Golden Sun

What happened in Golden Sun

By Pierce Brown

Red Rising is a science fiction novel set in a dystopian future where society is rigidly divided into a color-coded caste system. The protagonist is Darrow, a lowly Red miner who leads a rebellion against the ruling Golds after his wife is executed. Darrow has his body carved into a Gold so he can infiltrate and destroy the system from within. He trains at an institute for Gold youths and starts gaining power and followers. Darrow becomes a renowned military leader, staging bold attacks like hijacking the Sovereign's flagship. He falls in love with fellow Gold Mustang but keeps his true identity secret. After victories on Luna and Mars, Darrow returns home and reveals the truth to Mustang, unsure if she will accept him. But in the end, his enemies including the Jackal betray and defeat him. Darrow loses his allies and sees his dreams of revolution die, left with only rage and a desire for revenge.

Golden Sun Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

The protagonist, a young warrior named Darrow, leads a fleet of spaceships in pursuit of an enemy fleet led by Karnus au Bellona. Darrow reflects on his past, his training at the Institute, and his current mission to win command of the fleet for the secret organization called the Sons of Ares. He confers with his fellow commanders Roque, Victra, and Tactus. Despite the likelihood of a trap, Darrow decides to press onward into an asteroid field to engage Karnus in a final battle.

Chapter 2

In this chapter, the protagonist Darrow leads a fleet in pursuit of an enemy fleet commanded by Karnus au Bellona. Darrow reflects on his training and mission to win command of the fleet. His ship detects an enemy destroyer hidden in an asteroid. The destroyer rams and destroys Darrow's flagship. Darrow helps crew members reach escape pods as the ship is torn apart. He takes his valet Theodora, who is injured, with him in an escape pod along with some loyal Grays. One Gray pulls a gun, trying to take Theodora's spot, but is killed. After launching, Darrow watches his ship explode as crew members are ejected into space. Angry, he tries to launch himself at Karnus's ship for revenge but is stopped by the Proctors overseeing the war game.

Chapter 3

In this chapter, the protagonist Darrow is ambushed and brutally beaten by Karnus and his Bellona cousins after losing the war game. Darrow tries to fight them off but is overwhelmed. They beat him mercilessly with sticks and kick him while he is down. One of the cousins, Cagney, sits on his chest and cuts off his hair while taunting him. Karnus then headbutts Darrow twice, breaking his sternum, before they urinate on him and leave him bloodied and humiliated. As they depart, Karnus tells Darrow that his heart will one day be on their table.

Chapter 4

Darrow stands before ArchGovernor Augustus, who informs him that his contract as a lancer is being terminated. Augustus believes Darrow has become a liability due to his rivalry with the Bellona family. Darrow protests, citing his loyal service and accomplishments. But Augustus remains unmoved, claiming Darrow has no standing without family or possessions. Darrow angrily reminds Augustus of past favors, like altering recordings to help Augustus's son. But Augustus insists Darrow lost honor by losing to the Bellonas. Darrow is dismissed in disgrace despite his protests.

Chapter 5

In this chapter, the protagonist Darrow reflects on his precarious situation after being dismissed by ArchGovernor Augustus. He is being sent away on a shuttle as his contract as a lancer ends. Darrow knows he will soon die without Augustus's protection from his enemies like the Bellona family. He overhears other lancers betting on how long he will survive. His friend Roque tries to reassure Darrow that he can find a new house to take him in during the Summit on Luna. But Darrow feels abandoned and alone, remembering how he pushed away the woman he loved, Mustang. As the shuttle approaches Luna, Darrow is filled with dread about his fate.

Chapter 6

Darrow arrives on Luna and is dismayed by the polluted air and low gravity. He and his friend Roque spot the ship of their rivals, the Bellona family. Darrow settles into his quarters and is insulted by a steward, but his servant Theodora puts the steward in his place by implying she has connections. Darrow's ally Victra suggests he sneak off Citadel grounds to avoid being killed by his enemies. She provides a data slip with the location of a tavern. Darrow agrees to go and boards a shuttle full of mercenary Grays hired by Victra. The Grays conceal weapons and communicate their plans to escort Darrow safely to a dangerous area called Lost City. Darrow and Victra change into plain clothes as the ship takes off.

Chapter 7

In this chapter, Darrow goes to meet the Jackal in disguise at a seedy bar in Lost City. The Jackal reveals he has acquired a large stake in the Society's communications infrastructure and can manipulate information flow. He wants Darrow's help taking down Pliny, who controls Augustus and will make Leto the heir. The Jackal has allied with ambitious lowColors in Lost City's criminal underworld who are tired of taking orders from Sovereign Octavia's appointed crime lords. The Jackal plans to use these new crime lords to kill members of the rebel group Sons of Ares, removing a threat to the Society. Though wary, Darrow sees potential in allying with the Jackal against their common enemies.

Chapter 8

Darrow meets with the Jackal, who reveals his plan to use Darrow to gain power. The Jackal wants Darrow to publicly kill enemies to build his reputation. A woman named Evey arrives, sent by a crime syndicate. Darrow recognizes her from his past but hides this. Evey refuses Darrow's advances, angering the Jackal. Darrow follows her upstairs where she reveals she is with the Sons of Ares. Her team was sent to kill the Jackal but Darrow stops them, realizing the Jackal's importance. Darrow rushes back downstairs as a bomb Evey planted explodes. The Jackal's bodyguard protects him from the blast. Darrow is conflicted, now allied with the Jackal against the Sons he once served.

Chapter 9

In this chapter, Darrow goes to meet with members of the Sons of Ares rebel group, including Harmony, Evey and Mickey. He is shocked to learn that Dancer, the rebel leader, has been killed. Harmony is now in charge and has been using Mickey's carving skills to create an army of enhanced lowColor soldiers. Darrow argues with them over their brutal tactics, like Evey's bombing that killed many innocents. Harmony reveals their plan to bomb the Society's leadership at an upcoming gala. She wants Darrow to carry out the attack. When he refuses, saying they need a better strategy, Harmony shows him raw footage of his wife Eo's execution. It reveals Eo's dying words to her sister about hiding a crib, implying she was pregnant with Darrow's child. Darrow is devastated by this revelation.

Chapter 10

Darrow is devastated after learning Eo was pregnant when she was executed. He agrees to carry out the Sons of Ares bombing at the gala after Harmony shows him the video of Eo's last words. Darrow secretly drugs his friend Roque before the gala to save his life from the blast. Though conflicted, Darrow feels he has no choice but to go through with the attack, even if it means Roque will realize Darrow's involvement afterwards.

Chapter 11

Darrow attends a gala at the top of the Sovereign's tower with Augustus and other Gold families. He sees the Sovereign, Octavia au Lune, and her trusted sisters. Darrow speaks with Karnus au Bellona, who taunts him about his impending death. Darrow spots Mustang at the gala with Cassius au Bellona, which devastates him. He almost activates the bomb given to him by the Sons of Ares in his anger and pain, but realizes this act of vengeance would not honor Eo's dream of a just Society. Darrow decides civil war amongst the Golds themselves may be a better path forward.

Chapter 12

Darrow duels Cassius at a gala in front of many Gold families. Darrow reveals he was trained by the legendary Lorn au Arcos and dominates Cassius, who is known as the best swordsman. The Sovereign tries to change the rules to prevent Cassius's death, revealing her favoritism and sparking tension. Darrow ignores her and severs Cassius's sword arm. In the chaos, the Bellonas and Augustuses start battling. Darrow tries to reach Mustang but is stopped by Bellonas. Leto is paralyzed by the Jackal and beheaded by Karnus before being able to protect Augustus. Darrow realizes the Jackal betrayed him.

Chapter 13

Darrow and Augustus's entourage flee the gala after the fighting breaks out between the major houses. Darrow sees other houses taking advantage of the chaos to settle old scores, including a brutal massacre of House Thorne by House Falthe. The group tries to reach their ships to escape, but find all the family vessels have been removed on the Sovereign's orders to isolate them.

Awaiting them are the Sovereign's forces, led by the new Rage Knight - who turns out to be Darrow's old instructor Fitchner. Fitchner stuns and captures Augustus. Darrow realizes resisting would lead to further violence, so he reluctantly surrenders to Fitchner's custody along with the Jackal. Fitchner assures Darrow the rest of his friends will be unharmed as long as they follow orders. Darrow hopes he can trust Fitchner's word, but remains wary of the Jackal's scheming and the Sovereign's intentions.

Chapter 14

In this chapter, Darrow has a tense meeting with the Sovereign Octavia and her allies, including her protector Aja and Darrow's old teacher Fitchner. Darrow argues with Octavia over his duel with Cassius, accusing her of breaking the law. When she refuses to apologize or give him Cassius's head as he demands, Darrow turns to leave but is confronted by three deadly Stained warriors. Octavia's grandson Lysander intervenes, revealing himself as Darrow's fan and urging him not to fight. Darrow plays along, pretending to accept Octavia's offer to join her, but remains wary of her intentions. She proposes a game with high stakes, where if Darrow wins he can ask anything of her. The chapter ends as Darrow opens the box she provides, unsure what he will find inside.

Chapter 15

Darrow plays a dangerous truth-telling game with the Sovereign. She uses a creature called an Oracle that can sense lies. Darrow tries to gain information while avoiding revealing his true origins. The Sovereign suspects Darrow has ties to the Sons of Ares rebel group. Mustang interrupts them. Darrow realizes the Sovereign planned the gala attack. At the end, Darrow catches the Sovereign lying about her involvement.

Chapter 16

Darrow plays a truth-telling game with the Sovereign using creatures that sense lies. She suspects his rebel ties and reveals her plan to kill Virginia's father to stop a rebellion on Mars. Virginia is distraught but reluctantly agrees it's necessary. The Sovereign shows them violent unrest across the Society she blames on the Sons, claiming Virginia's father enabled them. Darrow realizes Virginia joined the Sovereign to save her family but now accepts their fate.

Chapter 17

In this chapter, Darrow is escorted to luxurious new quarters by Fitchner, who encourages him to embrace his new life working for the Sovereign. Darrow ignores the Pink concubine left for him and reflects on his love for Mustang. A storm rages outside as a male Pink delivers a mysterious black box, inside which is a holoCube from Mustang telling Darrow to take cover. The power goes out and Darrow's door locks before Sevro and the Howlers break in through the window. They have been brought by Mustang from the Rim to help Darrow. Sevro spits on the carpet in contempt for the opulence. Darrow realizes Mustang is likely undercover to infiltrate the Sovereign's family and stop her from killing Virginia's father. When Quinn and Sevro imply they have a dangerous package that will help Darrow, he unzips a bag to find a shocking contents.

Chapter 18

Darrow and the Howlers infiltrate House Augustus's villa to rescue Roque and the others. They find many already dead, killed by Karnus's forces. Darrow confronts Aja in the garden and threatens to kill Lysander, whom the Howlers kidnapped, if she does not let the remaining Augustans go. Aja reluctantly agrees after getting orders from the Sovereign. The Howlers rescue Roque, Victra and others from the villa's pool. After they are safely aboard Darrow's ship, Aja suddenly attacks Quinn, leaving her severely injured before Darrow can react. Darrow realizes the Sovereign reminded him Lysander was his only bargaining chip, meaning she would sacrifice him if needed. Darrow escapes with Quinn, conflicted over having allied with the Jackal against the Sovereign he once served.

Chapter 19

In this chapter, Darrow and his allies escape from Luna in a stolen ship. Darrow's friend Quinn is gravely injured and dying. The Jackal, Darrow's uneasy ally, tries to perform emergency surgery on Quinn to save her life. Darrow reflects on his love for Mustang and her infiltration of the Sovereign's court.

Darrow realizes Tactus betrayed them and stole the Sovereign's grandson Lysander. Tactus jumps out of the ship with Lysander, leaving Darrow unable to pursue them. Darrow knows Tactus will be picked up by the Sovereign's forces, who will soon board Darrow's ship. With little time left, Darrow and his allies try to reach their fleet and get Quinn medical aid before it's too late.

Chapter 20

In this chapter, Darrow and his allies are trying to escape from Luna in a stolen ship after rescuing Roque and the others from House Augustus. Darrow realizes they have no chance of escaping the Sovereign's forces pursuing them. In a desperate gamble, Darrow decides to launch himself and Sevro in armored starShells directly at the bridge of the Sovereign's flagship, the Vanguard, at extreme speed. Darrow and Sevro are loaded into magnetic railguns and launched faster than the ship's defenses can react. Darrow blacks out from the intense g-forces but regains consciousness as they rocket towards the Vanguard's bridge. Darrow fires his pulseCannon at the bridge viewport and curls into a ball as he and Sevro smash into it at full speed, breaching the ship's bridge in a daring attack.

Chapter 21

Darrow and Sevro crash through the enemy ship's bridge in armored suits, causing chaos and death. Darrow takes control of the ship, renames it the Pax, and convinces the crew to turn against their Gold commanders, promising rewards from the ArchGovernor. A giant Obsidian named Ragnar kills Gold forces trying to retake the bridge, then pledges loyalty to Darrow, calling him a godchild. Ragnar refers to himself as "stained" and accepts the blood on his hands as a gift to Darrow. Darrow sends Ragnar to help his friends under attack in the ship's hangar bay.

Chapter 22

In this chapter, Darrow takes control of the enemy flagship and renames it the Pax. He appoints Orion, a lowborn Blue, as the new captain based on her competence. Darrow broadcasts a message across Luna accusing the Sovereign of breaking the Compact and betraying House Augustus. Orion opens fire on the Sovereign's fleet, allowing Darrow's ship to escape past the Rubicon Beacons where Augustus's ships await.

Darrow's ally Ragnar rallies the lowColors in the hangar bay to fight the Sovereign's forces. The Jackal takes the video footage from Darrow's helmet to use as propaganda. Tragically, Quinn dies from her injuries despite the Jackal's efforts to save her. Sevro is devastated. Roque, carrying Quinn's body, bitterly confronts Darrow about the consequences of his actions. After the battle, Mustang comforts a despondent Darrow, urging him to be there for Sevro in his grief.

Chapter 23

In this chapter, Darrow has an emotional reunion with Sevro, who reveals he has known Darrow's true identity for some time. Sevro affirms his loyalty to Darrow's cause after being recruited by Dancer. Victra comes to escort Darrow to the Ash Lord's stateroom, showing vulnerability. Darrow rejects her advances but offers friendship. He struggles to sleep, haunted by those he's lost. Wandering the ship, Darrow reflects on the hierarchy and mechanics of the Society. In the mess hall, he finds Mustang, also unable to sleep.

Chapter 24

Darrow and Mustang have a late night conversation over breakfast. Mustang opens up emotionally to Darrow, explaining her motivations for getting involved with Cassius and her conflicted feelings. She warns Darrow not to trust her twin brother Adrius. Darrow leaves and finds Adrius waiting in his rooms. They reaffirm their alliance, planning to fan the flames of war to gain power, starting with the shipyards of Ganymede. Darrow agrees to maintain distance publicly so their political enemies underestimate them.

Chapter 25

In chapter 25, Darrow attends a war council meeting aboard the ArchGovernor's flagship Invictus. The ArchGovernor and his advisors, including Pliny, discuss their dire situation after being forced to flee Luna by the Sovereign. Many allies have abandoned them. Pliny advises continuing to retreat until reinforcements arrive in six months. Darrow argues they must show strength by stealing warships from Ganymede to bring the Galilean families to their side. Darrow reveals there is a powerful moonBreaker ship at Ganymede they could capture. Though Pliny objects that this would be an act of war, Darrow proposes stealing all the ships there to demonstrate their power. The ArchGovernor seems persuaded by Darrow's bold plan.

Chapter 26

In this chapter, Darrow proposes a bold plan to steal warships from Ganymede and ransom all the students from the Society's Institutes to bring other families to their side. This would expand the war and fracture the Society. Pliny objects that it would be an act of war, but Virginia argues they are already at war and the Sovereign will never make peace. Augustus seems persuaded and orders Virginia to execute the student ransom plan while he leads a strike force to take the Ganymede shipyards.

Privately, Augustus questions if Darrow is a Reformer or democrat due to his inspiring speech to the lowColors. Darrow denies this and convinces Augustus of his loyalty. Augustus reveals he wants Darrow to recruit the legendary Lorn au Arcos to their side. Darrow realizes Augustus intends for him to lead this dangerous mission because Lorn cares for Darrow and hates Augustus. Darrow agrees to convince Lorn, by force if necessary, knowing he is the only one who can succeed.

Chapter 27

In this chapter, Darrow meets with Kavax and Daxo Telemanus, who offer their support after the death of Kavax's son Pax. Daxo implies they share enemies like the Jackal. Kavax's pet fox Sophocles takes a liking to Darrow. The Telemanuses agree to help Darrow on his next mission. Darrow meets with the Jackal to finalize plans before setting course for Europa. Roque confronts Darrow about drugging him before the gala attack. Darrow apologizes but Roque remains hurt and angry over the betrayal of trust.

Chapter 28

In chapter 28, Darrow travels to Europa to meet with his mentor, the legendary Gold Lorn au Arcos, and try to recruit him to their cause. Lorn reflects on the cycles of violence in their society and his own bloody past, saying he has wept for the deaths he caused like the mothers of reckless "stormsons" lost at sea.

Lorn reveals how Darrow's master ArchGovernor Augustus came to power by betraying and wiping out House Cylus after they spared him as a child. Darrow insists Augustus and the Society are sick and need changing. But Lorn believes the Society has been dead for centuries and calls Darrow arrogant.

As they walk through Lorn's forest, Darrow secretly plants listening devices. Lorn refuses to join Darrow's war, fearing the loss of his family. When Darrow mentions rescuing Lorn's grandson Lysander, Lorn disowns him as poisoned by the Sovereign.

At Lorn's pet griffin Icarus, Lorn reveals he betrayed Darrow to protect his family from the Sovereign's forces that have arrived. But he offers Darrow a chance to escape. Darrow refuses and declares Lorn will join their war. Darrow's men prepare to attack as Lorn realizes Darrow's true ruthless nature.

Chapter 29

Darrow prepares a trap for the Sovereign's forces that have come to Europa to kill him and Lorn. Darrow's ships ambush the Sovereign's, while he uses landmines to attack her Praetorian guards on the ground. Most of the Praetorians are killed, but Aja and Tactus escape into Lorn's castle. Darrow's Howlers pursue them, but find no sign of Aja or Tactus. Lorn realizes they have gone to kill his grandchildren hidden in the castle. Darrow races to find Tactus holding Lorn's grandchildren hostage. Darrow convinces Tactus to surrender and leave the children unharmed. But after the children are freed, Lorn kills Tactus to avenge his family. Darrow is left conflicted, having tried to forgive Tactus only to see him murdered by Lorn.

Chapter 30

In this chapter, Darrow and his allies are en route to a rendezvous point with the rest of their fleet. Darrow reflects on the ships and soldiers he has acquired, including those captured from House Bellona. Darrow speaks with Orion, the competent Blue he appointed captain of his flagship. Darrow discusses giving more responsibility to Ragnar, an Obsidian warrior who performed well in battle. Darrow's allies Kavax and Daxo are wary of this idea.

Later, Virginia au Augustus arrives on Darrow's ship. Orion makes insightful observations about social dynamics, reflecting her difficult upbringing. Darrow realizes Orion is very intelligent. The chapter ends as Virginia comes aboard Darrow's ship for an unknown purpose.

Chapter 31

Mustang arrives on Darrow's ship and informs him that Pliny has staged a coup against Augustus. Pliny captured Mustang's brother and killed many of Augustus's allies. He also took control of Augustus's fleet that was meant to join Darrow. Mustang barely escaped after Pliny destroyed her ships and offered to marry her. Darrow's crew destroys Mustang's ship, fearing it could be tracked. In private, Mustang tells Darrow that Pliny wants his fleet and plans to use her to find it. Darrow promotes an Orange worker named Cyther who suggests planting a false signal on Mustang's ship before destroying it. Darrow orders his fleet to relocate and summons allies Kavax and Daxo Telemanus. He, Mustang and their allies head to the war room to discuss their next steps against Pliny's coup.

Chapter 32

In this chapter, Darrow and Mustang visit Roque, who is mourning the death of Tactus. Mustang insists on seeing Tactus's body before their war council meeting. Roque reveals Tactus had kept the violin Darrow gave him, planning to surprise Darrow by playing it again. At the war council, Mustang explains how her father Augustus's fleet was ambushed at Ganymede by forces including Cassius, now fitted with a new arm. Pliny has staged a coup and taken Augustus prisoner, intending to force a surrender to the Sovereign. Some council members doubt Victra's loyalty, but Roque defends her steadfastly. Darrow affirms his trust in Victra. Mustang says they must rescue Augustus on Mars before Pliny can execute him and seal a peace surrendering to the Sovereign. Darrow agrees they will take back their fleet and then Mars itself.

Chapter 33

In this chapter, Darrow has a late night visit from Mustang. She comes to his room, wanting to talk, but he is conflicted about letting her in, worried about the consequences of getting too close. Ultimately he lets her in and she questions him about his taste in music and interests. Mustang reflects on her father's fear of robots and aliens. She leads Darrow to the training room and quizzes him about her academic work, which he has read. Mustang playfully attacks Darrow with a practice razor, forcing him to dodge and talk about why he appreciated her writing on specialization. She accuses him of limiting himself by only being a warrior. Darrow is troubled that he cannot fully share his past with Mustang. When she asks about the girl he lost, Darrow says nothing, paining Mustang. She says he pulls her close only to push her away. Mustang begs Darrow to ask her to stay the night with him, but he cannot, worried that his lies will hurt her when discovered. She sadly leaves him alone with his thoughts.

Chapter 34

Darrow hides aboard a cargo ship bringing supplies to Pliny's fleet. He reflects on Mustang avoiding him after he rejected her advances. Darrow speaks with Lorn, who warns him against trusting the Obsidian Ragnar. Darrow finds Ragnar in the freezer unit and questions what he wants. Ragnar says Obsidians only obey and do not want. Darrow tries to convince Ragnar they are equals by mixing their blood. He releases Ragnar from servitude so he can choose his own path. Darrow reveals his true origins to Ragnar and asks him to join their cause against the Society. Ragnar is conflicted, only knowing a life of obedience to Golds. Darrow leaves it to Ragnar to decide if he will rise up or not.

Chapter 35

Darrow and his allies infiltrate Pliny's flagship in disguise to free imprisoned loyalists. Darrow confronts Pliny during a meeting with Society leaders, slapping and humiliating him. When Pliny calls for Darrow's death, the others betray Pliny instead. Darrow declares his intentions to go to Mars and wage war. After Darrow walks away, Pliny is killed by the others seeking Darrow's favor. Darrow reflects on the importance of trust compared to fickle power. He resolves to make amends with estranged allies like Lorn and Roque. Darrow tells the Society leaders he plans an 'Iron Rain' assault on Mars, then departs with his forces.

Chapter 36

Darrow leads a fleet of Golds to invade Mars and seize control from the Sovereign. He rallies his warriors with a speech about making their own destiny. Darrow says goodbye to his allies, including Roque and Lorn, before the battle. Lorn expresses regret over killing Tactus and pleads with Darrow not to become consumed by war. Darrow promises to try to be a better man. In the hangar, Sevro reveals he sent a message to his estranged father, who may be on Mars fighting against them. Darrow hopes the message was received as the invasion begins.

Chapter 37

In this chapter, Darrow prepares to lead his army in an invasion of Mars. He rallies his diverse forces, including Golds, Grays, Obsidians and Reds, in the hangar bay of his flagship. Darrow has doubts but is reassured by Sevro that his growing legend is real. Sevro implies he may kill ArchGovernor Augustus, worrying Darrow. Mustang oversees the invasion plans while Darrow greets allies like Proctor Jupiter. Darrow learns Cassius and Karnus are on Mars. Mustang worries her father Augustus may be killed before they arrive. Darrow tries to comfort her but she pulls away, focused on the invasion. They prepare to launch the attack on Mars.

Chapter 38

In this chapter, Darrow prepares to lead an invasion force in an attack on Mars called the Iron Rain. He and his allies including Sevro, Mustang, and Ragnar are loaded into pods fired from spaceships to penetrate the planet's atmosphere. During the descent, many are killed by defensive missiles and guns. Darrow's squad lands far off target. After landing, he checks on his surviving Howlers like Sevro. Darrow contacts Mustang, whose forces landed closer to the objective.

Darrow's squad skips across the Martian landscape to link up with Mustang's larger force. En route, they skirmish with Bellona forces also invading the planet. Darrow receives a message from Roque in orbit that the Sovereign Octavia au Lune is secretly on Mars. Her ship is trapped behind the shields of the city Agea, Darrow's primary target. Darrow already suspected the Sovereign's presence on Mars, which is why he prioritized the assault on Agea. With the Sovereign trapped, Darrow prepares to lead the attack to capture her.

Chapter 39

Darrow leads his forces in an underwater assault through a tunnel secretly cut by the Sons of Ares beneath Agea's defensive wall. He takes Ragnar and other elite fighters through first, while Mustang goes to lower the city's shields so reinforcements can land. Darrow's team emerges from the river to find a young girl with an EMP device, realizing too late it's a trap set by the waiting Bellona forces. As the girl activates the EMP, Darrow knows many of his forces will now die in the ambush.

Chapter 40

Darrow and his soldiers are ambushed and trapped underwater in heavy armor after an EMP disables their equipment. Darrow manages to cut himself free and does the same for Ragnar. On the surface, they disguise themselves with mud and kill the enemy soldiers finishing off Darrow's trapped men. Darrow and Ragnar rush to free as many allies as they can, but many die including Weed. Sevro survives but is devastated by the losses. Darrow rallies Sevro to continue their mission to capture the Sovereign before she can escape the city.

Chapter 41

In this chapter, Darrow leads a small group of Howlers in an attempt to capture the Sovereign Octavia au Lune as she tries to escape the city of Agea on Mars. Darrow's forces were decimated in an underwater ambush, but he knows capturing the Sovereign is key to winning the war. Darrow sends his new Obsidian ally Ragnar to open the city gates and let in reinforcements. Darrow and the Howlers shed their heavy armor to move fast through the city streets towards the Citadel where the Sovereign will flee from.

They arrive just as the city's protective shield is disabled by Virginia's forces, allowing Darrow's army to invade. Despite Sevro's protests, Darrow goes over the Citadel wall alone to reach the Sovereign's shuttle before she can escape. He sprints across the grounds while the Sovereign's entourage boards her shuttle. Darrow kills guards in his way then leaps aboard the rising shuttle ramp, clinging on desperately before pulling himself inside. Exhausted, he looks up to find himself alone with the Sovereign, having captured her just before she could flee the planet.

Chapter 42

In this chapter, Darrow manages to sneak aboard the Sovereign Octavia's shuttle as she tries to escape the city of Agea on Mars. However, he finds the Sovereign's full entourage still on board, including her deadly bodyguard Aja and the Rage Knight Fitchner. The Sovereign orders Aja to kill Darrow, but Fitchner intervenes, suggesting they keep Darrow alive as a hostage. When the Sovereign insists Fitchner kill Darrow himself to prove his loyalty, Fitchner continues stalling.

Karnus charges Darrow, but Darrow mortally wounds him. Another guard attacks Darrow but is also killed. As Darrow weakens from his injuries, Aja violently subdues him. Fitchner pleads to spare Darrow for propaganda purposes, but the Sovereign refuses and orders Darrow thrown from the shuttle.

As Darrow resigns himself to death, the Rage Knight reveals himself to be Darrow's old teacher Ares, founder of the Sons of Ares. Ares attacks the Sovereign's forces and escapes the shuttle with Darrow. Ares reveals he has been working undercover against the Sovereign from within her own court. Darrow passes out as Ares carries him to safety.

Chapter 43

In this chapter, Darrow wakes up recovering from injuries sustained during the battle on Mars. Mustang is by his bedside and fills him in on what he missed while unconscious. Darrow learns many of his friends and allies were killed in the fighting, weighing heavily on him. Mustang warns Darrow not to trust her brother Adrius who is gaining power. Darrow asks about the fate of his rival Cassius, who is missing.

Darrow and Mustang discuss regret over past deeds. Their conversation turns emotional as Darrow breaks down over the losses. Mustang comforts him and they become romantically intimate, with Darrow deciding not to resist his feelings for her anymore after narrowly surviving the battle. He reflects on his love for Mustang compared to his late wife Eo. In the end, Darrow chooses to embrace Mustang despite his lingering guilt, finding solace in her warmth.

Chapter 44

In this chapter, Darrow spends time with his friends Roque, Daxo, Pebble, Thistle, and Clown at an estate where they are staying. Darrow tries to mend his strained friendship with Roque, who feels used and betrayed. Roque implies he is morally superior to Darrow.

Sevro interrupts to tell Darrow that Ares and some of Darrow's other allies have been captured by the Jackal. Darrow realizes he must try to rescue them from his enemy and uneasy ally, Adrius au Augustus, known as the Jackal.

Chapter 45

In this chapter, Darrow visits the Jackal at his new home in the mountain city of Attica. Darrow gives gifts to the Jackal and Victra as a show of trust and loyalty. Suddenly, masked intruders break in, revealing themselves as the Sons of Ares. They stun Darrow and the others and force the Jackal to give them access to the facility's systems before escaping.

It is revealed the Jackal had captured members of the Sons of Ares rebel group. Darrow pretends to be outraged that the Jackal kept this from him. The Jackal blames the attack on his head of security, Sun-hwa, who he says has disappeared. In truth, Sun-hwa was an ally of Darrow's who helped him orchestrate this fake attack to free captured rebels including Sevro while making the Jackal believe it was a betrayal by Sun-hwa. Darrow promises the Jackal they will get revenge on the "rats" together, though he knows the Sons of Ares rebels are actually his allies.

Chapter 46

In this chapter, Darrow reunites with Dancer, the leader of the Sons of Ares. Dancer explains what happened after Darrow left, including how Harmony broke away and attacked their headquarters. Darrow meets Mickey, who was recently rescued after being tortured by the Jackal. Darrow has an emotional conversation with Mickey about friendship and redemption.

Darrow then speaks privately with Fitchner, who reveals he is actually Ares, the founder of the Sons of Ares. Fitchner explains how he started the rebellion after his Red wife was killed for bearing his Gold child. Sevro joins them and it's revealed he is Fitchner's half-Red son.

Fitchner proposes a plan for Darrow to become Sovereign by having Augustus adopt him as heir, then killing Augustus once Darrow inherits power. But Darrow insists on returning to his family on Mars first, despite the risk. He wants Mustang to come with him and learn the truth about who he really is, to test if their love is real. Fitchner objects strongly, but Darrow is adamant. Sevro agrees to kill Mustang if she betrays Darrow's secret.

Chapter 47

Darrow returns to his home on Mars and visits the bubbleGarden where he and his late wife Eo used to meet in secret. He finds the garden run-down and overgrown with weeds. Darrow reflects on Eo's grave, realizing her body was likely desecrated after he was hanged. He waits for sunset when they used to meet, feeling sadness that the garden does not hold the magic of his memories. Darrow laughs at himself for sentimentally coming here. His bodyguard Ragnar joins him briefly. Darrow realizes he cannot stay trapped in the past and must move forward. He leaves the dilapidated garden and Eo's memory behind, ready to continue his mission.

Chapter 48

Darrow visits the mine where his wife Eo sang the Forbidden Song and was executed. He meets with the MineMagistrate, Timony cu Podginus, who does not recognize him. Darrow intimidates Podginus about the mine's decreased helium-3 output. Podginus makes excuses blaming worker unrest. Darrow pretends he will quarantine the mine but instead provides a feast for the workers. Darrow watches the celebration but feels disconnected from his past life. Mustang joins him and is disgusted by the mine conditions. She shares plans for reform. Darrow takes Mustang to see where Eo sang and was hanged.

Chapter 49

In this chapter, Darrow returns to his home on Mars and brings Mustang to meet his mother. He shows Mustang where he grew up and introduces her to his family, though he activates his ghostCloak to stay hidden when his young niece comes downstairs. Darrow's mother recognizes him despite his carved Gold body. She tells him about what has happened in the family since he left, including the death of his uncle Narol. Darrow learns his sister has remarried and his brother Kieran now leads their mining crew.

Darrow's mother knows more of the truth about Golds and the surface than he expected. She questions whether Darrow has thought through his plans to liberate the Reds. Darrow insists he will protect the mine but admits he doesn't have all the answers. He asks his mother if it's possible to love two people, thinking of Mustang and Eo. After his niece goes back upstairs, Darrow says goodbye to his mother, knowing his time here is over. She tells the girl that the dead can hear them in the songs they sing. Darrow leaves, hoping Mustang will understand his secrets after watching the holoCube he gave her.

Chapter 50

Darrow waits for Mustang after showing her his origins, but she leaves. He finds her returned with a gun, feeling betrayed. Mustang accuses Darrow of planning to destroy her family and people. Darrow argues he wants justice, not revenge or genocide. Mustang struggles with her love for Darrow versus her duty to her family. Darrow's bodyguard Ragnar secretly threatens to kill Mustang. Darrow begs him not to harm Mustang and kneels defenseless before her. Ragnar shares his brutal past, but says he now lives for more than obedience. Darrow asks Mustang what she lives for. Ragnar puts his trust in Darrow, hoping Mustang will have faith like Eo did.

Chapter 51

In this chapter, Darrow attends a celebration where he is to receive a triumph mask for his victory on Mars. However, it turns out to be a trap set by his enemies. His friend Roque poisons and paralyzes him. The Jackal and his allies, including Cassius and Aja, massacre Darrow's inner circle. Lorn is killed protecting his grandchildren. The Jackal reveals he manipulated events to turn Augustus against Darrow. He then shoots Augustus in the head despite Aja's protests. Darrow is helpless to intervene. At the end, Roque shows Darrow the severed head of Fitchner, revealing his mentor Ares has also been killed. Darrow despairs that everything he and Eo fought for is now lost.