Morning Star

What happened in Morning Star

By Pierce Brown

Red Rising by Pierce Brown is an epic sci-fi novel that follows the journey of Darrow, a Red miner living in a color-coded caste society on Mars. When Darrow's wife Eo is executed for rebelling against the oppressive Gold rulers, Darrow agrees to undergo dangerous body modifications by the rebel Sons of Ares to infiltrate Gold society as one of them. At the Institute, a training school for Gold youth, Darrow befriends other students like Mustang, Cassius, and Roque while competing in brutal war games. After winning the competition, Darrow reveals his identity and mission in a dramatic speech that ignites a solar system-wide rebellion against the Golds.

Darrow becomes a legendary figure known as the Reaper of Mars. He leads the uprising but is betrayed and captured by the Jackal, who tortures and imprisons him. Darrow is eventually freed by the Sons of Ares and reunited with allies like Sevro. He tries to recruit more forces like the Obsidian tribes and continues waging war against the Sovereign and her allies. His friend Roque serves the Sovereign but they are unable to reconcile their differences. Epic space battles ensue as Darrow leads his Red Armada against Roque's fleet.

After infiltrating an enemy ship, Darrow convinces Roque to surrender but Roque takes his own life. Darrow's forces gain control over the planets and moons but victory comes at a great cost. In the climactic battle on Luna, Darrow kills the Sovereign but the Jackal unleashes nuclear devastation. With help from Mustang and other allies, Darrow stops the Jackal at the cost of millions of lives. In the aftermath, Mustang dismantles the color hierarchy as Sovereign. Darrow realizes change will be gradual but feels hopeful for the future.

Morning Star Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

The chapter opens with the narrator imprisoned in darkness and solitude. He is naked and chained in a crouched position, with tubes inserted to keep him alive. He has lost track of time and suffers from hallucinations and madness. He reminisces about his past, including his wife Eo and his betrayal by the Jackal.

The Jackal had previously offered him freedom in exchange for betraying his family. The narrator contemplates giving in but decides he cannot sacrifice his family. In a moment of despair, he slams his head against the stone wall in an attempt to end his life honorably. Just as he is about to deliver the final blow, a blazing sword of light appears, cracking open the darkness.

Chapter 2

The chapter opens with Darrow being freed from his prison, a hollow table where the Jackal and his allies have been dining above him. Darrow is severely malnourished and scarred from torture. Cassius and Aja of the Olympic Knights have come to collect Darrow for dissection by the Carvers. Cassius shows unexpected pity for Darrow, draping him in his cloak. The Jackal and his allies, including Antonia and Lilath, mock Cassius's compassion.

It's revealed the Jackal imprisoned and tortured Darrow out of spite for being made a fool of. Aja says she's taking her legion back to Luna on orders from the Sovereign. The Jackal is displeased his methods of brutality against the lowReds are being questioned. To make a point, he abuses a mute Pink girl he'd mutilated, trying to goad her into shooting him. The Jackal claims fear and extermination are the only methods for dealing with the insurgents.

Chapter 3

The chapter opens with Darrow being freed from his restraints by two undercover Gray agents, Holiday and Trigg, who have infiltrated the prison. They reveal they are part of the Sons of Ares and have come to rescue Darrow. Darrow is initially distrustful, thinking it is a trick by the Jackal, until Holiday connects him via hologram with Sevro, who is revealed to be alive. Sevro tells Darrow to trust the agents and that he has Darrow's family safe after rescuing them from Lykos.

Holiday and Trigg give Darrow back his razor that was taken from him. Darrow sees it has been etched with images of his loved ones. To help Darrow escape, Holiday injects him with a stimulant called snakebite to revive his weakened body. It causes Darrow intense pain but gives him a surge of energy. After 30 minutes, the agents will have to move fast to escape the prison with Darrow before the drug wears off. Darrow decides to trust Holiday and Trigg, hoping they can lead him to freedom.

Chapter 4

Darrow is escorted through the prison by Holiday and Trigg disguised as guards. They encounter Vixus, an enemy from Darrow's past, who nearly exposes them but is taken hostage. Darrow insists on rescuing his friend Victra despite the danger. They find her tortured and paralyzed in a blinding white cell. When Darrow approaches, she attacks, but is tranquilized. As they flee, Darrow kills Vixus, knowing he will send a violent message to the Jackal. Alarms sound as they make their escape.

Chapter 5

Darrow, Trigg, Holiday, and the rescued Victra escape the prison in an elevator. Holiday reveals the elevator is being redirected to the first floor where enemies await. Trigg contacts the Sons of Ares for backup extraction. Holiday uses an EMP device to disable the enemies' weapons when the elevator doors open. Trigg and Holiday slaughter the disabled enemies with antique projectile weapons. Darrow struggles to keep up while carrying Victra.

They escape outside onto a bridge leading to a landing pad for extraction. Trigg plants mines on the bridge while Holiday signals their allies. Darrow waits with Victra, hoping for rescue. Holiday reassures Darrow they just need to hold for three more minutes until extraction arrives.

Chapter 6

The chapter opens with Darrow, Holiday, Trigg, and the rescued Victra trying to escape from the prison fortress. They are pinned down on a bridge by enemy forces led by Aja and Cassius. Trigg is killed by Aja. Darrow and Holiday drag the unconscious Victra to the edge of the landing pad, where Cassius tries to convince Darrow to surrender. Darrow refuses and jumps off the ledge with Holiday and Victra, hinting that help is coming from below through the mining tunnels. He tells Cassius to expect his return, then leaps with his companions into the open air.

Chapter 7

The chapter opens with Darrow and his allies falling through the air after jumping from the prison fortress. They are caught by the Sons of Ares led by Sevro and Ragnar. The Sons flew up out of a tunnel carved by a giant mining drill. They catch Darrow, Holiday, and the paralyzed Victra before they hit the ground. The group flees back down the tunnel, pursued by enemies firing at them. In the darkness, one of the Sons is killed by enemy fire. Darrow is injured but survives.

They make it to the end of the tunnel which leads to a ship. On board, Darrow regains consciousness surrounded by dead and dying members of the Sons. Someone screams instructions as the ship maneuvers. Darrow sees a young boy die beside him despite efforts to save the burned men.

Chapter 8

Darrow awakens in a cave that serves as a medical facility, reuniting with his mother and uncle Narol. They inform him that Sevro rescued his family and the Sons of Ares never stopped searching for him, despite Darrow being declared executed by the Jackal. Dancer reveals that Harmony betrayed Darrow's identity out of anger that he did not detonate her bomb. Darrow's family thought he was dead for 9 months after witnessing a fake execution, but Sevro found him. After an emotional reunion, Darrow insists on spending time with his family instead of immediately discussing the war. He meets his brother's children, including a baby niece who reminds him of Eo. Darrow feels uneasy and unfit for their innocent world after his trauma. He resolves to fight the right way if given another chance at life.

Chapter 9

The chapter opens with Darrow having an early morning breakfast with his mother and sister-in-law Dio while his nieces and nephews get ready for school. Sevro bursts in, overjoyed to see Darrow alive. He reveals he got a Carving to have Darrow's original eyes implanted in himself as a memento. Ragnar comes in and the two take Darrow to the hangar, pushing his wheelchair recklessly.

In the hangar, Darrow reunites with Pebble and Clown, who pledge their loyalty despite his lies. Darrow sees the hangar is inside a huge stalactite fortress and is shocked by the sight of the massive refugee camp below housing nearly half a million Red mine slaves who've fled Gold purges. Sevro explains the dire conditions and shortages as he struggles to conceal and provide for the refugees. Darrow is distraught to see the suffering, realizing this is not the freedom Eo dreamed of. Sevro reveals that Cassius was the one who killed Darrow's father.

Chapter 10

Darrow wakes up in a medical facility inside a stalactite fortress, reuniting with his family. Sevro had rescued them after faking Darrow's execution. Darrow is distraught to see the massive refugee camp housing nearly half a million Red mine slaves who've fled Gold purges.

In the Sons of Ares command room, Darrow learns the Society is at war between the Sovereign and the Moon Lords. The Jackal and Roque lead the Sovereign's forces, having crushed the Moon Lords' rebellion at Jupiter. If the Sovereign wins, her forces will return to Mars.

On Mars, open war erupted 8 months ago between the Sons and the Sovereign's forces. Harmony has joined a violent Red faction called Red Legion, massacring highColors. The Sons have lost their ability to communicate and inspire. Sevro reveals he released Darrow's Carving to make him a mythic figure. Darrow realizes he started the war on Mars.

Chapter 11

Darrow sits with Ragnar overlooking the refugee camp below. He expresses doubts about being able to inspire and lead the people as he once did. Ragnar takes Darrow to the hospital to see the injured from his prison escape. Darrow is uplifted connecting with the people and realizing they still believe in him despite his weakened state.

Darrow returns to the command room, apologizes for his earlier behavior, and asks Sevro for help with three requests. First, to send an emissary to Mustang to inform her he is alive. Second, to bring back Mickey the Carver to help restore his body. Third, an unspecified request Sevro says he won't like. Sevro and Dancer debate the requests, but ultimately agree to send Evey as emissary and bring back Mickey.

Chapter 12

In this chapter, Darrow goes to visit Victra, who is being held captive and restrained in an isolated room. Victra seems detached and bitter as she watches news reports about the war between the Sovereign and the Moon Lords. Darrow tries to explain himself and apologize for deceiving Victra, but she remains cold and claims not to care about his past or the rebellion.

When Darrow offers for Victra to join the Sons of Ares, she scoffs at first. But Darrow persists, saying he owes Victra for saving her life and wants to give her a new family. Victra opens up about her trauma and desire for revenge against those who wronged her. Darrow frees Victra from her restraints as a gesture of trust. He asks her to be his family and join the Sons of Ares. After some hesitation, Victra solemnly agrees and shakes Darrow's hand. Darrow welcomes her into the rebellion, hoping she will find a new path.

Chapter 13

In Chapter 13, Darrow goes to meet Mickey, the Carver who originally transformed him into a Gold. Mickey has been brought back to the Sons of Ares base to help restore Darrow's body from the torture and experiments done on him in prison. Initially uneasy around each other, Mickey and Darrow slowly reconnect over memories of their time together in the Institute.

Mickey examines Darrow's body and is disturbed by the modifications done to him, including the removal of his reproductive organs. He agrees to try to reverse the damage but warns the process will be long and painful. Darrow insists he needs to look strong again to inspire people.

While preparing for the operation, Darrow asks Mickey about his family. Mickey reveals his wife Clio was killed in the war started by Darrow's reveal as the Reaper. His young daughter was also killed. Darrow is devastated by this news, realizing his actions led to the deaths of innocents. He apologizes to Mickey for all he has lost. Mickey does not blame Darrow, saying they both fight for the same dream of freedom.

Mickey begins the painful process of restoring Darrow's body. Darrow refuses pain medication, determined to go through the full agony to come back stronger. The chapter ends with Darrow enduring the excruciating pain of the operation, hoping to regain his former strength.

Chapter 14

In Chapter 14, Darrow continues training with Victra in the gymnasium of the Sons of Ares base. Victra complains about being left out of missions and not receiving a wolfcloak like the Howlers. Darrow says it's probably due to her lack of self-confidence, which she denies.

After their workout, the Howlers ambush Darrow, Victra, and Holiday in the showers as part of an initiation ritual. Despite putting up a fight, Darrow and Victra are captured and subjected to a hazing that involves drinking, eating bugs and snakes, and other absurdities. They take a vow of loyalty to join the Howlers.

Afterward, Dancer interrupts to tell Sevro that their spy network has confirmed Quicksilver is secretly aiding the Jackal. Sevro is excited that Operation Black Market to kidnap Quicksilver is a go. He rallies the Howlers to prepare for their mission to capture Quicksilver and crash the economy.

Chapter 15

In this chapter, Darrow arrives at Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, with Victra and a team of Howlers. They are disguised as lowColors to avoid detection. Darrow reflects on how different this visit is compared to when he came before as a Gold. Victra points out the headquarters of Quicksilver, their target.

They sneak aboard a cargo ship to get to Phobos. Once there, they meet their contact Rollo, a Red contracted laborer. He leads them through the run-down maintenance levels of the moon to avoid security forces. Darrow is disturbed to see the poverty and homelessness amongst the lowColors who came seeking work but became trapped.

Rollo explains how the companies exploit the workers, who have no way to return home if injured. Darrow realizes how disconnected he's become from the people he claims to fight for. They take a tram to an abandoned industrial zone cleared by the Sons of Ares. Over 600 Sons wait with makeshift weapons, ready to attack economic targets. Sevro rallies them to use the explosives brought by the Howlers to "blow shit up."

Chapter 16

Darrow and the Howlers infiltrate Quicksilver's headquarters on Phobos, one of Mars' moons, disguised as lowColors. As they climb the outside of the double-helix tower, Darrow sees two nuclear explosions on Mars, likely bombs dropped by Gold forces on the Red rebels.

Inside, the elaborate decor makes Darrow suspect the lavishness is a facade to manipulate guests. They sneak through empty halls, expecting a trap. Darrow tries to warn Sevro something is wrong, but Sevro insists they continue the mission to kidnap Quicksilver for leverage against the Jackal.

They prepare to breach Quicksilver's bedroom, though Darrow feels uneasy. He reflects on how detached the rich Pixies are from the war, and how their age of decadence is ending. Darrow regrets that bringing down the Golds does not fill him with joy as it once did. He wonders if his methods align with Mustang's vision. Still, Darrow joins the Howlers as they slip into Quicksilver's dark rooms, razors ready.

Chapter 17

Darrow and the Howlers infiltrate the headquarters of Quicksilver on Phobos, one of Mars' moons, to kidnap him. Disguised as lowColors, they find the bedroom empty except for Matteo, Darrow's old teacher from the Sons of Ares. Sevro brutally beats Matteo trying to get information. Darrow stops him, recognizing Matteo. They debate whether Matteo betrayed them or was on an undercover assignment.

Following a lead, the Howlers go to Quicksilver's conference room, expecting a trap. They find Quicksilver meeting with Coppers, Silvers, and Golds - including Mustang and other enemies of Darrow. A battle seems imminent between the Howlers and their enemies. Darrow realizes the mission has gone terribly wrong.

Chapter 18

In Chapter 18, Darrow and the Howlers infiltrate a secret meeting between Quicksilver and other Golds, including Mustang and Cassius. They expect to find only Quicksilver, but stumble into tense negotiations between enemy factions. Sevro jams Darrow's ability to communicate and orders the Howlers to open fire. A chaotic battle erupts between the Howlers and Golds as Darrow desperately tries to stop the violence.

Darrow kills Moira and fights Mustang, who does not recognize him. When his mask breaks, Mustang sees his face and hesitates. Darrow seizes Kavax as a hostage so Mustang and Daxo retreat. Cassius escapes and the Howlers gain control, but Darrow is distraught at the senseless bloodshed between former allies. He realizes he is the only thread connecting them. Darrow lets Mustang flee with Daxo but keeps Kavax captive, hoping to negotiate a truce.

Chapter 19

In Chapter 19, Darrow and the Howlers have infiltrated Quicksilver's headquarters on Phobos and taken hostages after a battle with Mustang, Cassius and other Golds. Darrow prevents Sevro from killing Kavax, wanting to use him as a bargaining chip with Mustang. Sevro grows angry and distrustful of Darrow's leadership.

When trying to escape, the Howlers are trapped by a security robot that increases gravity, pinning them down. Ragnar manages to shoot out the viewport window, sucking them into space. Knowing they will lose consciousness, Darrow rallies them to exhale and howl together before the vacuum hits. They fly out into space, relying on Holiday's ship to catch them before they die. Darrow overcomes his fear and doubts, realizing he must be the Reaper again to lead and inspire. The chapter ends as they float unconscious towards Holiday's ship.

Chapter 20

In Chapter 20, Darrow and the Howlers are ejected into the vacuum of space after shooting out a viewport to escape from Quicksilver's headquarters. As Darrow's body begins to swell and freeze in the vacuum, he reflects on memories of learning about space exposure at the Academy with his friends. He resigns himself to death, feeling small against the indifference of the planet Mars. But Holiday's ship catches them after two and a half minutes, saving them before permanent damage sets in.

On the ship, the Howlers recover from temporary blindness and celebrate surviving. Darrow is determined to be the Reaper again to properly lead and inspire his forces. He realizes he must reconnect with the people he claims to fight for. The chapter ends with them having escaped into space aboard Holiday's ship.

Chapter 21

Darrow and the Howlers have infiltrated Quicksilver's headquarters on Phobos and taken hostages, but their escape plan has failed. With authorities closing in, Sevro clashes with Darrow over abandoning the local Sons of Ares members to die. An engineer named Rollo argues they should rally the moon's lowColor population and seize control of Phobos.

Before deciding, Darrow confronts Sevro about lying that he never received communications from Mustang. Sevro storms off, leaving Darrow worried about his stability as a leader. Darrow follows Sevro as he interrogates Quicksilver, who shockingly claims he is a founding member of the Sons of Ares. Darrow realizes escaping the moon may prove even more complicated than expected.

Chapter 22

In Chapter 22, tensions rise between Darrow and Sevro as they interrogate Quicksilver, who claims to be an ally and founding member of the Sons of Ares. Though Darrow comes to believe Quicksilver, Sevro remains distrustful. Quicksilver reveals he has brokered a secret meeting between Virginia and the Sovereign's representatives to remove the Jackal from power. But the Howlers' infiltration has ruined that plan.

Quicksilver pledges the full resources of his companies to aid the Sons of Ares in taking down the Sovereign and the Jackal. But when Darrow calls off the plan to detonate bombs across Phobos, Sevro refuses to hand over the detonator. Still grieving lost friends, Sevro accuses Darrow of weakness and indecision. He opens the detonator, ready to set off the explosives against Darrow's wishes. Darrow tries to convince Sevro to trust him as a leader once more.

Chapter 23

In Chapter 23, tensions escalate between Darrow and Sevro during an argument over whether to detonate bombs across Phobos. When Sevro tries to activate the detonator against Darrow's orders, a violent fight breaks out between them. Though evenly matched, Darrow eventually overpowers Sevro.

After their fight, a tearful Sevro confides in Darrow about his insecurities and self-doubt as a leader. Darrow reassures Sevro and admits he also struggles with feelings of hatred towards the people they are trying to save. They reconcile and reaffirm their friendship and trust in one another.

Darrow convinces Sevro not to detonate the bombs and to instead ally with Quicksilver to build a real army. Sevro breaks the detonator and pledges his loyalty to Darrow as the Reaper, ready to follow his lead.

Chapter 24

In Chapter 24, Darrow prepares to lead an uprising on Phobos, one of Mars' moons. He flies through the city wearing armor and carrying a razor, followed by Sevro and other Sons of Ares. They want the lowColor residents to see them rebelling against the Golds. Darrow hijacks the city's holographic displays to broadcast a message across the solar system, declaring the end of Gold rule and urging the lowColors to rise up. He shows his bare hands without sigils, presenting himself as unbound from the color system.

As Darrow speaks, Ragnar and other Sons of Ares infiltrate and seize control of the Society's military base on Phobos. Under Sevro's direction, the residents of the city mobilize into a revolutionary force. Darrow knows many will die, but believes their actions will inspire more to join the rebellion across the solar system. With the uprising underway, Darrow prepares to depart Phobos to continue the war elsewhere, leaving Sevro and Victra to lead the local forces.

Chapter 25

In Chapter 25, Darrow and Holiday prepare to escape Phobos amidst the chaos of the lowColor uprising. They meet their pilot Vesta and board a luxury ship provided by Quicksilver to blend in with fleeing Gold refugees. Darrow reflects on the violence unfolding and his unease at the methods used.

Ragnar joins them, having helped seize the governor's tower. Mustang suddenly appears, having deduced Darrow's plans. She reveals she did not surrender to the Sovereign but wants to ally with Darrow. Though skeptical, Darrow is swayed when Mustang pledges to prove her loyalty by accompanying him to recruit the Valkyrie army. She challenges Darrow to show he can build, not just destroy. Darrow agrees to let Mustang join, hoping to rekindle trust between them. They prepare to depart together, united in purpose.

Chapter 26

In Chapter 26, Darrow, Mustang, Holiday, Ragnar and their pilot Vesta escape Phobos amidst the chaos of the lowColor uprising. They board a luxury ship provided by Quicksilver to blend in with fleeing Gold refugees. As they depart, Darrow reflects on the violence unfolding and his unease with the methods used.

Their ship is soon pursued by an unknown enemy vessel. Despite evasive maneuvers, their pilot is killed and the ship is badly damaged. As it plummets toward the planet, Mustang manages to take control of the failing ship. Ragnar, unfazed by the attack, rushes off laughing, eager to confront the "false gods" who rule his people.

Just before impact, Darrow glimpses a giant black figure standing on the coastline below. Their ship crashes into an ice floe in the ocean. Darrow braces for the impact, hoping he, Mustang and Ragnar can survive.

Chapter 27

In this chapter, Darrow and Mustang survive a spaceship crash into the icy ocean of the South Pole on Mars. After their ship is shot down, it crashes through the ice and sinks into the dark, freezing water. Darrow cuts himself free and finds Mustang also alive. They escape the sinking ship and swim blindly up through the water, wary of dangerous creatures lurking in the depths. Upon reaching the ice above, they cut through it and pull themselves out, exhausted and freezing.

On the ice, they reunite with Holiday, who also survived the crash. But their friend Ragnar is missing, having been pulled under the ice by an unknown creature. Darrow insists on going after him, but Holiday refuses to let him risk his life. Before Darrow can argue further, Mustang dives back into the frigid water with a flare to search for Ragnar. Darrow and Holiday can only watch and wait helplessly for any sign of their friends in the icy darkness below.

Chapter 28

In this chapter, Darrow, Mustang, Holiday and Ragnar are stranded in the frozen wasteland after their spaceship crashes into the icy ocean. They barely survive, fighting off strange creatures in the water. Ragnar nearly drowns but Darrow manages to revive him.

With only meager supplies, they know they must find shelter before the deadly storm hits. Their only hope is to reach another crashed ship they saw in the mountains, hoping it contains survival gear. Ragnar warns them of violent outcasts called Eaters who live in the region.

The group debates whether the other ship contains their enemy Cassius or someone more dangerous like Aja. Despite the risks, they decide their only chance is to push on and raid the downed ship before the storm arrives. Darrow rallies them for the perilous trek across the frozen mountains.

Chapter 29

In Chapter 29, Darrow, Mustang, Holiday and Ragnar trek through a blizzard in the mountains after their spaceship crashed. They spot another wrecked ship that shot them down and investigate it for supplies. Inside they find mutilated bodies and are attacked by cannibalistic Obsidians called Eaters. After a brutal fight, they kill the Eaters. Darrow and Mustang realize the ship belonged to their enemy Cassius, but he is not aboard. They scavenge gear and take shelter from the storm in the ship's galley.

As they eat a meal together, the four share stories about their families and upbringings. Ragnar describes his legendary mother, the Obsidian chieftain Alia Volarus. Mustang opens up about her own mother's suicide and her cruel father. Darrow feels a sense of closeness growing between the unlikely group. They prepare to continue their journey across the frozen mountains to find the Valkyrie army and recruit them to their cause.

Chapter 30

In Chapter 30, Darrow, Mustang, Holiday and Ragnar continue pursuing Aja and Cassius through the frozen Antarctic mountains after surviving a spaceship crash. They ambush Aja's party, leading to a brutal battle between the rival groups. Darrow fights Cassius while Ragnar battles Aja. Despite being outnumbered, Aja overpowers Ragnar, severely wounding him. As Darrow charges Aja, she loses her footing and falls into a crevasse. The chapter ends with Aja's shocking demise.

Chapter 31

In this chapter, Darrow and his allies Mustang, Holiday and Ragnar are trekking through the frozen mountains after their spaceship crashed. They get into a brutal battle with their enemies Aja and Cassius. Ragnar fights Aja but is severely wounded by her. As Aja moves to finish off Ragnar, she loses her footing and falls into a crevasse, apparently meeting her demise.

Ragnar is dying from his wounds. Despite Darrow's efforts to save him, it is clear Ragnar will not survive. In his final moments, Ragnar sees winged beasts called griffins descending from the sky, ridden by warrior women. Their leader is revealed to be Ragnar's long lost sister Sefi. Though Sefi is initially cold, she is moved to tears upon reuniting with her dying brother. At Ragnar's request, Darrow sorrowfully ends Ragnar's suffering with a quick death. The chapter closes with Darrow mourning the loss of his friend.

Chapter 32

Darrow grieves Ragnar's death as they fly on griffins to the Valkyrie Spires. Sefi, Ragnar's sister, leads the Valkyrie who rescued them. At the spires, tensions rise between Sefi's riders and the spire guards over Darrow's group. They are imprisoned, where Darrow struggles with grief and doubt. Mustang convinces him their best hope is still to recruit the Valkyrie.

Brought before Queen Alia, Darrow tries appealing to her love for Ragnar, but realizes she already knows the Golds are not gods. Alia rejects Darrow's plea for alliance, intent on sending them to the Golds as prisoners. Darrow is distraught, feeling he failed Ragnar. Alia prepares to bury her son and continue serving the Golds, believing it the only way her people survive.

Chapter 33

In this chapter, Darrow and his allies are being transported as prisoners by Sefi and her Valkyrie riders to Asgard, the fortress home of the Golds high in the mountains. Darrow had tried and failed to convince Sefi's mother, Queen Alia, to join their rebellion.

As they fly on griffins to Asgard, Darrow reflects on the brutal landscape and how the Golds use it to control the Obsidians. He realizes Sefi has likely never believed the Golds are gods, based on her reaction to Ragnar's death.

When they land at the base of Asgard, Darrow appeals to Sefi alone, telling her the truth about what happens to Obsidians who leave to "serve the gods." He asks her to honor Ragnar's sacrifice by helping him reveal the Golds' mortality. After contemplating in silence, Sefi agrees and frees Darrow's group.

Disguised as Valkyrie, they climb the treacherous Stairs of Stains to Asgard. Darrow baits the Violet priest who greets them with news of a crashed spaceship, hoping to lure the Golds into a meeting. The priest is convinced when Sefi shows him Darrow's razor. He eagerly brings them inside, believing he can gain favor by delivering this "prize" to his masters.

Chapter 34

Darrow and his allies Sefi and Mustang infiltrate the temple of the Gold "gods" Freya and Loki disguised as Obsidians. When Freya and Loki appear, Darrow reveals his identity as the Reaper and kills them, exposing that they are only human. This convinces Sefi and the Valkyrie that the Golds are not gods. Darrow and Mustang get the armory codes from Proctor Mercury and rally the Valkyrie to join their rebellion. Darrow gives Sefi a razor and they prepare to confront the remaining Gold "gods" together.

Chapter 35

Darrow, Mustang, and Sefi infiltrate the temple of the Gold "gods" Freya and Loki, killing them and capturing others to expose they are only human. This convinces Sefi and the Valkyrie that the Golds are not gods. Darrow and Mustang rally the Valkyrie to join their rebellion after getting armory codes from Proctor Mercury. Darrow gives Sefi a razor and they prepare to confront the remaining Gold "gods" together. They drag the bodies of seven gods to Queen Alia, two dead and five captured. Sefi decapitates Alia for knowing the truth about the false gods, becoming queen herself. She executes the captured Golds one by one as they arrogantly claim divinity. Darrow mourns the slaughter but knows it had to be done. With the Valkyrie now allied, Darrow and Mustang have unleashed great forces, wondering what will come of it.

Chapter 36

In Chapter 36, Darrow and Mustang meet with the Jackal's fleet above Mars after allying with the Obsidian Valkyrie. The Jackal threatens to unleash nuclear devastation on Mars unless Darrow surrenders. When Darrow refuses, the Jackal reveals he has Sevro captive. Darrow is distraught, realizing the Jackal knew their plans and has outmaneuvered them.

On his flagship, the Jackal sadistically tortures Sevro, who refuses to beg or break. The Jackal broadcasts Sevro's torment system-wide to demoralize Darrow's forces. Darrow desperately offers himself in exchange for Sevro's life, but the Jackal refuses, intent on breaking Darrow by killing Sevro.

As Sevro is about to be executed, Darrow makes a last desperate gamble. He transmits codes that trigger hidden Sons of Ares agents aboard the Jackal's ships. Explosions and sabotage suddenly rip through the Jackal's fleet from within. In the chaos, Darrow's forces attack the distracted armada. The chapter ends amidst the raging battle for Mars' orbit.

Chapter 37

Darrow travels with Sefi to meet with Obsidian tribes for seven days after Ragnar's death. They spread the news of Asgard's fall and the Golds' mortality using shows of force with Valkyrie. Darrow's legend grows as the 'Morning Star' who guides them. Despite old feuds, most tribes ally with Darrow, realizing the Golds are false gods.

Darrow, Sefi, Mustang, Holiday and Cassius travel to Tinos. Sevro and Howlers greet them and take Ragnar's body. Darrow reunites with Sevro, seeing the toll Ragnar's death has taken. Mustang meets with Dancer and Victra to organize moving the Obsidians underground before the Jackal can attack.

Darrow finds Sevro grieving over Ragnar's body. They discuss Cassius, and Darrow explains he wants to give Cassius a chance to choose his own path. Sevro secured ships for their fleet by tricking the Martian navy into a mutiny. Darrow reflects on wishing for a simple life with Eo, but realizes this fight is for the future, not the past. He tells Sevro they are the light spreading through the darkness.

Chapter 38

Darrow runs into Victra, who tells him Dancer is upset with Mustang's presence. Darrow finds Mustang drinking with his family and the Telemanuses. Mustang charms them with stories from the Institute. Darrow's mother shares a touching story about young Darrow selling his cherished watch to buy medicine for his sick brother.

After Darrow's family leaves, Mustang, Daxo and Kavax reveal meeting with Dancer went poorly. Daxo says they don't trust the Obsidians and think Darrow's plan to use them to take Mars' cities is flawed. Mustang explains the Jackal is obsessed with outthinking them, so they need a new strategy.

Holiday interrupts to say the Bellona are requesting Darrow. Darrow realizes he needs to convince his allies of a new plan to defeat the Jackal and avoid a drawn-out war across Mars.

Chapter 39

Darrow visits Cassius, who is handcuffed to a bed in the infirmary of the Sons of Ares base. Cassius reveals he has information about the Jackal stockpiling helium and stealing nuclear warheads. The Sovereign had sent Cassius to negotiate peace with Virginia's forces because she wanted to remove the Jackal from power. Cassius confirms the Jackal falsely reported helium losses and destroyed mines to cover up stealing helium reserves. He now has enough helium stockpiled to make a play for Sovereign.

Cassius also reveals the Jackal stole 500 nuclear warheads, each with 30 megaton yield. Darrow confirms the Sons of Ares were not responsible. Cassius believes the Jackal will use the warheads on Mars as a last resort if cornered. He came to warn Darrow because he fears provoking the Jackal could lead to nuclear devastation on Mars. Darrow realizes Cassius still cares for Mars despite serving the Sovereign. He now knows the Jackal has dangerous stockpiles that could destroy the planet if unleashed.

Chapter 40

Darrow meets with his allies to discuss Cassius's claim that the Jackal has 500 stolen nuclear warheads. They debate torturing Cassius for the truth but Darrow argues against it. Quicksilver and Victra think Cassius is telling the truth. Dancer worries the Jackal would use the warheads on Mars if cornered.

Darrow proposes a bold new plan - to abandon their uprising on Mars and instead attack the Sword Armada orbiting Jupiter. This fleet enforces the Sovereign's rule over the planets. By destroying it, they can inspire more planets to rebel without devastating Mars in a drawn-out war. Mustang agrees focusing on the fleet is wise. Dancer worries Darrow is abandoning the lowColors of Mars. After debate, Darrow rallies Sevro and the others to his daring plan of assaulting the Sovereign's greatest weapon.

Chapter 41

In Chapter 41, Darrow prepares to depart Tinos to lead the Red Armada fleet in orbit. He reflects on the evacuation efforts underway to protect civilians by moving them underground. Dancer finds Darrow and they discuss Fitchner's legacy and hopes for the future. Darrow says goodbye to his mother, who tells him to remember who he is and that he is loved.

Darrow boards the shuttle with Sevro, Victra, and Mustang. As they depart, Dancer and the people of Tinos salute Darrow, pledging their loyalty. Darrow feels the weight of their hopes and resolves to fight for freedom. He leads the fleet to war, aiming to inspire rebellion across the solar system by destroying the Sword Armada that enforces the Sovereign's rule.

Chapter 42

In Chapter 42, Darrow meets with Vela au Raa, the sister of Romulus au Raa, the leader of the Jovian Moon Lords who have rebelled against the Sovereign. Vela says Romulus invites Darrow to meet him at his home, but Darrow is wary of a trap. Mustang vouches for the honor of the Rim Golds and convinces Darrow to accept the invitation.

Darrow, Mustang and Sefi depart Io with Vela on her ship. En route, Vela explains the differences between the Golds of the Core and Rim - the Rim Golds value honor and remember the Iron Gold ancestors. Darrow hopes this will keep him safe during negotiations.

They arrive at Romulus' home, a lonely metal complex on a frozen moon. After scanning them for trackers, Romulus' men lead Darrow, Mustang and Sefi inside. Romulus greets them in a grand hall lined with the trophies of his family's conquests. Despite tensions, both sides uphold the rules of hospitality. Romulus and Darrow begin negotiations over dinner, weighing what each can offer the other against the Sovereign.

Chapter 43

Darrow meets with Romulus au Raa at his home on a moon of Jupiter. Romulus' young daughter Seraphina interacts with Darrow, showing the cultural differences between Rim and Core Golds in how children are raised. Romulus and Darrow discuss their histories and debate philosophy. Darrow confirms the death of Romulus' daughter and wife at the Institute. Romulus reveals he has another guest - an emissary from the Sovereign. With Darrow's presence, Romulus sees an opportunity to negotiate better peace terms than through continued war. He is coldly practical, willing to leverage Darrow for his own interests. Darrow realizes Romulus invited both him and the Sovereign's emissary to weigh his options. When asked who the emissary is, Romulus implies it is someone familiar to Darrow.

Chapter 44

Darrow meets with Roque at the home of Romulus au Raa, leader of the rebel Moon Lords. Roque serves as an emissary of the Sovereign, trying to broker an alliance against Darrow. Tensions rise as Darrow and Mustang reveal evidence suggesting the Sovereign plans to annihilate the Moon Lords with nuclear weapons if they don't submit. This sways Romulus to ally with Darrow instead.

Roque angrily declares a bloodfeud against Romulus before departing. Darrow catches Roque to ask when their friendship was lost. Roque says it was when Quinn died. He views Darrow as ruin that drains life from friends. Darrow is distraught, wishing he could make Roque understand. But Roque is resolute in his loyalty to the Society. He tells Darrow that if he wins in space, the Society will be his. They part, ready to face each other in battle.

Chapter 45

In Chapter 45, Darrow watches as Mustang and the Gold commanders of their allied fleet perform a ritual blessing before battle. They smear each other's faces with blood from a ceremonial dagger, swearing oaths of vengeance against their enemies. Darrow reflects on the grandeur of the Golds and their lust for glory, though he knows their days are numbered.

Darrow and Sefi, in menacing pulseArmor suits, look on as the Golds depart for their ships. Darrow says farewell to Romulus au Raa and Kavax au Telemanus, who embraces Darrow as a friend despite their differences. Darrow promises to go fishing with Kavax after their victory.

Alone with Mustang, Darrow kisses her passionately before they separate for battle. He is struck by the fear that this may be their last moment together. Mustang pleads with him to return to her. Darrow boards his shuttle with Sefi and the Obsidians, resolved to fight for the future, not the past. The allied fleet departs for battle against Roque's forces.

Chapter 46

Darrow prepares for battle aboard his flagship with Victra. He rallies his fleet, comprised of lowColors seeking freedom from Gold rule, over the coms. Darrow patches in to the Howlers, including Sevro, Mustang, and Holiday, for a final farewell before their forces engage the enemy fleet led by Roque. Darrow's allied fleet clusters around Io while Mustang and Romulus marshal their own forces. Roque's fleet crosses the void between Europa and Io. Darrow addresses his crew, inspiring them for the coming fight. He broadcasts a rousing speech to his entire fleet over an open channel, knowing Roque will hear it too. Darrow calls on his forces to reclaim their stolen lives and build the future they were promised. He leads them into battle against Roque's fleet, beginning the clash that will determine if their rebellion succeeds or fails.

Chapter 47

Darrow leads a suicide mission into the heart of Roque's fleet. His strike force takes heavy losses as they are surrounded and battered by enemy ships. Darrow's flagship is crippled but he launches empty boarding craft as a distraction. Roque sees through the ruse and destroys them. With no escape, Roque contacts Darrow to demand his surrender. Darrow refuses and spits insults. Roque orders Darrow captured alive so he can display the body as proof of victory.

Chapter 48

Darrow leads a suicide mission into the heart of Roque's fleet. His strike force takes heavy losses as they are surrounded and battered by enemy ships. Darrow's flagship is crippled but he launches empty boarding craft as a distraction. Roque sees through the ruse and destroys them. With no escape, Roque contacts Darrow to demand his surrender. Darrow refuses and spits insults. Roque orders Darrow captured alive so he can display the body as proof of victory.

Darrow and his allies escape in mining drills that carve tunnels through Roque's ship. Darrow burrows through the ship in his drill before abandoning it. He reunites with Victra and they prepare to lead Valkyrie forces against the ship's security teams. A brutal close quarters battle erupts inside the ship between Darrow's forces and Roque's men. Darrow embraces the madness of war as he leads the assault, hoping to clear a path and allow Victra to reach their target.

Chapter 49

In Chapter 49, Darrow leads his forces in an assault on the bridge of Roque's flagship, the Colossus. They fight through brutal opposition from Roque's security teams and race against time as Mustang's ship comes under heavy fire. After carving through defenses, Darrow's depleted strike team reaches the bridge door, but their thermal drill cannot penetrate the reinforced door quickly enough.

With enemy reinforcements closing in, Darrow's force prepares for a doomed last stand. But suddenly the bridge door opens unexpectedly. Darrow braces for an ambush, but the door reveals Roque alone and unarmed. He surrenders himself to Darrow, accepting that he has lost this battle. Darrow orders Roque restrained as he takes control of the bridge.

Chapter 50

Darrow leads his forces in an assault on Roque's flagship, the Colossus. After a brutal fight, they reach the bridge, expecting a trap. But Roque surrenders himself, accepting defeat. Darrow takes control of the ship and orders Roque to tell his fleet to stand down, but Roque refuses out of duty and honor.

Darrow tries to convince Roque that this is the beginning of something better, but Roque believes their age is ending. As Darrow's forces destroy Roque's fleet with an ambush by Sevro, Roque prepares to take his own life, feeling he has lost his honor. Darrow pleads with Roque, telling him he needs him, but Roque is resolute. He declares he cannot live in Darrow's world, then kills himself on the bridge as his fleet falls around him. Darrow is devastated at the loss of his friend.

Chapter 51

Darrow is shaken after Roque's suicide. Victra takes command of the bridge and contacts Orion and Daxo for a status update. Their forces have gained the upper hand since Antonia abandoned the battle. Victra wants to pursue Antonia, but Darrow orders the ship to head for Ganymede instead. He tricks Romulus into thinking he is still battling through the ship, then refuses to intercept Antonia. When Romulus realizes the Colossus is headed for Ganymede's docks, he begs Darrow to stop. Darrow claims Roque is trying to destroy the docks as a last act of vengeance.

At the docks, Darrow debates with Victra and Holiday whether to actually destroy them. He knows it would ruin the Rim economy for decades. Darrow decides to fire on the docks, destroying a monument of Gold achievement built by Red labor. Thousands of lowColors die. Darrow renames the ship Tyr Morga, meaning Morning Star. He feels darkness whispering as death begets more death.

Chapter 52

In Chapter 52, Darrow meets with his allies to discuss their victory over Roque's fleet. Despite destroying the docks at Ganymede and gaining control over the orbitals, the cost in lives weighs heavily on Darrow. He argues with Mustang over the morality of his actions. Their debate is cut short when Orion au Raa arrives, having abandoned the battle to check on his family. Orion pledges the support of his fleet to Darrow's cause.

Darrow's forces now control Jupiter's orbitals and moons. He prepares to broadcast a message across the system declaring the end of the Sovereign's rule. Before recording his speech, Darrow has a private moment with Mustang where they reconcile. Darrow reflects on the hard road ahead and the inner darkness he must face. He proceeds to give a rousing speech where he declares himself the Reaper of Mars and urges the solar system to rise up and reclaim their freedom.

Chapter 53

In this chapter, Darrow grieves the death of his friend Roque. He watches old videos of their time together at the Institute and invites Cassius to join him, hoping to find some closure. The two share memories and insights, with Cassius admitting he wishes it was easier to hate Darrow.

Darrow meets with Romulus au Raa of the Moon Lords. Though they are wary allies after the battle, tensions remain. Romulus questions whether Darrow actually had nuclear weapons, realizing he was manipulated into the alliance. Darrow lies to maintain the precarious peace.

Darrow's fleet departs Jupiter after making repairs. He feels disconnected from his people despite their optimism. Darrow confides in Cassius about his isolation and doubts. He worries he is marching toward his own death and does not feel his wife's presence guiding him anymore.

Cassius understands Darrow's loneliness in leadership. He asks if Darrow is afraid of breaking the Society beyond repair in his war against the Sovereign. Darrow admits he relies on Mustang's wisdom to build something better from the wreckage. The two men find common ground in their grief, doubts and destiny tied to war.

Chapter 54

Darrow is woken by Sevro with news that Victra has engaged Antonia in battle and requests reinforcements. Darrow, Sevro, Mustang and the Howlers rush to join Victra aboard the Telemanus flagship. They arrive to find Victra has captured Antonia's fleet, rescuing Kavax au Telemanus in the process. Victra now possesses nearly 50 ships but her independence concerns Darrow and Sevro.

Darrow visits Antonia and another prisoner, Thistle, in the brig. He tells them whichever provides more intelligence about the Jackal will be spared. Thistle begs forgiveness for betraying Darrow and Sevro. Darrow understands her motivations but cannot forgive her betrayal of Sevro and the Howlers. With no time to waste, Darrow gives them an hour to decide if they will cooperate before he returns.

Chapter 55

Darrow joins Sevro, Mustang, and Victra in monitoring Antonia and Thistle's interrogation. Antonia manipulates Thistle into revealing information, but when Thistle tries to cooperate, Antonia brutally kills her through the bars separating their cells. Victra snaps and nearly beats Antonia to death before Sevro stops her.

Later, Sevro confides to Darrow that Victra ended their relationship, calling Sevro an idiot for confessing he loved her. Darrow reassures Sevro he is not an idiot. Sevro worries their war is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of death and they are outnumbered for the next battle. But Mustang says they can still change the paradigm and win.

Chapter 56

Darrow watches a video sent by the Jackal, showing the execution of his uncle Narol. The video was sent weeks ago but is just being received due to interference. Darrow realizes the rest of his fleet has likely seen the video too. He fears it will shatter the alliance between highColors and lowColors in his fleet.

Darrow contacts Mustang, who confirms Golds are already being attacked on ships in the fleet. She is stuck on Darrow's flagship trying to evacuate Gold crew members as lowColors riot after seeing the execution video. Darrow orders her to find Sefi for protection, but Mustang reveals Sefi is actually leading the rioters. Darrow rushes to get back to his fleet to try to stop the violence before it's too late.

Chapter 57

In Chapter 57, Darrow arrives on the Morning Star to find tensions have escalated between highColors and lowColors after the execution video of his uncle Narol was released. Several skirmishes have broken out across the fleet. Mustang is missing after trying to evacuate Golds from Darrow's flagship as it descends into rioting led by Sefi.

Darrow rushes with Kavax to the main hangar where Sefi has begun public executions of Gold prisoners including Cassius. She seeks vengeance for Obsidian deaths and views it as necessary for Obsidian safety. Darrow tries to talk her down, arguing this goes against Ragnar's wishes. When she refuses, Sevro dramatically intervenes, stopping her from killing Cassius. Through a staged execution of himself, Sevro shows the mob the cycle of violence and convinces Sefi to spare Cassius. His speech urges forgiveness over revenge, bringing the tensions to a head and resolving the conflict on the ship for now. Darrow realizes Sevro has grown into a leader who can inspire the masses.

Chapter 58

Darrow visits Sevro in the infirmary after his staged execution to stop the riot. Sevro is in pain but laughs it off. Mustang comes in and is impressed by Sevro's speech to unite the fleet. Sevro and Victra emerge from a private talk grinning - Victra proposed to Sevro.

Seven nights later, Sevro and Victra marry in a small ceremony. Darrow gives Victra away to Sevro. Mickey officiates the wedding. Despite tensions from the riot, the wedding brings joy and hope. Darrow reflects on how happy Sevro is.

After the ceremony is a huge fleet-wide celebration with dancing and drinking. Kavax dances drunkenly with Reds. Daxo and Darrow share a drink and Daxo observes how Mustang loves Darrow but holds back. Victra interrupts to make Daxo dance.

Holiday pulls Darrow away - the Jackal is contacting him directly. Darrow watches his friends dance, not wanting to spoil their joy. He feels a sudden dread about what the Jackal wants.

Chapter 59

Darrow has a tense video call with the Jackal, who taunts him about Roque's death. Mustang interrupts and confronts the Jackal about killing their father and others. The Jackal lashes out, revealing his bitterness and envy. Darrow tells the Jackal he pities him for being unable to find love or satisfaction despite his power. After the call ends, Darrow and Mustang have an intimate moment looking at the stars. Darrow realizes he wants a full life with Mustang beyond the war. They return to Sevro and Victra's wedding celebration, where Darrow watches his friends dance, dreading the next battle against the Jackal that could end it all.

Chapter 60

Darrow leads the Red Armada fleet in an attack on Luna, sailing past the Rubicon Beacons that mark the Sovereign's domain. Though outnumbered, Darrow's forces have the element of surprise. Darrow refuses to meet with the Sovereign's envoys, saying he has come for war. In private, Darrow clears a shuttle flight to release Cassius from captivity, keeping it secret to avoid angering the Obsidians.

Darrow and Sevro bring Cassius to the shuttle, but when Sevro tries to shake Cassius's hand in farewell, Cassius pulls a gun on him. Despite pleas from Darrow and Mustang, Cassius shoots Sevro repeatedly in the chest at point-blank range before Darrow can react. The chapter ends with Sevro's life hanging in the balance after Cassius's shocking betrayal.

Chapter 61

Sevro is shot and killed by Cassius, who betrays Darrow. Cassius and Antonia capture Darrow and Mustang and smuggle them off the ship in a container. They intercept a Sovereign ship led by Aja and reveal their prisoners. Aja is pleased they captured the Reaper and confirms no harm will come to Mustang. Cassius insists on this condition. Aja reveals the Jackal has set a trap for Darrow's fleet at Luna with the help of Augustus. Darrow realizes he has been outmaneuvered and is now a captive of his enemies.

Chapter 62

Darrow and Mustang are dragged off the shuttle by Obsidian guards and forced to kneel before the Jackal and his allies. Sevro's body is brought out, appearing dead from Cassius's betrayal. The Jackal's lieutenant, Lilath au Bacchus, oversees as Darrow is chained and his right hand is cut off by Cassius with Darrow's heated razor. The Jackal takes Darrow's severed hand as a trophy.

Cassius and Antonia have brought Darrow and Mustang to the Jackal per orders from the Sovereign's Ash Lord. But the Jackal intends to take them to the Sovereign himself. The Ash Lord contacts the Jackal, confirming the enemy fleet is coming. The Jackal rallies his followers to deliver Darrow and Mustang to the Sovereign in her bunker. Darrow endures excruciating pain as he is mutilated on the Jackal's orders before being transported as a prisoner.

Chapter 63

In this chapter, Darrow is brought as a prisoner before the Sovereign along with Mustang and Sevro's body. He has been mutilated, with his right hand cut off by Cassius. The Sovereign and her allies, including Aja, Cassius, Lysander and the Jackal, discuss the ongoing space battle against Darrow's forces. It's revealed Cassius and Antonia betrayed Darrow to gain favor with the Sovereign.

When Antonia tries to lie about her role in the previous battle against Roque, the Sovereign sees through it. She accuses Antonia of cowardice and dereliction of duty, sentencing her to death. Aja executes Antonia by strangling her. The Sovereign then turns her attention to Darrow, intent on dealing with him next.

Chapter 64

Darrow is brought before the Sovereign to be executed. The Jackal is given the honor of killing Darrow, but his gun is filled with blanks as part of Darrow's secret plan with Cassius. When the gun fails to fire, Cassius kills the Sovereign's guards and frees Darrow and Mustang. Darrow stabs and kills the Sovereign. Aja tries to kill Darrow but he, Mustang and Cassius fight her together. Though skilled, they struggle to defeat Aja who severely injures them. Darrow realizes Aja will kill them one by one. He goes to Sevro's body and injects him with a stimulant to wake him from faking death. Sevro awakens, ready to rejoin the fight.

Chapter 65

Darrow injects Sevro with a stimulant, reviving him from faking death after being shot by Cassius. Sevro joins the fight against Aja. Together, Darrow, Mustang, Cassius and Sevro mortally wound Aja, revealing she can bleed. Sevro delivers the killing blows to Aja and the Sovereign's head of security.

Darrow's group confronts the dying Sovereign Octavia. Cassius shows her a recording exposing her complicity in the Jackal's massacre of his family. Octavia claims it was necessary sacrifice to rule. Darrow judges her by the Reaper legend. She warns Darrow he will have to commit sins too if he rules. With her last breath, Octavia begs Darrow to stop the Jackal.

After Octavia dies, the Jackal, still pinned down, begins laughing ominously. Darrow feels only dread, knowing the Jackal remains a threat even with the Sovereign dead.

Chapter 66

In Chapter 66, Darrow confronts the Jackal after killing the Sovereign. The Jackal reveals he has hidden hundreds of nuclear warheads across Luna that his lieutenant Lilath will detonate. Darrow realizes the Jackal was blackmailing the Sovereign - she would name him successor if he didn't destroy the moon.

The Jackal demands Darrow kill himself to save three billion lives. When Darrow refuses, the Jackal has Lilath detonate bombs, killing millions. Darrow violently rips out the Jackal's tongue so he can't give more orders. Darrow contacts Victra to destroy the Jackal's ship, but she says it's too well defended.

On Lysander's advice, Mustang contacts the Ash Lord and Gold fleet, revealing the truth. She asks them to help stop the bombs. The Ash Lord is enraged but Lysander persuades him. Mustang rallies the Golds to stop Lilath and embrace change. Lysander symbolically hands Mustang the Sovereign's scepter, calling her their conqueror.

Chapter 67

After the Sovereign's death, Luna descends into chaos as the Jackal detonates nuclear bombs across the moon. Millions are killed. Darrow and Mustang meet with the Ash Lord's fleet and convince them to help stop the Jackal's lieutenant Lilath from detonating more bombs. Mustang rallies the Golds to embrace change. A week later, Mustang watches as her brother the Jackal is executed by hanging for his crimes. Though no one else steps forward, Mustang pulls the lever herself to give him a quick death. Darrow reflects that the Jackal will never be forgotten despite his demise.

Chapter 68

In the aftermath of the war, Mustang has begun dismantling the color hierarchy and Gold military power as Sovereign. Darrow reflects on the compromised victory and that change will be gradual. He says goodbye to Cassius, who leaves with Lysander to find a new life away from politics. Darrow visits Earth for the first time with Mustang, who reveals she has been testing him to see if he can build, not just destroy. A ship arrives carrying Darrow's mother, friends, and a young boy named Pax who Mustang introduces as their son. Darrow realizes his friends have made him whole again. The chapter ends with them together on the beach, looking forward to shaping the future.

Chapter 69

In this chapter, Darrow learns that Mustang secretly gave birth to their son Pax nine months earlier, while Darrow was imprisoned and tortured by the Jackal. She kept the pregnancy and birth hidden to protect the child during the ongoing war. Pax was cared for in secret by Kavax's wife in the asteroid belt.

Darrow reflects on Mustang's motivations, realizing she wanted to make peace not just for herself but to give Pax a world without war. He understands why she tested him - to see if he could move beyond being a destroyer and become a builder and father.

With the war over, Darrow visits Earth for the first time with Mustang, who reveals she was testing him. A ship arrives carrying Darrow's mother, friends, and Pax. Darrow realizes his friends have made him whole again. He now feels capable of being both a father to Pax and a leader to shape the future. Darrow knows the sacrifices of the war will haunt their new world, but he is no longer alone. Together with Mustang and his friends, each carrying part of Eo's dream, Darrow feels hopeful they can build a better world for Pax and future generations.