What happened in Wool

By Hugh Howey

The story begins with Holston climbing the spiral staircase of the silo to his death as a condemned cleaner. His wife Allison had been sent to cleaning three years prior, and now it is his turn. The history of the silo is revealed through Holston's thoughts as he ascends - it was built by their ancestors and worn down over generations.

In the past, Holston's wife Allison had become obsessed with researching the forbidden history of uprisings in the silo archives. She theorized that the silo's hard drives were wiped during an uprising in the past to erase the reasons for the revolts. Allison was sent to cleaning after demanding to go outside, believing it wasn't dangerous as they were told.

Years later as sheriff, Holston is haunted by his wife's death. He remembers her claiming she would return after cleaning to prove it was safe outside. Holston locks himself in the holding cell, demanding to be sent to cleaning. He refuses to confirm to Mayor Jahns whether he'll actually clean, but proceeds with the ritual.

The story jumps back three years earlier to show Holston and Allison discussing her dangerous historical research. Allison is convinced the truth about the silo's past and the outside world will eventually come out.

On the day of his cleaning, Holston recalls watching his wife Allison clean three years prior. He puts on a protective suit designed by Supply technicians to fail outside. Holston walks outside and is shocked to see signs of life rather than the lifeless landscape shown on the silo screens. Realizing the outside views are fabricated, Holston decides to remove his suit and walk to the city ruins to find Allison.

In another silo, Juliette is a mechanic who is sent to cleaning but her suit doesn't fail as designed. She escapes over the hills and discovers an abandoned silo, realizing the outside world contains many more silos. A lone survivor named Jimmy has lived there for decades. Juliette learns the history of the silos and sees maps revealing an extensive network. She becomes determined to expose the truth in her own silo.

Back in Holston's silo, a deadly uprising breaks out after mechanics realize IT has been sabotaging the cleaning suits. A bloody civil war erupts between the sheriff's forces and the allied workers of Mechanical and Supply departments.

In the end, Juliette returns to her silo and is severely burned trying to save her friend Lukas from a deadly cleaning. She recovers and is elected mayor, determined to reveal the truth about the silo's dark history and forbidden knowledge. The story ends with Juliette beginning the journey to confront her past and empower her people.

Wool Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

The chapter opens with Holston climbing the spiral staircase inside the silo to his death. He can hear children playing and laughing above him as he methodically climbs each step. Holston reflects on the history of the worn steps and railing, worn down by generations over centuries. He doesn't believe the staircase was meant to withstand so much traffic and abuse over time.

As Holston reaches the upper levels, the children's laughter grows louder. He remembers being a carefree child playing in the silo, but that now feels lifetimes ago. For the past three years, Holston has been silently waiting for something that will never come.

At the top of the stairs, Holston enters the cafeteria and lounge. Children are playing and adults are trying to contain the chaos. Holston sees his deputy Clarke but doesn't wave back. He looks past them to the projected view of the lifeless hills outside the silo, hardly changed since his childhood. In the distance, the ruins of an ancient city can be seen where people once lived above ground.

A child bumps into Holston, making him think of the lottery he and his late wife Allison won the year she died - a lottery for the chance to have a child. After her death, the lottery passed to another couple.

Holston walks to his office, passing the spot where his wife had her breakdown three years ago. He retrieves a set of keys from his deputy Marnes, then leads him to the holding cell. Holston locks himself inside, telling Marnes to get the mayor and say he wants to go outside.

Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, Holston spends his final day in the holding cell looking out at the dead landscape on the screens that surround the upper level of the silo. He notices some pixels seem brighter than others, making him wonder if anyone knows how to fix them or if they will all eventually die out.

Mayor Jahns visits Holston in his cell. They discuss his wife Allison's cleaning three years prior and the mayor's regret at having to order so many cleanings. Holston questions whether Jahns will actually enjoy the clear view outside after he is gone. Jahns insists she takes no pleasure in the cleanings.

Holston laughs at the idea that others are nervous he won't go through with the cleaning. He points out that Allison never threatened not to do it. Jahns says everyone claims they won't clean, but in the end they all do. She asks Holston to confirm that he will clean, but he refuses to give a definitive answer.

Before leaving, Jahns reminds Holston that Deputy Marnes will be on duty all night if he changes his mind about a last meal. Holston remembers keeping vigil for others in the past and corrects Jahns that Marnes is now the Sheriff. Jahns tells Holston to eat something and leaves.

Chapter 3

In this chapter, set three years before the previous chapters, Holston and his wife Allison discuss her research into the silo's history. Allison has discovered that uprisings used to occur about every 20 years for generations. But after the most recent uprising they know about, there hasn't been another one since.

Allison theorizes that their ancestors must have wiped the silo's hard drives during the uprising to erase the reasons for the revolts. She believes someone wanted to stop the uprisings from repeating. Holston is disturbed by her research and warns her to stop, fearing the consequences of revealing forbidden knowledge from the past.

As sheriff, Holston feels pressure to send someone to cleaning soon to release tensions building up in the silo. He wishes Allison wouldn't dig into the past, afraid of what she might unleash. But Allison insists the truth will come out eventually anyway. She wants them to be the ones to discover it.

Chapter 4

In this chapter, Holston prepares for his cleaning. Nelson, a technician, helps Holston into his protective cleaning suit. Holston reflects on having watched his wife Allison's cleaning three years earlier. He remembers her waving goodbye before walking off towards the hill and dying from the toxic outside air.

Nelson walks Holston through the process of getting into the suit, though Holston has seen it twice before. Holston's thoughts wander as he inserts his hands into the suit and it is sealed up around him. He wonders why condemned people comply with the cleaning ritual instead of rebelling.

Once fully suited, Nelson reviews the cleaning procedure step-by-step even though Holston already knows it. Sensing Holston's resignation, Nelson seems worried that he won't go through with it. Holston realizes the techs who make the suits have an intense, cult-like devotion to their work.

As Nelson places the helmet nearby, Holston makes eye contact with him and notices fear in the tech's eyes. Nelson is afraid Holston won't clean and let the expensive suit rot to no purpose. When asked if he's ready, Holston says he is, realizing how ready his wife had been as well.

Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, set three years before the previous chapters, Holston arrives at the cafeteria to find his wife Allison being restrained. She is shouting that she wants to go outside, which is forbidden. Holston calms her down and takes her to the holding cell.

Later, Mayor Jahns visits and they discuss the mandatory cleaning ritual that Holston's wife will soon undergo. Holston questions whether Jahns will actually enjoy the view outside after Allison is gone. Jahns insists she takes no pleasure in the cleanings.

In the holding cell, Allison is initially silent, refusing food. Later she whispers to Holston that "it's not real," referring to their confined life in the silo. She says she found deleted programs that can make the outside world look real on the screens. Allison believes there is no true danger outside. She plans to return for Holston after her cleaning.

Holston is disturbed by her words but enters her cell to be with her. Allison explains she understands why uprisings occurred in the past over doubts about the outside world. She plans to return after her cleaning to prove it's safe and that they've been living a lie. Holston is terrified by her words but stays with her through the night.

Chapter 6

In this chapter, Holston leaves the silo through the airlock to clean the sensors outside. He remembers his wife Allison doing the same three years prior. Holston is amazed to see vibrant colors and signs of life outside, unlike the grey lifeless views shown on the silo screens. He realizes the screens must digitally modify the real outside world to make it look toxic and uninhabitable. Holston questions why this illusion is maintained. He cleans the camera lenses while waving at the empty cafeteria, imagining they are watching his cleaning. As Holston finishes, he decides to leave his suit behind and walk to the city ruins in the distance to find his wife Allison, believing she must be alive out there.

Chapter 7

In this chapter, Holston leaves the silo through the airlock to clean the sensors outside. He remembers his wife Allison doing the same three years earlier. Holston is amazed to see vibrant colors and signs of life outside, unlike the grey lifeless views shown on the silo screens. He realizes the screens must be digitally altered to make the outside world look toxic and uninhabitable. Holston questions why this illusion is maintained. As he cleans the camera lenses, Holston decides to leave his suit behind and walk to the city ruins in the distance to find Allison, believing she must be alive out there. But soon after removing his helmet, Holston begins to feel excruciating stomach pains and realizes he is being poisoned by the toxic air. He collapses, holding his dead wife's old helmet, and dies on the barren hillside, realizing anyone watching his cleaning would see him simply curl up and perish in this lifeless world.

Chapter 8

In this chapter, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes travel down to the Mechanical department to interview Juliette, a mechanic, for the position of sheriff. Jahns reflects on the recent cleaning and her role as mayor as she and Marnes make their way through the crowded cafeteria the morning after the cleaning. She struggles with the burden of being expected to maintain order in the silo without fully understanding what holds their fragile world together. Jahns decides this trip will be an escape for her, a chance to reconnect with her people. In Mechanical, Marnes praises Juliette's skills and work ethic, having investigated a death down there with Holston previously. When they meet Juliette, Jahns is impressed with her composure and intelligence. Juliette acknowledges the great responsibility posed by the sheriff position. Jahns comes away leaning towards choosing Juliette as the next sheriff but wanting to learn more about her first.

Chapter 9

In this chapter, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes travel down to the nursery to interview Dr. Peter Nichols, the father of their potential nominee for sheriff, Juliette. Dr. Nichols tells them about the loss of his premature son Nicholas and the subsequent suicide of his wife. His daughter Juliette, who had been excited to have a baby brother, was devastated and blamed the poor condition of the incubator. She demanded to be transferred to Mechanical, and Dr. Nichols signed off on it, hoping she would come back someday. But Juliette never visited after that, except once for her mother's funeral. Dr. Nichols admits he falsified his wife's cause of death but says Juliette likely knew it was suicide. He has had little contact with Juliette over the years but hears she is intensely focused on her work. When asked if Juliette is suited for sheriff, Dr. Nichols says she has no training but doubts she would even want the job. Jahns leaves intrigued by Marnes' nomination of Juliette despite her complicated past.

Chapter 10

In this chapter, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes visit the IT department to interview Bernard Holland, the head of IT, about their nomination for the next sheriff. Bernard reveals he already offered the position to Peter Billings, a judge, without consulting Jahns. Jahns had wanted to nominate Juliette, a mechanic. Bernard claims Juliette has been improperly rerouting supplies from IT to Mechanical. When Jahns says she still wants to interview Juliette, Bernard tries to insist on Peter as sheriff. Jahns stands firm that the decision is hers and leaves, taking the sheriff contract with her to give to Juliette instead. As they leave, Bernard offers to refill their canteens, watching closely as Jahns and Marnes exchange canteens.

Chapter 11

In this chapter, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes are staying overnight at the upper hydroponic gardens after interviewing Juliette for the sheriff position. As they retire for the evening, Jahns suspects their rooms have been specially prepared to accommodate them. She had hoped to be more inconvenienced and share a room with Marnes.

In Marnes' room, they chat casually while resting from the day's journey. The conversation turns reflective as they discuss their deceased spouses and the concept of the soul living on after death. Marnes asks if Jahns' late husband Donald would want her to be happy in all aspects of life. Jahns deflects by asking what he thinks Donald would want for her, as Donald's best friend. Marnes says Donald would only want her happiness, which is why he was the right man for her.

As it gets late, Jahns grows emotional thinking of Donald and moves to leave. She tells Marnes that although she'll be sore in the morning, she'll eventually feel stronger from the journey. Their intimate conversation ends as Jahns retires to her room for the night.

Chapter 12

In this chapter, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes continue their descent into the down deep to recruit Juliette, a mechanic, for the sheriff position. As they pass the 90th floor, Jahns decides to press on rather than take a break, feeling energized by the journey. At the 100th floor, they take a break in the crowded bazaar. Jahns revels in the anonymity and watches the crowds, reflecting that she should visit more often.

They continue descending, passing the farming levels and water treatment. At the upper Mechanical levels, Jahns and Marnes wait in line with the workers returning home from their shifts. The station guard recognizes them and logs their visit. He suggests they visit the mess hall to wait for Juliette's shift to end in an hour or two, but Jahns wants to see her at work.

They are led through tight, dim corridors to the generator room. The deafening noise startles Jahns, but wearing headphones allows her to enter. She sees Juliette working on the massive generator, seemingly unafraid of the powerful machines. Juliette greets Marnes, then leads them to a control room where they can talk.

Juliette explains the failing generator in frank detail, how she is barely keeping it functioning. When Jahns suggests declaring a power holiday for repairs, Juliette scoffs at IT agreeing to cut power. Juliette clearly cares deeply about her work maintaining the generator, seeing its operation as integral to the silo's survival. As they part for now, Jahns sees the sense of purpose and power that Juliette exudes through her knowledge and grit.

Chapter 13

In this chapter, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes visit the mess hall in the down deep to wait for Juliette's work shift to end. They are guided by Marck, a mechanic who knows Juliette well. Marck tells them about when Juliette first arrived in the down deep as a young shadow. She was tasked with moving heavy pumps for rewiring, an impossible initiation task. But Juliette managed to secretly teach herself how to rewire the pumps and complete the task, impressing everyone. Marck warns Jahns and Marnes that if they give Juliette a job, she'll find a way to do it no matter how difficult. When Juliette's shift ends, she joins them and Jahns sees that she is intensely knowledgeable about the generator and keeping it running, taking great pride and purpose in her mechanical work. Jahns starts to see that Juliette's sense of duty and grit may make her well suited for the sheriff role.

Chapter 14

In this chapter, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes visit Juliette in the down deep to recruit her as the new sheriff. They tour the noisy generator room where Juliette works and she explains the failing generator is barely being kept online. When Jahns suggests a power holiday for repairs, Juliette scoffs that IT would never agree. In the apartment reserved for Jahns, they try to convince Juliette to accept the sheriff role. Juliette insists she only knows machines, not people. But Jahns says she cares deeply for the people of the silo, evidenced by her tireless mechanical work. Juliette admits she falsified supply requisitions from IT because they hoard materials while mechanical suffers shortages. Jahns is initially alarmed but understands when she hears Juliette's side. Jahns offers to smooth things over with IT and give Juliette the sheriff job. After consideration, Juliette agrees to become sheriff if Jahns can arrange the power holiday for repairs.

Chapter 15

In this chapter, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes continue climbing back up to the up top from the down deep. The ascent is grueling after their long journey down. With the power holiday in effect, the stairwell is dimly lit and eerily quiet. Jahns reflects on her journey, realizing she had hoped to reinvigorate herself but instead feels haunted by old ghosts, specifically her late husband Donald.

They spend the night at the deputy station on level 58. Jahns and Marnes have an intimate encounter that brings them closer. In the morning they resume climbing, discussing their past spouses along the way. When they reach level 34 and IT headquarters, Bernard confronts them angrily about the power holiday. He refuses to sign Juliette's sheriff contract. Jahns insists Bernard honor her nomination as Mayor. After a tense exchange, Bernard storms off, telling his tech Lukas to sign for him. Bernard makes disparaging remarks about Jahns and Marnes as he leaves. They get their canteens refilled and continue their ascent, weary but resolute.

Chapter 16

Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes continue climbing the staircase back to the up top. They hold hands openly, feeling emboldened by their journey together. As they near the top, Jahns grows anxious about whether their relationship will change once they're home.

They stop at the nursery level so Jahns can use the bathroom. In the dark bathroom, Jahns realizes how exhausted she is from the climb and isn't sure she can make it up the remaining levels that day.

When Jahns returns, Marnes notices blood on her legs. He yells for the doctor, confused about what happened. Dr. Nichols examines Jahns, who feels increasingly faint. As she slips into unconsciousness, she tells Marnes she loves him and has for as long as she can remember.

Looking at his canteen that he had carried, Jahns realizes the water was poisoned, meant for Marnes. She was never the target.

Chapter 17

In this chapter, Juliette is in the generator room preparing for the restart after completing major maintenance work during the power holiday. A large crowd of mechanics watches in tense silence as she makes final alignments before the restart. Juliette feels immense pressure for everything to work properly after the rushed maintenance schedule. She gives the signal and her team secures the floor mounts as the generator slowly rumbles to life. The mechanics erupt in cheers at the success. Juliette is relieved and gains confidence for her impending move to the up top. But then a young porter rushes in looking distraught. As he shares news with the mechanics, the mood shifts to grief and disbelief. Something tragic has happened, unrelated to the generator restart. The chapter ends on this somber note, leaving the details unknown.

Chapter 18

Juliette prepares to leave the silo for her cleaning. She waits in the airlock between the inner and outer doors, feeling the pressure building as argon is pumped in. She reflects on how she ended up here when she never cared about the outside world before, content to live and work in Mechanical. Juliette thinks about the numbers printed on her suit pockets that only she can read. She knows the next step is for the forbidden outer door to open, leading to her death outside. Juliette feels numb as she waits, wondering how she went from fixing broken things in Mechanical to being condemned to clean.

Chapter 19

In this chapter, Juliette is in the sheriff's holding cell reviewing case files left by the previous sheriff, Holston. She reflects on the outside view displayed on the screens, seeing it as a desolate wasteland rather than a source of forbidden dreams.

Juliette reads through the file on Holston's cleaning three years prior, trying to understand his decision. She feels an urge to solve the mystery of why he wanted to leave, similar to fixing a mechanical rattle. Juliette is visited by Bernard, the head of IT who will be acting mayor. He implies he suspects her of investigating Jahns's death as a murder rather than an accident. Their tense exchange reveals Bernard's inflated ego and sense of invincibility.

After Bernard leaves, Juliette resolves to wear the sheriff's star despite her doubts. She heads to the airlock and imagines what Holston felt as he cleaned. Juliette decides she needs to learn more about him to do her job. She sends a request to Mechanical for help accessing records, hoping her old colleagues will be an army for her. Juliette wants to uncover Holston's secrets before investigating the silo's troubles further.

Chapter 20

In this chapter, Juliette is working late in her office reviewing case files from the previous sheriff. After missing dinner again, she goes to the cafeteria to get some food. There she notices a man sitting alone staring at the wall screen showing the view of the outside. Juliette gets her food and sits nearby to observe the man more closely. He has a large piece of paper spread across his lap that he is marking on with charcoal.

The man, named Lukas, explains that he comes to the cafeteria at night to observe the stars that are sometimes visible between the clouds on the wall screen. He is trying to map the stars by making a schematic, but it is challenging because the stars move across the sky each night. Juliette is amazed to see a star blink through the clouds when Lukas points it out.

Lukas shows Juliette his star chart and explains his technique using a red flashlight. Juliette realizes this is a forbidden activity but is intrigued. As they chat, Juliette finds Lukas friendly and sees he is passionate about his unusual hobby. When Juliette asks what the point of charting the stars is, Lukas says that's the wrong question - he does it because it interests him. Juliette bids Lukas goodnight, struck by his infectious enthusiasm and realising she interrupted something deeply meaningful to him.

Chapter 21

Juliette receives a package from her former colleague Scottie containing cookies from home and a data drive with the contents of former Sheriff Holston's computers. She starts going through the data, hoping to find clues about why Holston wanted to be cleaned. In the morning, Deputy Marnes doesn't show up for work, which is unusual. Juliette goes to check on him and finds that he has hanged himself in his apartment. She gets help to cut him down but it's too late. Marnes is dead by suicide. Juliette is shaken, realizing the sheriff job may lead to more encounters with death.

Chapter 22

In this chapter, Juliette struggles with grief and loneliness after the suicide of Deputy Marnes. She spends the day in her office trying to distract herself by going through the old files of Sheriff Holston that she received from her colleague Scottie. Juliette hopes to find clues in Holston's files about why he wanted to be cleaned three years ago.

That evening in the cafeteria, Juliette notices Lukas, the man charting the stars she met previously. He joins her and they sit in silence, taking comfort in each other's presence after the trauma of Marnes' death. Lukas apologizes for her loss. Juliette opens up about her suspicions that Mayor Jahns and Marnes were secret lovers. She feels an urge to embrace Lukas but restrains herself.

They discuss relationships in the silo and the Pact's rules around marriage. Juliette nearly reveals her own past but holds back. Lukas shares that he's single and often pressured by his mother to enter the lottery. Juliette reveals she's 34, past lottery age. As they sit in thoughtful silence, Juliette's computer alerts her that it has finished searching Holston's files. She realizes that despite their vastly different lives, she and Lukas both feel a sense of loneliness and isolation within the silo's regimented society.

Chapter 23

In this chapter, Juliette attends Deputy Marnes's funeral at the upper dirt farm. She reflects on the silo's views on death and rebirth symbolized by the lowering of his body into the soil and the eating of ripe fruit plucked from plants growing above graves. After the funeral, Juliette returns to her office and finds Bernard, the head of IT, and a young man named Peter Billings. Bernard reveals he plans to announce his candidacy for mayor and institute a "forgiveness moratorium" to clear the backlog of cases. He throws out two complaint files into Juliette's recycling bin as examples of "forgive and forget."

After Bernard leaves, Juliette gets Peter up to speed on the sheriff duties. She spends the evening going through old files from former Sheriff Holston's computer, which her friend Scottie in Mechanical sent her. She finds cryptic blocks of gibberish text hidden deep in nested folders that seem important. Juliette sends the data to Mechanical, hoping someone can decode it. She realizes Holston had become obsessed with researching his wife Allison's work prior to being cleaned, just as Juliette is now doing with Holston.

Juliette receives an urgent but vague message from Scottie to come immediately. She decides to go without the sheriff's gun and see what Scottie needs, taking the data drive with her.

Chapter 24

In this chapter, Juliette rushes down to the IT department to see her friend Scottie, who sent her an urgent message. At the IT entrance, a young man tries to prevent Juliette from entering without an appointment. Juliette forcibly gains access by invoking her authority as sheriff and threatening the man.

Juliette finds Scottie in his office, visibly shaken. He shows her a printout containing the cryptic data from former Sheriff Holston's computer that Juliette had sent to her colleagues in Mechanical. Scottie says the data is dangerous and that he never should have accessed it for Juliette. Juliette insists that Scottie explain what the data is. Reluctantly, he reveals it is a computer program for generating realistic imagery, implying the outside views could be fabricated.

Juliette is shocked by this revelation. She realizes Holston's wife likely uncovered this same knowledge, driving her insane. Juliette resolves to destroy the evidence, but wants to first understand it fully, driven by her own curiosity. She promises to help transfer Scottie back to Mechanical, seeing how the IT job has terrified him. Juliette leaves with the dangerous printout, conflicted about how to proceed with her investigation.

Chapter 25

In this chapter, Juliette arrives late to work after a sleepless night pondering the dangerous information she uncovered about the outside views potentially being fabricated. She chats with her new deputy Peter about the odd pricing of paper notes versus digital messages, wondering if communication is being deliberately limited. When Peter sees an emergency alert, Juliette realizes it's another suicide - her friend Scottie in IT. Distraught, she rushes out to go to him despite her sore legs. But Peter stops her with a message that she's now a suspect and must be taken into custody. He reluctantly handcuffs Juliette, who is shocked and focused on getting to her friend. The chapter ends with Juliette cuffed and unable to process why she's now considered a suspect.

Chapter 26

In this chapter, Juliette is arrested and put in a holding cell after being accused of unauthorized entry into IT and threatening a member of IT. Bernard visits her and implies the charges will be dropped if she agrees to be transferred back to Mechanical. Juliette protests her innocence but Bernard insists she does not belong in the up top.

Juliette is allowed to gather her things and is escorted back to Mechanical by Peter. As she descends through the silo, she contemplates investigating the suspicious deaths of her friend Scottie and Deputy Marnes but feels powerless to do so as sheriff.

In Mechanical, her friends welcome her back happily. That night, going through her emails, Juliette finds a message from Scottie sent before he died claiming he discovered more about the outside views being fabricated. He asks to be transferred to Mechanical.

Realizing Scottie must have been killed for uncovering this, Juliette resolves to get to the bottom of the mysteries and malfunctions plaguing the silo. But she knows she can't trust anyone and will have to be cautious in seeking the truth.

Chapter 27

In this chapter, Juliette visits her friend Walker in his electronics workshop to discuss her suspicions about her friend Scottie's death. She tells Walker she doesn't think Scottie killed himself, even though he was depressed after being transferred to IT. Juliette shows Walker the cryptic wire Scottie sent her before he died, talking about pixel density and danger.

Walker explains pixels are the dots that make up an image, but a screen with that pixel density wouldn't make sense. Juliette realizes Scottie was referring to the fabricated outside views she had discovered evidence of in Sheriff Holston's files.

Juliette tells Walker her theory - that the suits, heat tape, and other equipment given to mechanics and cleaners are engineered to fail, and no one survives cleaning. Walker is shaken but agrees with her conclusions. They discuss how IT has isolated people with mechanical knowledge away from the up top.

Juliette believes there are two sets of supplies, that the outside views are faked, and IT kills anyone who gets too close to the truth. She thinks Scottie discovered this and was killed for it. Walker cries for his lost shadow but is resolute to uncover the truth with Juliette.

Chapter 28

In this chapter, Juliette is arrested again and put in handcuffs by Deputy Hank. She had been working a double shift doing pump maintenance to distract herself after uncovering the truth about the outside views being fabricated. When she sees Knox and Hank waiting for her, she fears they are there because something happened to her father or Peter. But Hank sadly arrests her for "grave crimes against the silo." Juliette tells Knox not to fight it or hurt anyone. As she is led away in cuffs reciting the Pact, Juliette resigns herself to her fate, hoping to prevent further violence. She had contemplated rallying mechanics to expose the truth but now feels powerless. The chapter ends with Juliette being arrested and taken away, willingly sacrificing herself to protect others.

Chapter 29

In this chapter, Juliette is escorted up through the silo to the sheriff's office after being arrested. She feels numb as people stare at her during the multi-day climb. At the mids deputy station, her friend Lukas visits her cell. He is distraught about her upcoming cleaning and reveals he had wanted to ask her out. Juliette tells him not to get involved.

The next day, Juliette arrives at the up top sheriff's office. Peter charges her with conspiracy and shows evidence dug from the incinerator. Bernard is noticeably absent. Juliette realizes she is already considered dead inside the silo.

The morning of her cleaning, Juliette is resolute that she won't perform the act. As she is suited up, she studies the equipment, seeing the intentional flaws. A tech checks her suit and reminds her of the argon blast protocol. Alone, Juliette shuffles towards the sealed airlock door, expecting it to open. When it cracks, she steps outside in her suit, determined to leave the silo on her own terms.

Chapter 30

In this chapter, Bernard, the head of IT, watches Juliette's cleaning from the cafeteria. He expects her to react with shock and awe to the outside view displayed in her visor, as he's seen with past cleaners. But Juliette simply walks up the hill, barely cleaning the sensors, and disappears over the crest.

Bernard is stunned and rushes to the server room, sweating anxiously. He reflects on his role overseeing the fabricated outside views and keeping them secret. Bernard curses the heat from having to shut down the ventilation during the power holiday. He remembers being forced to kill a man once to protect the secret.

Bernard opens one of the black servers, revealing a hidden cord and headset. He plugs in and contacts "Silo 1." Bernard reports that a cleaner walked off her cleaning shift instead of dying as expected. He is sweating and in a panic about the lapse in control. Bernard knows he oversees the illusion of a stable, unchanging world, but now fears change is coming.

Chapter 31

In this chapter, a young Juliette takes a multi-day journey down the silo with her parents to the hundredth level known as the down deep. They arrive at the crowded bazaar full of vendors and shoppers. Juliette is amazed by the sights and sounds. Her parents take her to see a play, and she is enthralled by the jugglers performing before it starts. During the play itself, Juliette falls asleep, dreaming of flying through the silo juggling colorful balls and hoops. Afterwards, they meet the lead actress, who shares Juliette's name. The actress gifts Juliette a handwritten copy of the play script. Juliette appreciates the gift, realizing her parents brought her on the journey so she could meet her namesake.

Chapter 32

In this chapter, Lukas is devastated on the morning of Juliette's scheduled cleaning. He considers going to work to distract himself but can't muster the motivation. Lukas remembers drawing Juliette's sheriff badge in a star chart, captivated by her during their brief encounters. He cries over losing someone he barely knew.

Lukas debates whether to go up top and watch Juliette's cleaning, but the thought of seeing her body outside sickens him. He nearly jumps over the railing in despair but stops himself. A young porter rushes by looking worried, making Lukas think something happened with the cleaning. He hurries upstairs, hoping Juliette's banishment was reconsidered.

Lukas runs into Deputy Marsh, who is bringing Juliette's belongings up top. Marsh reveals Juliette wandered off over the hills instead of cleaning. Lukas is elated she's still alive somewhere. He convinces Marsh to let him deliver Juliette's things to Bernard in IT. Lukas takes the box, promising to guard it with his life, while filled with complicated emotions over Juliette's disappearance.

Chapter 33

In this chapter, Walker the electrician learns from a young porter named Samson that Juliette has refused to perform her cleaning. Instead, she wandered off over the hills, to the shock of Bernard and others who witnessed it. Walker feels a surge of pride in Juliette for her bravery. He reflects on his lifelong habit of staying inside his workshop except when he slips dishes outside his door. But now, inspired by Juliette's actions, Walker decides to break his routine. He steps outside his doorway into the hallway, feeling like an explorer pushing into the unknown. Walker hopes to learn more about Juliette's fate and the reactions spreading through the silo.

Chapter 34

Juliette squeezes through the airlock doors to begin her cleaning, expecting to die outside. But her suit built by Supply does not disintegrate as designed. Seeing vibrant colors and life projected by her visor, Juliette remembers IT's false images and the reality of the toxic air. She heads up the hill, passing the stones marking where past cleaners collapsed. At the crest, the program's illusion ends, showing crumbling buildings and dreary landscape beyond. Juliette walks towards the distant city, entering a new bowl in the earth. She discovers another sensor tower and cleaner's body, realizing this isn't her silo. The landscape is meant to hide other silos from view. Juliette continues walking, determined to die beyond the sensor's sight.

Chapter 35

In Chapter 35, Lukas takes the box of Juliette's belongings from Deputy Marsh after her cleaning and hides in the pump control room to look through it. He feels guilty going through her private possessions but wants to honor her memory. Lukas finds Juliette's sheriff badge, vacation vouchers, expired meal cards, and a fancy multi-tool which he switches for his own. He also discovers a wooden box with a gold wedding ring and antique watch inside, which he secretly takes. At the bottom is a homemade generator manual in Juliette's handwriting, with a printed play titled "The Tragic Historye of Romeus and Juliette" on the back pages. As Lukas is looking through the box, he hears someone coming and has to hide. He quickly puts everything back, keeping only the badge, watch, ring, and multi-tool. Lukas sneaks out with the box, conflicted about taking Juliette's belongings but wanting to preserve her memory.

Chapter 36

In this chapter, Juliette squeezes through the airlock doors of the silo she wandered to after refusing her cleaning. She finds herself surrounded by a massive graveyard of bodies that tried to get back inside. Juliette struggles through the piles of corpses and makes her way to the airlock entrance. A body is stuck in the door, which she has to dislodge. She manages to wiggle halfway through the tight gap, but her helmet gets caught. After a desperate struggle, Juliette pops free into the airlock.

Inside, Juliette sees the inner door is sealed. She remembers the doors are supposed to unlock automatically after a cleaning. She tries unsuccessfully to open the inner door wheel. Looking around the burnt airlock room, she spots a pipe and manages to break it free. Using it as a lever, she strains with all her strength against the wheel. Finally it starts to budge - the door is opening.

Chapter 37

Walker leaves his workshop for the first time in years and makes his way to the crowded mess hall, where mechanics are arguing about Juliette's cleaning. Walker reveals that he rigged Juliette's suit so IT's planned malfunction wouldn't happen, but he still thinks she's run out of air. The mechanics get riled up realizing IT has been sabotaging the cleaning suits. Walker sees the mechanics' anger brewing into what could become an uprising. His friend Courtnee tends to him, trying to understand what he's saying about an uprising beginning. Walker whispers that this is how uprisings start.

Chapter 38

In this chapter, Lukas arrives at work in IT carrying the box of Juliette's belongings he took from Deputy Marsh. Bernard confronts him angrily about Juliette's cleaning, demanding to inspect the box. Bernard and Sims go through the contents, with Sims keeping the antique wooden box. Bernard is furious about Juliette surviving cleaning and wants clues to explain it. He dismisses Sims and vents to Lukas about being surrounded by incompetent techs. Bernard says he needs to groom a successor as head of IT and shadow mayor. He offers the position to Lukas, praising his competence and claiming they are friends. Lukas is uncomfortable but shakes Bernard's hand, conflicted about accepting.

Chapter 39

In this chapter, Juliette forces her way through the airlock door of another silo after refusing her cleaning. She struggles through complete darkness and piles of bodies to get inside. Her helmet cracks and air supply runs out, but Juliette manages to get the door open. She makes her way through the pitch black sheriff's office and cafeteria, climbing over more bodies. Desperate for any liquid to wash herself, Juliette breaks into the walk-in freezer but finds only soup. She coats herself in it before prying her helmet off, gulping the rancid air. Juliette survives and stumbles toward the light, shocked to still be alive and breathing in this impossible place.

Chapter 40

In Chapter 40, Knox leads a group from Mechanical up to Supply to gain their support for an uprising against IT. He believes IT has been sending people to their deaths in cleanings on purpose. At Supply, elder McLain confronts them angrily, assuming they are there to cause trouble. Knox pleads his case that they want to end the lies and false hopelessness perpetuated by IT. He reveals they know Juliette survived her cleaning, proving they've been misled about the danger outside. McLain seems unmoved at first, but ultimately asks her people what they think. To Knox's surprise, the workers of Supply roar their support for the uprising against IT. McLain joins as well, solidifying an alliance between Mechanical and Supply.

Chapter 41

In Chapter 41, Bernard leads Lukas to a secret room beneath the server room in IT. He tells Lukas this is the true heart of the silo and wants to show him its secrets, grooming Lukas to be his successor. Bernard unlocks a hidden back panel in one of the servers, revealing it to be empty inside. He pulls up a section of the floor, exposing a ladder leading down.

Bernard and Lukas climb down into a dark passageway. Bernard says Lukas is about to receive a great gift of knowledge, just as he once did. He leads Lukas into a wider room full of strange and curious things. Lukas feels isolated and afraid, but his feet carry him along. Bernard is eager to reveal the room's secrets, which he says are the key to the entire silo. Lukas regrets going along with Bernard's offer but feels compelled to continue.

Chapter 42

In this chapter, Juliette escapes her protective suit after refusing to perform her cleaning ritual. She makes her way down the abandoned silo, descending the stairs past various levels. On level 13, she enters through the doors into darkness, recognizing the layout as identical to the nursery level of her own silo. Juliette calls out but only hears her voice echoing back, feeling the ghosts of her past in this familiar yet empty place.

Continuing downstairs, Juliette stops on level 14 and props the door open to let in some light. She looks inside the dark halls of the abandoned nursery but leaves after a moment, lamenting the silo's former residents now dead outside. On level 15, exhausted, Juliette fashions herself a makeshift dress from a conference tablecloth before curling up to sleep on the landing, hoping to regain strength to continue her descent.

Chapter 43

Knox meets with McLain, the head of Supply, to discuss plans for an uprising against IT. They go over the blueprint of the silo and how to strategically move their allied groups from Mechanical and Supply through the mids levels on the way up to IT. McLain warns that the uprising could turn violent and they should aim for a peaceful transition. She suggests causing a power outage as a diversion to clear people from the stairwells. Knox proposes welding doors shut but McLain advises against it. They agree on the power outage plan and to make it seem like a repair mission. McLain will lead with candles, followed later by Knox and the mechanics. Their goal is to contain IT and deal with Bernard, the acting mayor. Knox thanks McLain for her partnership in planning the uprising, feeling they are united in this cause.

Chapter 44

In Chapter 44, Juliette descends further into the abandoned silo, stopping at the hydroponic farm level. She finds the farms have rotted away but the water pipes are still full, so she drinks the brackish water to quench her thirst. Juliette breaks off a pipe section to use as a flask.

Continuing downstairs, she enters the dirt farm level, drawn by the rich smells. She hears pumps running and finds edible tomatoes still growing. But when she grabs one, the stairwell door slams shut, plunging her into darkness. Juliette startles but realizes it wasn't a ghost. As she feels her way to the exit, her knife and flask disappear from the stairwell.

Hearing approaching footsteps ringing on the metal stairs below, Juliette realizes she's not alone in this dead place. Someone else is down there with her.

Chapter 45

In Chapter 45, Knox and his group of mechanics meet with McLain and the workers of Supply to distribute weapons and explosives for their planned uprising against IT. Knox is uneasy about the forbidden guns but takes one along with ammunition. The Supply workers provide bombs and advice on how to use them. McLain divides their forces into two waves to stagger their ascent up through the silo and converge on IT headquarters on level 34. She will lead the first wave, acting casual, followed later by Knox with the mechanics. Before McLain's group leaves, Knox expresses concern about the potential violence but she is adamant about pushing forward. He makes her promise to stay in the back during the action to minimize risks. McLain gets angry at Knox for suggesting she hide from danger, insisting she will be fighting alongside her people. As they part ways, the unlikely allies are united in their mission but harbor anxieties about the violence that may unfold.

Chapter 46

Juliette hears someone running away down the stairwell of the abandoned silo. She chases after them, yelling for them to stop. The person disappears through a door on level 31. Juliette continues searching and finds the door on level 34 won't open. She forces it open, flooding the hall with light. Inside, she discovers the IT department, full of servers still running with power. She searches for the person but only finds signs of a struggle. In a massive server room, she hears a noise and sees a grate being slid over a hole in the floor. Juliette wrestles with the man hiding below. He cuts her hand with a knife but eventually emerges, wild-looking and afraid. The man, named Solo, has been alone for years. He asks Juliette about the outside after she reveals she's from another silo. Juliette says it's still toxic. Solo seems to accept this, saying none of them were ever meant to survive.

Chapter 47

In Chapter 47, Bernard takes Lukas down to a secret room beneath the server room in IT. He shows Lukas a large chart on the wall depicting circles laid out like the servers upstairs. Bernard says this is their Legacy but doesn't explain further.

He leads Lukas through a door to another room containing a massive book, the Order, locked inside a desk. Bernard says this book contains their history and instructions for any emergency, and wants Lukas to study it. Lukas glances through the book, recognizing the Pact but also seeing unfamiliar sections on sabotage and other contingencies.

When Lukas asks about that morning's cleaning, Bernard directs him to page 72, titled "In the Event of a Failed Cleaning." Lukas reads the instructions, which simply say to prepare for war. Bernard confirms this is what the book prescribes for Juliette's survival. Lukas hides his feelings for Juliette as Bernard studies him. He feels initiated into secret knowledge but also that he's entered a dark place in the silo's past.

Chapter 48

In this chapter, Juliette follows Solo to his hidden home beneath the IT department of the abandoned silo. Solo has been living alone in the silo for 34 years since an uprising occurred when he was 16. His father was head of IT and showed him the secret rooms before dying in the fighting.

Juliette questions Solo about the uprising and how he survived alone for decades. He says he just focused on getting through each day. Solo shows Juliette his living space full of supplies and mysterious metal canisters containing the silo's legacy. When asked how many others survived, Solo says he thinks it's just been him for many years.

Juliette asks what a silo is, and Solo explains the term refers historically to above ground grain storage but now means their underground home. He shows her a photograph in an old book as proof of the original silos. Solo says they are like seeds buried for the bad times, but seeds rot if left too long in the dark. He worries that the silo residents have gone bad down there and won't grow again.

Chapter 49

Knox leads a group from Mechanical to meet up with Pieter's refinery crew in Supply, where they arm themselves for the planned uprising against IT. As they begin climbing the stairwell, Knox hopes for a peaceful transition of power but fears violence may erupt. He reflects on the cascade of taboos being broken and worries he's leading good people to their slaughter. The group passes residents on the stairwell who are suspicious of the outage and their gear. Knox realizes the uprising is underway and that he shares a kinship with those who revolted generations ago. As the climb continues, he feels the weight of responsibility for the lives at stake and hopes the takeover happens smoothly before more of his people arrive as reinforcements.

Chapter 50

In this chapter, Juliette explores the secret rooms beneath IT with Solo, the lone survivor of an uprising in this abandoned silo long ago. Solo shows her maps revealing around 50 silos exist in different locations. He says each silo is no bigger than a thumb on the maps. Juliette is shocked to learn how expansive the world is beyond her own silo. Solo claims he once spoke to Silo 1 through wires but didn't know the protocols to talk long. Juliette presses him for details, hoping to contact her own silo. Solo shows her schematics of the silo layout with wires branching out. Juliette recognizes the power lines. She spots a mysterious room in Mechanical housing digging machines buried during construction. When Juliette asks about escaping using them, Solo says they no longer work. Juliette insists on getting home to share what she's learned. Solo warns that her own leaders already know everything. As Juliette realizes Bernard must know these secrets, she becomes more determined to expose the truth and contact the other silos.

Chapter 51

In Chapter 51, Lukas and the IT techs prepare to defend their department against the uprising forces approaching from the down deep. Lukas waits nervously with his rifle, having minimal combat training. When the first explosion goes off, Lukas is shocked into action, watching as both sides exchange deadly fire. He shoots and kills an older woman who he realizes too late is not a direct threat. After the initial skirmish ends, Lukas is left traumatized, weeping as he continues firing on the next wave of attackers. The battle seems hopeless, with IT's security force devastated by the initial blast. Lukas regrets getting caught up in the violence, but keeps shooting, resigned to the grim reality unfolding around him.

Chapter 52

Bernard regains consciousness after an explosion during an uprising against IT. His deputy Peter Billings tells him some IT workers are dead and injured from the initial blast. Bernard has Lukas take him to a secret server room despite still being dazed. Bernard says Lukas should stay in the secure rooms below to keep him safe.

In the server room, an alarm sounds as Bernard accesses a hidden communications system. To his shock, someone from the abandoned Silo 17 is contacting him. The woman reveals she is Juliette, the cleaner Bernard had sent to die. Juliette says she's coming back to expose the truth and end Bernard's lies. Bernard is left reeling, realizing Juliette somehow survived and now threatens to destroy everything he oversees.

Chapter 53

Marck, a mechanic, flees down the silo's spiral staircase during an uprising, injured and struggling to hear after a bomb blast. He searches for his wife Shirly amid the chaos. Marck and the other mechanics are being chased and fired upon as they retreat. At one landing, he calls for Shirly but can't find her. Further down, he catches up to wounded members of Supply he passed earlier. One man has a metal chair leg impaled in his stomach. His companions pass him a pipe bomb as the IT forces close in above. Marck is pulled away just before the man detonates the bomb, shaking the stairwell. Continuing downward, Marck hopes Shirly is safe behind locked doors. He resolves to keep descending, knowing she would head down deep if able. Marck and the mechanics are hopelessly outgunned but he keeps moving, desperate to find Shirly.

Chapter 54

In this chapter, Marck flees with other mechanics down the silo's spiral staircase during an uprising, searching for his wife Shirly amid the chaos. He had been injured in a bomb blast that slowed the IT forces chasing them. At Supply, tensions are high over the death of McLain. Marck finds Shirly unharmed and they continue downward, hoping to take refuge in Mechanical. But they find the entrance welded shut, allowing only one person at a time to crawl through. As a crush forms trying to get in, IT forces start shooting people from above. Marck returns fire, killing one of them. He and Shirly try to get through the small gap in the barricade. As Marck is shot in the back and falls, Shirly is pulled through to safety inside. Marck watches as she disappears, telling her he loves her. Another person trying to help is shot dead nearby. As Marck lies bleeding, he succumbs to his wounds, hoping Shirly survives.

Chapter 55

Walker remains in his cot, listening to the sounds of ongoing violence from the uprising. He hears gunfire and explosions, people rushing past his door. His friend Shirly stops by to drop off food. Walker remembers how the fighting started after he helped Juliette survive her cleaning.

Jenkins, the leader of the uprising, comes to Walker's workshop demanding he fix a radio to listen to IT communications. Walker has been working on it but can't get it to pick up any signals. He wonders if IT now knows they have the radio and aren't using it.

Jenkins is frustrated and leaves. Walker reflects on starting this chain of events by helping Juliette. He regrets all the lives lost in the violence. He wishes his former shadow Scottie was there to help him with the radio repairs. Walker feels responsible for the uprising and longs to make it all go away. He continues tinkering with the radio, hoping to restore communications.

Chapter 56

In this chapter, Juliette continues working with Solo to pump floodwaters out of the abandoned Silo 17. She splices some wiring on the staircase, getting frustrated by the slow progress. Juliette heads down the stairwell to check on the single pump they've installed, which has only drained one step so far. She calculates it could take over two years to fully clear the flood at this rate. Juliette feels going stir-crazy being in the empty silo with Solo for that long.

Solo remains upbeat about their "project" of clearing the flood. But Juliette decides not to wait. She tells Solo they have another big project ahead - implying they will find a faster way to access the lower levels. Juliette plans to gather tools and supplies, then spend time alone trying to contact her home silo from the server room above. Though obsessed with making calls, she knows it's her only way to stay sane. Juliette decides the risk of a quicker method to clear the flood is better than slowly losing her mind while waiting years for the water to pump out.

Chapter 57

In this chapter, Lukas is in the secret room beneath the IT server room where Bernard has been keeping him locked away for safety during the uprising. When Bernard visits with food, their conversation reveals the uprising is still ongoing after several weeks. Bernard wants Lukas to study the Order and eventually take over as head of IT.

When Bernard leaves, Lukas uses the secret headset to call Silo 17 and talk to Juliette, the cleaner he has secretly been in touch with. Lukas and Juliette chat casually and intimately, despite barely knowing each other. It's clear Lukas cares deeply for Juliette and has been hiding his communications with her from Bernard. He continues defying Bernard's orders by answering her calls, drawn to Juliette and the forbidden connection they share between silos.

Chapter 58

In Chapter 58, Walker is working on fixing a radio in his workshop to try to pick up IT communications, hoping it will help end the uprising violence. His friend Shirly visits, concerned that he's not eating enough while consumed with this project. Walker shows her his theory that the radio signals are like ripples in the air, and his new large antenna should help catch them.

After Shirly insists Walker eat the food she brought, he has her assist with some wiring modifications while he eats. They manage to get the radio working, picking up a conversation between two unfamiliar people. Walker and Shirly are excited at first, but then Walker realizes he doesn't recognize the voices. The people are discussing someone named Deputy Roberts, making Walker worried the radio is picking up transmissions from another silo rather than their own. He tells Shirly to wait before telling others, concerned about who they might now be listening to.

Chapter 59

In this chapter, Juliette works on modifying a cleaning suit in the Suit Lab of Silo 17, where she has taken refuge after refusing her cleaning ritual. She reflects on how strange it is to live and work among the suits engineered to fail. Juliette sorts through materials she's scavenged, including a rechargeable battery with blood on it, reminding her of the violence in this abandoned silo.

Her friend Solo visits, bringing bread he baked. Juliette tells him about her plan to modify the suit to breathe underwater so she can access the flooded lower levels and restart the pumps. Solo is skeptical but willing to help. Juliette will install a radio in the suit so they can communicate while she's underwater working on the pumps. She needs to get power from IT to the pumps in order to drain the flood. Juliette knows it will be dangerous but is determined to do it faster than just using their single pump. She starts making preparations, resolving to show Solo how to operate the air compressor to pump her fresh air while she's submerged below.

Chapter 60

In this chapter, Lukas is living in hiding in the secret rooms beneath the IT department during an ongoing uprising in the silo. He passes the time reading forbidden books from the legacy and talking with Juliette, the cleaner from Silo 17 who survived her cleaning.

Lukas has a tense encounter with Peter Billings, who hints at plans to break down the barricade around Mechanical. Peter seems to resent Lukas's position with Bernard. When Juliette calls on the server, Lukas rushes to speak with her. They have an intense conversation about the morality of Lukas's role in the silo and his reluctance to take action. Juliette urges Lukas to see that he doesn't belong with IT. After they say goodbye, Lukas reflects on his guilt over the violence of the uprising and wishes he could escape his confined existence.

Chapter 61

In Silo 18, two men named Carl and an unnamed man discuss an upcoming cleaning the next day. Carl is supposed to provide a file but hasn't gotten it to the other man yet, frustrating him. In Silo 17, Walker and Shirly have gotten the radio working and are picking up voices from other silos. Walker realizes there are at least 18 silos but hasn't found theirs yet. An explosion goes off, and Jenkins helps Walker up, saying they need to retreat from the fighting. Shirly and Harper gather the radio equipment to take with them. Walker regrets having to leave his workshop behind. As they flee, he realizes he won't be staying there forever like he had planned.

Chapter 62

In this chapter, Juliette prepares to dive into the flooded depths of Silo 17 wearing a modified cleaning suit. She is going to attempt restarting the water pumps to drain the lower levels. Juliette feels an unexpected panic while putting on the suit, which brings back traumatic memories of her walk outside. Her friend Solo helps equip her with weights, an air hose, rope, and electrical wiring to power the pumps. He starts the air compressor and makes sure her helmet radio is working before she enters the water.

Juliette climbs down the slippery stairs and has Solo strap weights around her legs for sinking. As she straddles the railing, ready to fall backwards into the water, Juliette experiences a moment of raw fear and panic. But Solo helps ease her over the railing. She clutches the rope tied to her wrist and plunges into the cold floodwaters. Juliette struggles to regain control as she sinks rapidly. Through her helmet radio, Solo asks if she's okay. Juliette nods and continues her descent, relying on the rope to guide her into the dark depths.

Chapter 63

In this chapter, Lukas is studying the Order, a mysterious book full of rigid rules and convoluted references, in a secret room beneath the IT department. Bernard, the head of IT, is there as well, giving instructions over the radio to security forces dealing with unrest in the silo.

Lukas asks Bernard why the Order doesn't explain the history of how the silo was built. Bernard says that isn't relevant - Lukas should focus on keeping the silo together now using the Order. When Lukas presses further, Bernard reveals that it took decades to build the silos and move people in before conditions got too bad outside.

Bernard quizzes Lukas on the difference between their Legacy and their past. Lukas realizes their Legacy is the hope and potential for the future, while the past contains unavoidable mistakes. Bernard seems pleased and says Lukas is almost ready to take over his IT duties. The chapter ends with Bernard telling Lukas he will be ready "very soon."

Chapter 64

Juliette descends into the flooded depths of Silo 17 wearing a modified cleaning suit, hoping to restart the water pumps and drain the lower levels. She feels an eerie tranquility sinking through the water, but is jolted by Solo's voice over the radio. Juliette passes the body of a drowned resident and damaged doors from an uprising long ago. She reaches the bottom and enters Mechanical, waving her flashlight beam over the dark corridors. Juliette maneuvers awkwardly in the suit and weights to the pump control room. She splices the power lines to the water pump, hoping to get it running again. But then Juliette realizes her air supply has stopped flowing from above. Solo isn't responding to her radio calls. Juliette struggles to remember how to wire the pump correctly in her panic. She makes a desperate connection before her air runs out. The radio crackles with a burst of static and Juliette sees her suit is depressurized - she is trapped alone and running out of air.

Chapter 65

In Silo 18, two men discuss an upcoming cleaning and one is frustrated that a file hasn't been provided yet. In Silo 17, Walker and Shirly get the radio working and realize there are at least 18 silos. An explosion goes off and Jenkins helps Walker retreat from the fighting, taking the radio equipment with them. Walker regrets having to leave his workshop behind. In the generator room, Shirly kicks everyone out of the control room and checks on the fuel levels. She helps Walker set up the radio using the room's power. When Jenkins wants to close them inside, Shirly insists he needs to hear what they picked up on the radio. Once set up, they hear Juliette's voice coming through, alive and asking for Solo. Walker and Shirly are shocked and emotional to hear her voice.

Chapter 66

In this chapter, Juliette dives into the flooded depths of Silo 17 wearing a modified cleaning suit, hoping to restart the water pumps and drain the lower levels. As she descends, her air supply from above is cut off, leaving her trapped and running out of air. In a panic, Juliette struggles to free herself from the weights keeping her submerged. She manages to release them, but her helmet is damaged in the process. Now in complete darkness, Juliette follows the air hose back up, fearing it's been cut. She finds it intact and uses it to pull herself along the hallway ceiling, desperate for air. Juliette worries the hose will run out before she can reach breathable air again. She continues frantically pulling herself along, terrified that each breath may be her last.

Chapter 67

In this chapter, Lukas undergoes an initiation ceremony to become the next head of IT for Silo 18. He puts on a headset and has a tense conversation with a mysterious voice, being quizzed on his knowledge of the Order and willingness to make sacrifices. Lukas gives rote answers about protecting the silo's Legacy, but struggles when pressed on moral issues like the cleanings. The voice tells Lukas he will now oversee Silo 18, warning him he'll have to be cruel to prevent losing his people. When Lukas asks how it all began, the voice says they were the only ones who knew because they did it. After the unnerving call, Lukas realizes with horror that his people were somehow responsible for the apocalypse, but he doesn't know how or why. The voice tells him to concentrate on what's beneath his feet and forget the stars, cementing Lukas's initiation into the silo's darkest secrets.

Chapter 68

In Chapter 68, Shirly and Walker have gotten the radio working and hear Juliette's voice coming through, alive and asking for Solo. They are shocked and emotional to hear her, realizing she must be in another silo. Walker says her voice is transmitting in real time, that she survived cleaning. Shirly has trouble comprehending how it's possible. Walker wants to build a transmitter to talk to Juliette. Shirly volunteers to retrieve a transmitter component from the mine storeroom before Jenkins detonates explosives on the stairwell to trap the fighting forces. In the storeroom, Shirly grabs transmitters and dynamite before rushing back. The explosion goes off right after she gets clear. Despite the fighting, Shirly is focused on getting the transmitter to Walker so they can answer Juliette. She returns to Walker, bleeding from falling during the blast, but determined to make contact.

Chapter 69

In this chapter, Juliette struggles to reach the surface after her air supply is cut off during her attempt to restart the pumps in the flooded depths of Silo 17. She follows the air hose in complete darkness, terrified she will run out of air and drown. Juliette reaches the stairwell and finds pockets of trapped air to breathe from under the steps. She slowly makes her way up, sipping air and kicking off the stairs.

Exhausted, Juliette breaks through the oil slick at the top and surfaces in the stairwell, relieved to have made it. She calls for Solo but finds him collapsed and bleeding on the landing. As Juliette tries to rouse him, Solo reveals in his dying words that his name is Jimmy and that he was never alone in the silo. Jimmy dies, leaving Juliette shaken by his cryptic last statement. She is freezing and alone but finally understands Jimmy was another survivor who had been helping her.

Chapter 70

In Silo 18, Lukas and Bernard discuss the truth Lukas has uncovered about the world's destruction being engineered intentionally. Bernard reveals he was kept locked away to absorb this knowledge when he first learned it. Lukas struggles to comprehend how anyone could destroy the entire world deliberately. Bernard says some facts must be suppressed to prevent society's collapse. He chose Lukas as his IT successor for his ability to handle the truth. Bernard listened helplessly as another silo fell into chaos after the shadow broadcast the truth. He warns Lukas that controlling information is key to preventing unrest. When Lukas asks how the apocalypse was executed, Bernard says hundreds of years ago, powerful men made secret plans to preserve their way of life as conditions deteriorated. Lukas is disturbed that they now work for the people behind the world's ruin. Bernard insists they are prisoners forced to maintain the system, not its architects. He speculates the aim was to eliminate fighting over limited resources by making people invested in one another. Bernard vows he would kill the men responsible if he could. Lukas grapples with being part of perpetuating this inherited system. Bernard stresses that their duty now is survival, not questioning how they got there.

Chapter 71

In this chapter, Shirly rushes to the generator room control room in Silo 18 during an ongoing uprising. Her friend Walker is working on building a transmitter to try contacting Juliette after hearing her voice come through the radio, alive, which shocks them. Shirly's face is injured from an explosion but she's focused on getting Walker the transmitter parts. Some workers are trying to reroute the generator's exhaust to choke IT floors above.

Walker gets the transmitter working. A voice responds but it's not Juliette. The voice warns them that Juliette is dead and they'll never find them. Shirly and Courtnee are devastated. Walker insists on keeping trying to reach Juliette. The chapter ends with them realizing the voice was likely from another silo, determined to uncover the truth about Juliette and make contact.

Chapter 72

In this chapter, Juliette struggles to survive after nearly drowning during her attempt to restart the pumps in the flooded depths of Silo 17. She manages to cut herself out of her soaked cleaning suit and starts a fire using fuel from the air compressor to warm up. Juliette discovers her friend Solo is still alive but seriously injured from an attack. She tries to revive him with the little water she has. Solo regains consciousness confused about where he is and what happened. Juliette says they need to get somewhere warmer to treat his head wound and for her to dry off. Solo reveals he was attacked by someone around his age, but only remembers one assailant. He insists to Juliette that he isn't crazy despite the strange things she's witnessed in the abandoned silo. Juliette comforts Solo and agrees he isn't crazy. She helps Solo while contemplating who attacked him and where they might have gone.

Chapter 73

In Silo 18, Lukas is studying the Order but is distracted listening to the radio broadcast of the final violent push to end the uprising. He longs for Juliette to call him from Silo 17. Looking at the wall schematics showing the network of silos, Lukas reflects on the loss of Silo 17's population, marked with a red X.

Going through the legacy notes, Lukas finds the generator manual Juliette authored. Reading her handwritten notes in the margins reminds him of their connection. Lukas searches personnel files for any mention of someone named George after finding a romantic note in Juliette's handwriting in the playscript bound in the manual. He becomes jealous imagining her pining for someone else. After investigating deaths in the down deep, Lukas suspects the note refers to a deceased mechanic Juliette may have loved. He decides to look into the accident, hoping to learn more about Juliette's past.

Chapter 74

In this chapter, Juliette discovers a group of children living alone in the abandoned silo 17. She encounters Rickson, a teenage boy, who attacks her thinking she's an intruder. Juliette realizes these kids were all born in the silo and have been fending for themselves after their parents died. She convinces them to gather their things so she can help them, including a baby one of the young girls has. Juliette resolves to get the kids out of the silo. As she's packing her things, her radio comes to life with Walker calling her. He and the others are shocked to hear her voice, having thought she was dead.

Chapter 75

In Silo 18, Walker manages to get in contact with Juliette from Silo 17 over the radio he built. Juliette is shocked to hear his voice. Shirly and Courtnee are also emotional to hear Juliette is alive. Juliette warns them that routing exhaust to IT's vents won't work since the cooling is just for the servers. She insists they stop the fighting by any means necessary. Shirly tries to explain their plan as Courtnee leaves to stop the exhaust rerouting. Gunfire is heard from the generator room as the fighting gets closer. Juliette desperately pleads with them over the radio to stop the violence and make peace, but Shirly says it's too late. As Walker sobs over the radio, Shirly and Courtnee watch helplessly through the window as more of their people are gunned down. The sheriff's forces have reached the generator room, and it seems the uprising is ending in a brutal massacre.

Chapter 76

In Chapter 76, Lukas is in the secret server room beneath the IT department with Bernard. Lukas smells something odd and investigates an air vent, making Bernard laugh at his attempt to fit inside. Bernard gives Lukas some letters from his mother and says he'll have a mechanic look into the vent smell.

Bernard tells Lukas he wants to make Sammi head of the Mechanical department, replacing those killed in the uprising. When Lukas asks for something else to read, Bernard questions if he wants files on former sheriff Holston. Lukas says no, that he's curious about a closed case on George Wilkins, a mechanic who died years ago.

Bernard's demeanor changes when he hears the name. He reveals that George had dangerous ideas about expanding the silo that could've caused an uprising. Bernard says he was "inoculated" to prevent this. Realizing Bernard killed George, Lukas questions if he'll have to do similar things. Bernard insists it's necessary and that he's prevented unrest by removing threats.

When Lukas asks again about George's file, Bernard realizes Lukas is having doubts. Bernard offers to let Lukas out of the locked room back home. But when Lukas confirms that's what he wants, Bernard radios Peter Billings to "let Lukas out" - implying Lukas will be killed. Bernard sadly resigns himself to eliminating Lukas as a threat, despite thinking he was the right person to take over IT.

Chapter 77

In this chapter, Juliette rushes back up to IT in Silo 17, hoping to contact her friends in Silo 18 using the radio she found in Solo's hidden room. She forces her exhausted body up dozens of levels to get there. In the server room, Juliette breaks into the locked cage housing the radio using tools from the Suit Lab. She turns the radio dial to 18 and makes contact, but is distressed to hear Bernard's voice instead of her friends.

Bernard reveals he has discovered Juliette's belongings on Lukas, realizing they've been in secret contact. He threatens that Lukas will be the next one sent to cleaning. Juliette is devastated, having hoped to stop the fighting but instead contacting Bernard. He gloats that Lukas won't survive cleaning this time since he'll build the suit personally. Juliette is distraught, her body utterly spent, as Bernard promises Lukas will never make it over the hills like she had.

Chapter 78

Lukas is being escorted by Peter to his death after Bernard decides he is too dangerous to keep alive. As they climb the staircase, Lukas contemplates jumping over the railing to his death. He runs his hands over the worn railing, thinking of the generations who have touched it over centuries. Lukas watches the welds go by, some neat and some rushed, realizing each is the signature of its creator.

Lukas hears Juliette's voice on Peter's radio, talking with Bernard. Bernard reveals he knows about Lukas and Juliette's secret conversations. He threatens to send Lukas to cleaning and build the suit himself to ensure Lukas's death. Lukas is devastated to hear Juliette's voice again at this awful moment.

As they climb, Lukas studies the railing, contemplating jumping to his death. But hearing Juliette's voice gives him pause. Both Lukas and Peter falter in their conviction as they listen to Juliette and Bernard's tense exchange. In the end, Lukas decides not to jump, drained of strength but no longer desiring to die.

Chapter 79

In this chapter, Juliette wakes up in Silo 17 after nearly drowning during her attempt to restart the pumps. Solo, who she knows as Jimmy, tells her it's early Friday morning. Juliette is in pain but determined to get back to her silo to try to save Lukas from being sent to a deadly cleaning.

Juliette and Solo go to the Suit Lab, where she has him help assemble a modified suit using parts she's scavenged. Juliette explains that she won't have a radio while using this suit to squeeze back into her silo through the airlock. She tells Solo she might be gone for good on this risky attempt.

They gather supplies for many hours in preparation. Juliette reflects on how the kids living in Silo 17 seem to have brought Solo more to life. She promises to come back for him and the kids if she survives. Juliette knows she likely won't make it but is willing to risk her life to expose the truth and try to save Lukas.

Before leaving, Solo tells Juliette that he prefers to go by Jimmy now that he isn't alone anymore. They share an emotional goodbye, both recognizing she may not return. Juliette begins the painful climb up towards the airlock, determined to fight for her friend's life and the truth, regardless of the cost.

Chapter 80

In this chapter, Juliette makes her way back to her silo after escaping silo 17. She reflects on the vastness of the world as she sees other silos in the distance. Juliette arrives at the airlock ramp early and waits for Lukas's cleaning to begin. When the doors open, she rushes inside expecting to find Lukas but instead discovers the charred remains of a different man. Juliette is relieved Lukas is still alive but devastated by the gruesome scene. As she examines the body, the inner doors open and others arrive, signaling the end of her attempt. Juliette weeps, having failed to save Lukas but realizing she has uncovered part of the truth about the deadly cleaning ritual.

Chapter 81

In this chapter, Juliette wakes up in the infirmary after being severely burned during her attempt to save Lukas from cleaning. She has been drifting in and out of consciousness for weeks. Lukas is by her side and fills her in that she's on level 33. Juliette is in immense pain but lucid once they stop the heavy pain medication.

Lukas tells Juliette that Peter Billings chose to spare his life on the stairwell when he heard her voice come over the radio, pleading for Lukas's life. Peter realized he had a choice whether to follow orders or do what's right. Juliette thanks Peter profusely when he visits, crediting him with saving Lukas.

Juliette reads heartbreaking notes from her friends about those killed in the uprising violence. She cries over the news of Knox and Marck's deaths and wants desperately to see Shirly. Lukas comforts Juliette when she wakes from nightmares of being outside.

Peter reveals to Lukas that Bernard had ordered him killed despite the fighting ending. On the stairwell, Lukas told Peter that Bernard was dangerous and a killer. Peter recognized he was the only law left and chose to spare Lukas. In the end, Peter's decision to ignore Bernard's command allowed Lukas to survive.

Chapter 82

In this chapter, Juliette is recovering from her injuries in the infirmary weeks after her attempt to save Lukas from cleaning. Lukas and Peter escort Juliette to a meeting before she plans to travel down the silo to see her friends. At the meeting, they reveal that Juliette has been elected mayor in a surprise vote held while she was recovering. Juliette is shocked and laughs it off, insisting she doesn't know the first thing about being mayor.

Lukas and Peter say they need her, that there's a power vacuum after Bernard was sent to cleaning. Juliette says she'll only accept the role if they agree to start revealing the truth to empower people, rather than manipulating them with lies and fear. Lukas and Peter are uneasy with this idea but agree not to do anything rash until they meet again.

After Peter leaves, Lukas admits he's been stalling because he doesn't want Juliette to go. They share an intimate moment, both trembling. Juliette heads toward the stairwell, planning to see her father before visiting her friends. Lukas is surprised, having assumed she was going down the silo. Juliette says family comes first. She begins the journey upstairs, feeling ready to confront the past.