are necessary for the group's survival as she works to earn their trust.

Chapter 65

In this chapter, Juliette inspects the ancient digging machine with the mining team. They are studying a schematic of the silo layout, planning their next dig to tunnel to Silo 16. Some miners are eager to escape Silo 17, while others question if it's safe to tunnel to another silo. Juliette says she has friends in Silo 1 and plans to go there alone overland. The team helps her calculate how much blast charge she'll need to blow open the airlock door at the top of Silo 1. Juliette decides she will strap explosives to the door and open it to expose the people inside to the toxic outside air, as revenge for attacking her silo. She warns the mining team they may be better off staying in Silo 17 for now. Before leaving, Juliette asks the foreman Erik to contact her if he finds a silo willing to take them in. She plans to reach out to other silos as well in search of refuge for the mining group. Erik privately thanks Juliette for giving them a place to survive after the disaster. Juliette is moved to tears, wishing Lukas was still alive to share in this small triumph. She resolves to get justice against those in Silo 1 responsible for the apocalypse and silo system.

Chapter 66

Juliette visits her father in the makeshift clinic he set up in Silo 17. A pregnant woman is there with her husband. Juliette realizes their child will be the first born in a different silo from its parents. She says goodbye to her father, hinting it may be for a long time.

Juliette and Raph haul gear up the stairwell, preparing for her secret plan. Raph asks how many suits are left and Juliette estimates around 200. He tells a story about his girlfriend Gina analyzing supplies and projecting the silo has about 250 years left. Juliette wonders if this matches the number of suits. Raph reflects that their days feel numbered, like a clock ticking down.

They continue climbing in the green emergency lighting. Juliette aims to see the children from Silo 18 before gathering more gear for her mission. She knows Raph expects to accompany her the whole way, but plans to leave him behind. Juliette feels sad that everyone she knows will die before the silo's projected end.

Chapter 67

Juliette and Raph climb up through Silo 17, gathering gear for Juliette's secret solo mission above. She plans to leave Raph behind despite his expectation to accompany her. In the darkened farms, Hannah and the Silo 17 kids find much of the crops ravaged by the newcomers. Rickson says they'll have to fight to survive, but Miles hopes for peace. Jimmy searches for Elise, who ran off chasing her puppy. A man named Terry tells Jimmy that Elise may be with chanters who found a chapel. Terry cuts power hoses and wires that Jimmy installed, believing power comes from above. Jimmy heads upstairs, hoping to find Elise.

Chapter 68

Elise wanders into a room where people are arranging furniture and sweeping floors. A man named Mr. Rash speaks with her kindly about the Pact, a special document. Another man, Father Remmy, presses Elise to reveal where books are hidden, claiming it's her duty to God. Elise divulges they are on level 34. Remmy makes Elise spell her name and sign the Pact document along with others. Mr. Rash kisses Elise's cheek as people applaud. Remmy pronounces someone husband and wife in the name of the Pact. Elise hopes signing will allow her to leave and find her missing puppy and friends.

Chapter 69

In Chapter 69, Juliette arrives at the upper farms of Silo 17 searching for the children from Silo 18. She finds Elise has gone missing after chasing her puppy. Juliette questions a woman named Darcy, who says Father Wendel's congregation came up from Mechanical. She tells Juliette about a man named Remmy holding services and taking people's names. Juliette realizes Remmy is copying the Pact, a document used by IT to control the silo.

Juliette confronts Remmy and warns the people he is deceiving them. He accuses her of keeping them from God's kingdom. Juliette argues his words sow division. She tells everyone the truth she learned outside - that there is no divine plan, just powerful men who caused the apocalypse. Remmy claims Juliette spreads lies and false hope. The crowd seems divided.

Juliette finds Jimmy, who is also searching for Elise. She vows to get the children back safely. Juliette knows Remmy aims to manipulate people using religion, like Thurman did. She decides her mission to confront Thurman is even more crucial now to stop his poisoning of minds and destruction of worlds. Juliette resolves to push forward, even if it means going alone.

Chapter 70

Juliette continues climbing up through Silo 17, preparing for her secret solo mission above. She reflects on the people in her life who have died, including Lukas who she loved. Juliette reaches the server room and studies schematics, aiming to understand the layout of Silo 1 where she's headed. She gathers tools and a flashlight, then climbs higher. At the airlock, Juliette straps on her heat suit and loads her backpack with explosives. She blasts the inner airlock door open, then does the same to the outer door, exposing the toxic outside air. Juliette steps out into the wind, feeling the sun's heat through her visor. She looks back at the sad state of Silo 17, then marches toward Silo 1 where she hopes to get justice.

Chapter 71

In Chapter 71, Darcy rides the elevator up to the armory level, suspecting the missing pilot who killed Eren may be hiding there. He searches thoroughly, finding evidence someone was living in a storage area. Darcy takes a pistol for protection and continues searching the barracks. He hears a voice in the drone control room and bursts in, holding the pilot at gunpoint.

The pilot reveals she is Charlotte, Donald's sister. Charlotte surrenders, hoping to see her brother. Darcy recognizes her from when Donald was beaten. He doesn't arrest her yet, wanting to understand what's happening first. Charlotte says powerful men plan to entomb everyone forever after their shifts end. Darcy is skeptical but takes Donald's folders to investigate. Charlotte suggests he see the outside for himself using the drones rather than trusting what others claim. She aims to reveal the truth to Darcy before he turns her in.

Chapter 72

Donald inspects his injuries from Thurman's beating in the bathroom mirror. His sister Charlotte arrives with Darcy, a security guard, who helps them escape. In a conference room, Donald explains to Darcy how the silos were built to fail, with concrete between levels to facilitate gassing and collapse. He says Silo 40 revolted silently and spread rebellion to other silos before being destroyed. Donald's former love Anna hacked the systems to bring down the revolting silos. When Donald later woke up as Thurman, he learned Anna had rigged Silo 17's gassing to pump nanos instead, healing rather than killing them. Donald thinks Anna moved gas lines to send toxins back to Silo 1 next time they shut one down. Darcy says he'll have to lock Donald and Charlotte up again before his shift ends to avoid punishment.

Chapter 73

Juliette makes her way across the toxic landscape toward Silo 1. She occasionally sees blurry movements in her peripheral vision but tells herself it's just the heat simmering. As Juliette walks, she reflects on the loss of Lukas and her father's warning about the outside air affecting her. She previously felt invincible but now worries about not making it to Silo 1. Juliette passes scattered bones and a collapsed silo in the distance. She reminds herself that Thurman and his people caused this apocalypse and aims to make him pay.

Approaching a hill, Juliette is suddenly swarmed by tiny machines. They crawl under her suit, stinging her skin. She runs but they pursue relentlessly. Reaching the crest, Silo 1 finally comes into view in the valley below. Juliette plunges down the hillside, crashing into the nanos swarming after her. She tumbles into a gulley, dazed but having finally escaped the tiny machines. Juliette staggers onward, determined to reach Silo 1.

Chapter 74

In this chapter, Juliette and Raph stop at the lower deputy station looking for a radio battery but find none. They hear someone crying in the holding cells and discover Father Wendel there, surrounded by torn pages from a book. Wendel seems to have lost his congregation and says he has nothing left. Juliette offers him water and urges him to help the people in the farms who need guidance, but Wendel feels damned. Juliette tells him she is going to damn the people responsible for their plight, and Wendel blesses her journey.

Juliette and Raph arrive at the lower farms and find the grow lights on full power, with Deputy Hank hired to keep order. A fight led to a man's death. People are staking claims to plots, treating the deceased man's body like fertilizer. Hank hopes to drive some people out by keeping the lights on constantly, though it risks fire. Juliette warns him this power draw is unsafe but Hank aims to restore order. They learn Solo and the Silo 17 children left recently. Juliette decides to go after them, asking Hank to have people move up or down from the crowded farms. She hopes to find the children safe somewhere less volatile.

Chapter 75

Jimmy searches for Elise, aided by a boy named Shaw who saw her taken by members of Father Wendel's old congregation. They find Elise's dog and Jimmy retrieves his rifle before heading to the level where Shaw saw Elise.

Elise is being held captive and forced to observe a disturbing religious ceremony involving a coerced wedding and forced childbirth. Solo suddenly arrives with Shaw and interrupts the ceremony, rescuing Elise. He threatens the group with his rifle and warns them not to stop Elise from leaving. Mr. Rash claims Elise is his wife but releases her when Solo aims at him. Elise escapes with Solo and Shaw down the hallway to safety.

Chapter 76

Juliette and Raph arrive at IT on level 34, finding signs that others have already been inside. They enter the server room and discover a fire below in Solo's former living quarters. A young man in robes is burning books. Juliette tries to put out the fire but the man attacks her. As they struggle, the man's robes catch fire. Raph arrives and pulls Juliette free. They escape the smoke-filled room after tipping over one of the servers to block the hole to Solo's hovel below. The man's screams eventually stop. Juliette laments the loss of the books and radio as the fire consumes Solo's old home.

Chapter 77

Juliette and Raph continue climbing up through Silo 17. Juliette reflects on the people she's lost, including Lukas. She aims to confront Thurman in Silo 1 for causing so much death. They pass a wall with "18" painted on it and the body of a woman who tried escaping, reminding Juliette of her own cleaning. She insists on going the rest of the way alone. At the airlock, Juliette tells Raph she's sorry and that her father will need his help. She asks him to tell the others she made it to Silo 1 if he doesn't hear from her again. Juliette enters the airlock in her suit with explosives, ready to face Thurman. She blasts the inner door open, exposing the toxic outside air. Gripping her detonator, Juliette steps out of Silo 17 and marches toward vengeance.

Chapter 78

In this chapter, Donald and Charlotte hide in a drone lift to avoid being discovered by a search party hunting for them. They cling together in the dark as boots stomp outside and voices yell "clear!" Charlotte is ready to fight when the lift door opens, but it's Darcy, who slams it shut again to keep them hidden.

Later, when the search party moves on, Donald and Charlotte emerge cautiously. Charlotte tries hailing someone on the radio, hoping to reach Juliette or Silo 17 again. Donald reveals to her that he previously went outside intending to die, to be with Helen. Charlotte is upset but understands, making Donald promise not to do that.

They debate potential plans to escape, like launching a lightened drone carrying one of them. But Donald says he's dying from the outside air anyway. Charlotte refuses to leave without him. They discuss how some silos probably withdrew quietly and are living freely. Donald realizes the people who built the silos just wanted to ensure their own survival, not humanity's.

Charlotte gets an idea from Donald to build a protective suit to survive outside. They decide to gather the materials and tools needed to assemble a suit, aiming to simply walk away and live freely using Donald's knowledge, rather than flying off in a drone.

Chapter 79

Donald and Charlotte prepare to escape Silo 1 by building protective suits and gathering supplies. Darcy catches them but is conflicted on whether to stop them. Donald reveals he helped design the oppressive silo system but now aims to free the people by destroying the central servers. He loads a powerful bomb onto a cart, planning to detonate it in the reactor room below to cut the power. Donald tricks Charlotte into getting in her suit so Darcy can help her escape while Donald stays behind to detonate the bomb. Charlotte realizes his plan and tries to stop him, but Donald gets in the lift with the bomb before she can. He professes his love as the doors shut, determined to sacrifice himself so Charlotte can get free.

Chapter 80

Juliette marches across the toxic landscape toward Silo 1, seeking vengeance against Thurman. She passes scattered bones and a collapsed silo, reminding herself Thurman caused the apocalypse. As Juliette nears Silo 1, she's attacked by tiny machines that swarm under her suit, stinging her skin. She escapes by tumbling into a gulley.

Bruised and bleeding, Juliette limps onward. The swarms pursue her again. She fires her pistol at them, but it jams. Reaching a pond, Juliette plunges in to drown the nanos. She sinks into the muddy water, overwhelmed, wishing she had told Raph she loved him.

As Juliette surfaces, a man in a protective suit pulls her out. It's Thurman. He sarcastically asks if she's come to thank him for the view outside. Thurman half-carries, half-drags Juliette toward Silo 1. She vows to kill Thurman, but he says she's too late - the silos are already dead.

Chapter 81

Juliette and Raph search the ruined server room for supplies and schematics. They find Solo's underground home has been destroyed by the fire set by the robed man. The radio and books are lost, but the pantry still has some canned food. Juliette retrieves intact schematics from the wall to study silo layouts. She reflects sadly on the destruction of the books and radio representing lost knowledge.

Upstairs, the kids work to topple servers and clear space for the town hall meeting. Juliette and Raph inspect the hatch leading down to Solo's former home. Smoke billows out from the still-smoldering fire, but they determine it's safe enough to descend. In the rubble, Juliette mourns the loss of so much history and culture in the burned books. She checks the melted radio, confirming it's destroyed.

They discover a small supply of canned goods survived in the pantry. Juliette says it won't feed the expected crowd for long. She takes the intact schematics, hoping to use them to plan the silo residents' escape. Despite the losses, Juliette feels hopeful as the servers crash down above, clearing space for bringing everyone together to decide their collective fate.

Chapter 82

In Chapter 82, Juliette holds a town hall meeting in the IT server room to reveal the truth about the silos to the gathered crowd. She explains that Silo 18 was poisoned and destroyed, and that the same people who built the silos hundreds of years ago were responsible. Juliette says she believes they could make a life in Silo 17 but would live in constant fear. She shows them maps of the silo layouts, pointing out the digging machine direction, and proposes they follow the machines' path out of the silos to potential safety rather than live under oppression.

Some are skeptical about her claims and unsure where they would go. Juliette admits she only has whispers and intuition but believes the risk is worth taking. She says they are running low on food and fuel. Father Wendel arrives during the meeting. Juliette states that she's only willing to lead people who choose to follow her. A few volunteers raise their hands in support. When asked how they'll escape without digging, Juliette reveals her daring plan to outfit people in old cleaning suits and exit to the outside.

Chapter 83

Juliette and others collect the bodies from the sheriff's office to give them proper burials. Her father notes the bodies are too well preserved to have been there as long as Juliette claims. He suspects something in the silo has kept the dead from decomposing normally. Juliette shows her father her disappearing scars and they realize the silo residents are unnaturally healthy. She recalls how she survived impossible feats since arriving. Juliette's father theorizes the air or water enables them to heal rapidly. They debate what could cause this but know something is amiss in Silo 17. Juliette decides it's imperative they escape to the outside soon. The group begins preparing suits and supplies for all who volunteer to leave. Though unsure of what they'll find out there, Juliette would rather they risk the outside than stay in Silo 17 fighting each other.

Chapter 84

In Chapter 84, Juliette and the others continue preparing to escape Silo 17 by suiting up the volunteers in old cleaning suits. Juliette aims to lead them out to the toxic outside environment, unsure where they will go but hopeful they can find refuge. She inspects the airlock with her father and Walker. They debate how long the argon gas supply will last for pressurizing the lock for each group's exit. Juliette's father warns her the outside air seems to rapidly heal her wounds, which could have dangerous effects, but she is adamant about leaving.

Juliette addresses the volunteers selected for the first group to depart, including Miles, Rickson and Courtnee. She explains how to use the suits and promises to go out first to test if it's safe. The group practices suiting up. Juliette says their destination is uncertain but anywhere is better than remaining under Silo 17's oppressive rule. She tells them the first group will head south once outside. Juliette's father privately pleads with her not to go, but she is determined to lead the others to freedom.

Chapter 85

Juliette emerges from Silo 17 wearing a protective suit and enters the toxic outside world. She surveys the bleak landscape, reflecting on the loss of her loved ones. Juliette spots a collapsed silo in the distance, a reminder of the apocalypse that destroyed the world. She passes scattered bones and realizes the danger of the deteriorating environment.

Reaching a hill, Juliette is attacked by swarms of tiny machines that invade her suit. She escapes by tumbling into a gulley. Bruised and bleeding, Juliette continues toward Silo 1 seeking justice against Thurman. At a pond, a suited man pulls her out of the water. It's Thurman, who mocks her failed mission. He half-drags Juliette toward Silo 1 as she vows to kill him. Thurman claims it's too late, that the silos are already dead.

Chapter 86

In Chapter 86, Juliette is brought to Silo 1 by Thurman after nearly drowning outside. He questions why she came and she reveals her aim was to kill him as vengeance for attacking her silo. Thurman says it's too late, that all the silos are already dead. He describes witnessing the nanos spread and consume the land after the initial apocalypse centuries ago. According to Thurman, everyone left alive was already in the silos by then. He says the air, soil and water are irreversibly poisoned.

Thurman tells Juliette about Donald, who helped design the silos but grew conflicted and wanted to free the people. Donald woke Juliette to try and change things. Thurman says Donald was noble but naive - the outside world cannot sustain life anymore. He argues the silo residents would've died free rather than living longer contained.

Juliette accuses Thurman of murdering for power. He admits killing to stop uprisings but believes he saved more lives. Thurman shows Juliette a security feed of her silo, revealing he let her people die to remind her she's powerless. Juliette lunges at Thurman in anger. He easily subdues her and says she deserves the truth. Thurman claims he's not the monster she imagines - just a tired old man trying to clean up others' mess. He offers to let Juliette take over his duties and see if she does any better at saving humanity.

Chapter 87

In Chapter 87, Juliette leads a group of people wearing old cleaning suits out of Silo 17 and into the toxic outside environment. At first all they see is a haze of brown and gray, but gradually the landscape transforms into vibrant colors - blue skies, green grass, white clouds. Everyone is awestruck by the beautiful vista, so different from the bleak world they expected.

The group heads toward a hill that turns out to be a large ringed mound separating them from the facility housing the silos. From the crest, Juliette spots a forest in the distance and a concrete tower overgrown with vines in the valley below. She realizes the tower likely contains the seed for their new beginning.

As the group frees themselves from their suits, Juliette reflects that they hadn't planned for this discovery of a habitable environment. She watches joyfully as people laugh, cry, and embrace at their reprieve. Juliette runs her hands through the grass, thinking they may survive more than a day out here after all. She weighs the bag of dynamite she brought, contemplating their salvation.

Chapter 88

Juliette leads the group that escaped Silo 17 across the vibrant landscape toward the concrete tower they spotted. Inside, they discover a wealth of supplies and materials for starting over. Courtnee restores power, activating lights and a lift. Some want to stay, but Elise shows a map indicating they should head for the sea. Juliette agrees, wanting to move on from the silos' shadow. A stranger in a silo suit stumbles toward them and collapses. Juliette helps the woman, Charlotte, remove her helmet. Charlotte reveals she is from the old world before the apocalypse. She seems relieved to have found Juliette's group. Juliette says they plan to travel to the water and Charlotte is welcome to join them. Charlotte agrees, saying she's already come a long way.