Fourth Wing

What happened in Fourth Wing

By Rebecca Yarros

The book follows Violet Sorrengail, a young woman raised to be a scribe who is forced by her mother, a prominent general, to train as an elite dragon rider instead. On her first day at the prestigious Basgiath War College, Violet meets Xaden Riorson, the embittered son of a rebel leader killed by Violet's mother. Though they are enemies at first, a connection forms when Violet risks her life to protect a rare golden dragon. The golden dragon and an ancient black dragon both unexpectedly choose Violet as their rider, linking her fate with Xaden's.

As Violet struggles to survive the brutal rider training, she and Xaden grow closer despite their families' violent history. Violet discovers the ability to wield destructive lightning while also developing healing magic. After graduation, Xaden reveals he is part of a secret rebellion fighting mythical venin - evil magic wielders draining the land's power. Though hurt by Xaden's lies, Violet joins his cause when she sees the venin are real. As the venin become an increasing threat, Violet stands up to her mother and fights alongside Xaden, using her gifts to help defeat the venin army. She embraces her destiny while struggling to balance her affection for Xaden with distrust over his betrayals. In the end, Violet comes into her own as a powerful rider and rebel heroine.

Fourth Wing Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

The chapter introduces Violet Sorrengail on Conscription Day as she prepares to enter the Riders Quadrant at Basgiath War College. Violet was raised to be a scribe but her mother, the general, forces her to enter the dangerous Riders Quadrant instead. Violet's sister Mira, a successful rider, tries to convince their mother to let Violet be a scribe, but fails.

Mira helps prepare Violet, giving her advice and special riding gear. They arrive at the college where candidates must cross a narrow stone bridge called the parapet to reach the Riders Quadrant. Violet befriends two other candidates, Rhiannon and Dylan. On the parapet, Violet meets Xaden Riorson, the son of the leader of a rebellion that killed her brother. Xaden hates Violet for her mother's role in killing his father. Dylan falls from the parapet while Violet and Xaden face off. Xaden tells Violet it's her turn to cross the deadly bridge.

Chapter 2

Violet crosses the parapet bridge, reciting facts to stay calm. Another candidate, Jack, throws a boy off the bridge and then tries to kill Violet. She makes it across safely but Jack vows revenge. At the end, Violet lowers her dagger but keeps it ready, as Jack threatens to kill her.

Chapter 3

Violet is now a cadet in the Riders Quadrant. She reunites with her childhood friend Dain Aetos, now a second-year rider. Dain tries to sneak Violet out to the Scribe Quadrant to protect her, but she refuses. At the cadet assembly, Violet ends up assigned to the same wing as Xaden Riorson, who hates her. The new cadets are terrified when dragons land on the walls and incinerate cadets trying to flee. Xaden warns the cadets they are prey to the dragons. Violet resolves not to show fear even as the dragons intimidate the cadets.

Chapter 4

In chapter 4, Violet attends a memorial service for the candidates who died during the Parapet trial. She reunites with her childhood friend Dain Aetos, now a second-year rider. Dain warns Violet that Xaden Riorson, a ruthless rider who hates Violet, has moved her squad to target her. At the memorial, Violet sees Xaden watching her menacingly. She flees when Xaden approaches, afraid he will attack her without cause due to his hatred of her family.

Chapter 5

Violet attends her first Battle Brief class, taught by Professor Devera and Professor Markham. They discuss a recent attack by Braevi gryphons and riders on a Navarrian village, revealing this is not the first time the protective wards have failed. Violet impresses the professors by deducing the squad was already on its way when the attack happened.

In combat training, Violet watches her squadmates spar. A ruthless cadet named Jack breaks another student's neck. Violet is paired against a second-year student named Imogen who resents Violet because of her mother's role in the rebellion. Imogen tries to stab Violet but her hidden armor protects her. When Violet refuses to yield, Imogen dislocates her shoulder.

Chapter 6

Violet is taken to the healer's quadrant after her shoulder is dislocated during a fight. Her friend Dain wants the healers to let her shoulder heal naturally so she can be transferred to the scribe quadrant, but Violet insists on being mended by the healer Nolon so she can return to rider training quickly. Nolon mends her shoulder, causing her immense pain. When Violet returns to the barracks, her sister Mira has left her a secret journal written by their late brother Brennan when he was a rider trainee. It contains advice and insider knowledge to help Violet survive rider training. Violet realizes the journal can help her learn who she will be fighting in upcoming combat challenges so she can prepare and survive.

Chapter 7

In chapter 7, Violet sneaks out after curfew to collect poisonous fonilee berries from a tree by the river. She spots Xaden meeting with a group of marked ones, including Imogen, who want to kill Violet for revenge. Xaden says Violet is his to handle. After the meeting, Xaden catches Violet eavesdropping but lets her go with a warning not to tell anyone about the illegal meeting. Violet agrees not to tell since the riders were only helping the younger students. Xaden says he owes Violet a favor for keeping his secret.

Chapter 8

In chapter 8, Violet prepares poisoned food for her next combat challenge opponent, Oren Seifert. In battle class, Professor Kaori discusses the different types of dragons the cadets will encounter at Threshing. Violet realizes there are fewer dragons willing to bond this year. At the combat challenge, Violet poisons Oren, making him sick so she can easily defeat him. Violet continues poisoning opponents over the next few weeks to win more challenges. However, her intended opponent, Rayma, becomes ill before their match. Instead, Xaden volunteers to challenge Violet.

Chapter 9

Violet faces off against Xaden in combat training. Though she tries her best, he easily defeats her, disarming her of all her daggers without using any weapons himself. He reveals he knows she's been poisoning opponents and warns her to stop. After, Dain tells Violet he asked the head scribe to transfer her to the Scribe Quadrant for her safety. Though reluctant, Violet agrees to consider it.

Chapter 10

Violet and her squadmates face the Gauntlet, a dangerous obstacle course carved into the side of a cliff that cadets must complete to qualify for dragon bonding. Violet's friend Aurelie falls to her death halfway through. At Aurelie's memorial, Violet is devastated. Violet takes Aurelie's belongings to the burn pit to be incinerated since her parents won't claim them. Violet runs into Xaden after curfew and they have a tense conversation where Violet admits she's losing hope of surviving rider training. Xaden challenges her to stop sulking and figure out how to conquer the Gauntlet despite her disadvantages.

Chapter 11

Violet faces the Gauntlet obstacle course on Presentation Day. Many cadets have died attempting it. Her friend Dain begs her to quit rider training but she refuses. At the Gauntlet, Violet uses innovative techniques like ropes and daggers to overcome obstacles designed for larger cadets. She succeeds but is accused of cheating by Amber. Violet defends herself using the Rider Codex. Her wingleader Xaden allows her techniques. Violet's hands are shredded from the ropes but she cheers on her squadmates. They all pass the Gauntlet.

Chapter 12

On Presentation Day, Violet's squad walks past the line of dragons to allow the dragons to assess them. Violet's friend Pryor is killed by a dragon's fire. Two green dragons approach and sniff Violet, detecting the dragon scales her sister sewed into her vest. Violet explains the scales are from her sister's dragon, Teine. The dragons retreat without harming Violet. As the squad continues walking, another cadet, Luca, is also killed by a dragon. Violet's squad is now down to just six members after the deadly dragon presentations.

Chapter 13

On the first day of October, the first-year cadets enter the forested valley where they will meet the dragons and hopefully bond with one. Violet is unsure which dragon she will bond with. She sees several dragons but doesn't feel a connection. Wanting a better view, she climbs a tree and spots a golden dragon with feathers on its tail in a clearing. She remembers this rare dragon from before.

Violet overhears three other cadets, Jack, Tynan and Oren, planning to kill the defenseless golden dragon. They believe it is too weak to be a proper dragon. Violet races to the clearing to warn the golden dragon but injures her ankle on the way. At the clearing, she tries to get the dragon to flee but it doesn't understand. When Jack, Tynan and Oren arrive, Violet stands between them and the dragon, willing to defend it.

Before they can attack, Xaden appears with his dragon Sgaeyl. He orders Jack, Tynan and Oren to stand down. They argue that the golden dragon is too weak. Xaden counters that they cannot decide which dragons live or die. He orders them to leave. After they go, Xaden tells Violet most people would not risk themselves for a weak dragon. He says the dragon should choose its own rider. To Violet's shock, the golden dragon approaches and sniffs her hair. Xaden says it has chosen Violet.

Chapter 14

Violet faces off against three cadets, Jack, Tynan and Oren, who want to kill a rare golden dragon they believe is too weak. Xaden arrives to observe but cannot interfere. Violet fights the three, wounding Jack and Oren, but Tynan stabs her arm. The golden dragon tries to help but has no claws to defend itself. Just as Tynan is about to kill Violet, an enormous black dragon appears and kills Tynan with its fire. It communicates telepathically with Violet, telling her to kill the unconscious Oren but she refuses on principle. The black dragon reveals its name is Tairneanach and chooses Violet as its rider. It bows down to let her climb on its back. As they take off flying, Violet loses her grip and falls off the dragon's back.

Chapter 15

Violet falls off Tairneanach's back while flying to the flight field after bonding with him. He catches her and tells her to hold on tighter. At the flight field, the other dragons are divided into those who already bonded versus the new pairs. When Tairneanach lands with Violet, the crowd is shocked since he is a legendary dragon who hasn't bonded in years. Violet dismounts, limping on her injured ankle. She talks briefly to the golden dragon, warning her not to speak to humans. Violet goes to the roll-keeper to register Tairneanach's name. Her mother, General Lilith Sorrengail, watches but doesn't acknowledge Violet. Right as Violet gives the roll-keeper Tairneanach's name, the golden dragon, Andarnaurram, tells Violet telepathically that she has also chosen Violet as her rider. Violet is shocked but tells the roll-keeper Andarna's name too. This causes an uproar since a rider bonding with two dragons is unheard of.

Chapter 16

In chapter 16, Violet deals with the aftermath of bonding with two dragons at Threshing. The dragon leadership, the Empyrean, holds a meeting to decide if this unprecedented event will be allowed. Meanwhile, Violet's friend Dain accuses Xaden of manipulating the bonding process so Tairn would choose Violet. Xaden denies doing so, and reveals that as Tairn's rider, Violet's life is now tied to his own. If she dies, it could kill both Tairn and Xaden's dragon, Sgaeyl.

The Empyrean decides to allow Violet's double bond. After the ceremony where riders are marked by their dragons, Dain kisses Violet, but she realizes she no longer wants a romantic relationship with him. Xaden warns Violet that the unbonded riders will try to kill her so they can attempt to bond with Tairn before his bond strengthens. Violet must stay near Xaden for protection. She struggles to accept that her life is now tied to a man who hates her family.

Chapter 17

In chapter 17, Violet attends her first dragon flight training session. Her injured ankle makes mounting and staying seated on Tairn's back difficult, and she falls off multiple times as he refuses to use his power to hold her in place. Violet wants to be able to ride on her own so they can both conserve power for battle.

After training, Violet's friend Dain implies he has romantic feelings for her but they can't be together due to their ranks. Violet realizes she doesn't have feelings for him.

Violet then goes to the gym to train with Imogen, who hates her. Imogen was ordered by Xaden to help Violet get stronger. During training, Violet suspects Imogen and Xaden are romantic. She feels jealous but denies it. Imogen makes Violet do thigh exercises to strengthen her legs for riding.

Chapter 18

In this chapter, Violet visits the Archives and sees her friend Jesinia, now a first-year scribe. Jesinia can't find the book of fables Violet remembers from her childhood. After returning rider books, Violet attends flight class. Her friend Dain confronts her about her inability to stay seated while flying. He worries she won't survive rider training. Violet argues with him, saying his lack of faith in her abilities makes them incompatible.

In the courtyard, a first-year's mindreading powers manifest violently. Professor Carr kills him to end the chaos. Violet realizes mindreaders like Jeremiah are sentenced to death. She recites facts to block her thoughts on Xaden's advice. That night, Violet dreams of her father saying she should have been a scribe. She's woken by an attack - several cadets, including Oren, invade her room to try to kill her so they can bond with Tairn. Violet fights them off as best she can. Just as Oren is about to slit her throat, Andarna freezes time and tells Violet to flee.

Chapter 19

In chapter 19, Violet and Xaden go through a secret tunnel from her dorm room to the flight field to speak with their dragons about the attack. Xaden demands to know how the attackers got into Violet's locked room. The golden dragon Andarna reveals she has the rare ability to briefly stop time, which she used to help Violet escape. They realize Andarna is only two years old, still a juvenile dragon. Her kind, the feathertails, shouldn't bond so young because their powers are unstable. Violet worries that Professor Carr will have her killed when he finds out about her time powers, like he did to the mindreader Jeremiah. Xaden makes Violet and the dragons promise not to tell anyone about Andarna's gift. On the way back, Violet reveals to Xaden that one of the attackers was a female rider, though she doesn't know who it was. Xaden vows to find out.

Chapter 20

Violet attends morning formation where eight riders are listed as dead, including six of her attackers from the previous night. Xaden announces that Violet was attacked and he executed six of the attackers. He accuses wingleader Amber of orchestrating the attack. Amber denies it but Tairn shares Violet's memory with the other dragons, proving Amber's guilt. The wingleaders find Amber guilty and sentence her to death by dragon fire. Despite Violet's pleas for mercy, Tairn kills Amber, saying justice is not always merciful. Amber's dragon Claidh mourns her rider's death with an anguished scream.

Chapter 21

In this chapter, Violet attends classes at the Riders Quadrant. She visits the Archives with her bodyguard Liam, who was assigned to protect her by Xaden after an attack. Violet learns more of Liam's background - he is from a disgraced noble family in Tyrrendor and was fostered with Xaden after the rebellion.

In Battle Brief class, Violet is shocked when the professors discuss an ancient battle instead of a recent attack on the southern border that she read about in a scroll. She wonders if the attack was classified. After class, Xaden uses his magic to help Violet without her realizing. Violet continues to grapple with her growing feelings for Xaden despite his past hatred of her family.

Chapter 22

In chapter 22, Violet experiences channeling her dragon's power for the first time. She feels overwhelmed by lust and seeks out Xaden, who is smoking churam by the river. Xaden agrees to teach Violet how to shield her mind from Tairn's emotions. He helps Violet visualize closing a mental door to block the lustful feelings. After Violet succeeds in shielding, sexual tension builds between her and Xaden. They give in and share a passionate kiss against the wall until Xaden abruptly stops, saying Violet's desire isn't her own. He sends her away before things go too far. Violet returns to her room confused, realizing the lust was Tairn's but her attraction to Xaden is her own. She worries about facing Xaden again after their intimate moment.

Chapter 23

In this chapter, Violet faces off against Jack in a challenge match. She knows Jack intends to kill her, not just win the match. Violet asks her friend Liam to keep it a secret that she knows about the match ahead of time. During the fight, Jack uses excessive force and his rider powers against Violet, nearly killing her. As a last resort, Violet poisons Jack by forcing him to ingest orange juice, which he is deathly allergic to. Jack goes into anaphylactic shock and Violet passes out. She wakes up hours later in the infirmary with Xaden at her bedside, angry she kept the fight a secret from him.

Chapter 24

Violet is recovering from being stabbed in the arm during a challenge match with Jack. Xaden is at her bedside and criticizes her for not telling him about the deadly match ahead of time. He says he can't trust others to properly train and protect her, so he will be taking over.

The next day, Xaden begins personally training Violet in combat. He has a custom dagger made for her smaller frame. Though she tries to refuse the gift, he forces her to "earn" it by beating him in a match. After she disarms him, he gives her the dagger.

Over the next month, Xaden trains Violet constantly in combat, wielding, and flying. He pushes her to her limits but helps her improve. Violet continues struggling to manifest her signet. When Xaden pulls her from class one day, her squad leader Dain objects, worried about her wielding progress. Xaden proves she has practiced by making Violet use her powers.

Xaden takes Violet flying despite the cold weather. He implies after graduation they will both be sent to the dangerous front lines to appease their bonded dragons. Violet realizes she will lose freedom over her future military posts due to her dragon bond.

They see Violet's mother, General Sorrengail, who criticizes Violet's lack of wielding abilities. Violet lies about the powers of her second dragon, Andarna, to avoid letting them study and exploit the young feathertail. Afterward, Xaden reveals he paid an unspecified price for his past loyalty to the rebellion. Violet opens up about her difficult relationship with her mother. Xaden reassures Violet her mother doesn't know her well. They prepare to fly together to improve Violet's riding skills.

Chapter 25

In chapter 25, Violet's squad competes in the final event of the Squad Battle, a competition between the rider squads. Their leaders have been "sequestered" so the squads must complete a mission on their own. Their task is to steal the item that would be most useful to the enemy war effort.

Violet comes up with the idea to steal a map from her mother's office showing all the current troop locations and skirmishes. Her squad sneaks through the halls and uses their powers to distract the guard and get into the office. They find letters indicating growing unrest in Tyrrendor province over conscription that is being kept secret. Violet decides the map is the most valuable item.

Using their powers, Violet's squad gets the large map out of the office just as the guard catches them. They knock him out and escape. At the presentation of stolen items, Violet's squad unveils the map, shocking the leadership. Violet explains they stole it from her mother's office, proving it's current and valuable. The risky mission succeeds, impressing Xaden.

Chapter 26

Violet and her squad travel to the Montserrat border outpost for training. Violet is reunited with her sister Mira, who is stationed there. Rhiannon reveals her village is nearby and wants to visit her family. Violet and Rhiannon sneak out to fly there, and Mira catches them but agrees to come along. At Rhiannon's house, they meet her new baby nephew.

Back at the outpost, Mira and Violet discuss the attacks along the border and the information riders receive. Violet admits her strained relationship with Dain. Mira warns Violet about Xaden but says she's glad he saved her life.

Later, Violet and Rhiannon sneak out again to visit her family. Xaden is there waiting when they leave the house, having followed Violet.

Chapter 27

Violet and her squad are at the Montserrat border outpost for training under her sister Mira's command. During a hypothetical battle exercise, tensions rise between Dain and Xaden over Violet. Afterward, Mira confronts them about their behavior jeopardizing the squad dynamics. An alarm sounds warning of an impending gryphon attack on the outpost. Mira insists Violet and Xaden flee to safety despite their offers to help defend the keep.

Xaden forces Violet to leave with him as the rest of the squad stays to fight. He takes her to the roof to fly away on their dragons. Before leaving, Xaden kisses Violet passionately, knowing she will hate him for making her abandon her sister and squad. Their dragons arrive and Xaden puts Violet on Tairn's back. They fly away from the besieged outpost, leaving Violet devastated.

Chapter 28

In chapter 28, Violet and her squad compete in the War Games, a battle simulation that is part of the graduation requirements at the Riders Quadrant. Violet uses a special saddle designed by Xaden to help her stay seated while riding her dragon Tairn. During the games, Violet spots an enemy outpost guarding a crystal egg they are supposed to steal. She warns Xaden.

Violet's squad is tasked with defending their flag. When they are attacked by enemy dragons, Violet sees her friend Liam get stabbed and kicked off his dragon by the ruthless Jack. Violet desperately uses her dragon Andarna's time manipulation power to freeze time and allow Tairn to catch Liam before he hits the ground.

Enraged, Violet goes after Jack, who is gloating atop a tower. As she charges him, Violet feels her power surge uncontrollably as if it is backlashing. She screams and lightning erupts from her hands, destroying the tower and killing Jack. Tairn confirms Violet has manifested the rare gift of lightning wielding.

Chapter 29

Violet is devastated after killing Jack with her newfound lightning wielding abilities during the War Games battle simulation. She returns to her room and throws daggers at a target, imagining it as the people she has killed. Xaden visits her, admitting he is drawn to her despite their complicated past. He validates her conflicted feelings about killing Jack, saying she is allowed to feel upset even though it was necessary.

Violet vents her frustration that her destructive lightning wielding reflects the violent capability within her, unlike her hopes of having a healing ability like her late brother. Xaden reassures her this power doesn't define her. When he goads Violet to take her anger out on him, she kisses him passionately instead.

Chapter 30

In this chapter, Violet wakes up after spending the night with Xaden. Though he is gone, he left her a jar of violets, showing he cares. Professor Carr arrives to take Violet to train her new lightning wielding ability away from anything flammable. He implies Violet could be dangerous if she can't control her power. At the remote mountain training area, Carr tells Violet he understands why she doesn't trust him after he killed the mindreading cadet Jeremiah. Carr says he had to kill Jeremiah because mindreaders are security risks.

Carr tells Violet to focus on the emotions she felt when she wielded lightning before. Violet remembers how Xaden mentally showed her intimate memories to trigger her power. She succeeds in wielding lightning several times, though not accurately. Carr warns her not to exhaust herself wielding Tairn's immense power. Though the training is difficult, Violet makes progress in controlling her new ability.

Chapter 31

On Reunification Day, Violet attends a party at Basgiath where she encounters King Tauri, General Melgren, and her mother. They question her about Xaden's loyalty, but she defends him. Liam accompanies Violet to the party despite the uncomfortable glances at his rebellion relic. Violet realizes Xaden is absent from the party likely due to its celebration of the end of the rebellion that killed his father. After leaving the party, Violet seeks out Xaden, finding him at the parapet. She steps onto the narrow bridge, determined to be there for him even if he tries to push her away.

Chapter 32

On the anniversary of the end of the rebellion, Violet goes to find Xaden, who is mourning alone on the parapet bridge. She tells him she loves him and wants to be with him, no matter their uncertain future. Xaden admits he wants to be with her too. Violet leads him back to his room, where they make love passionately. Their intimacy causes Violet's lightning wielding power to shatter Xaden's window. Afterward, they continue expressing their feelings physically. They are interrupted when Garrick comes to tell Xaden the Riders Quadrant is being called to formation because the school is under attack.

Chapter 33

Violet is abruptly woken by an urgent summons to a mandatory formation for the entire Riders Quadrant. She hurriedly dresses and borrows Xaden's flight jacket. At the formation, it's revealed to be a surprise start to the War Games battle simulation. The squad leaders must choose border outposts to defend, with headquarters at Athebyne for Fourth Wing. Violet realizes Athebyne is where Xaden had his secretive solo mission. To her shock, Xaden selects her for his headquarters squad, along with Liam and Imogen. Dain strongly objects, arguing Violet isn't ready and it's too dangerous. Xaden insists the bonded dragons can't be apart long. An argument erupts between Dain and Xaden, with Dain accusing Xaden of plotting to use Violet for revenge. Violet defends Xaden and agrees to join his squad. Dain is hurt realizing Violet and Xaden are involved. As they head to their dragons, Violet reflects on the two important men walking away, and that by following Xaden beyond the wards, her life will change forever.

Chapter 34

In this chapter, Violet flies with Xaden and his squad past the protective wards to the Athebyne border outpost for the War Games battle simulation. Violet struggles with her conflicted feelings for Xaden now that they have become intimate, and worries about protecting her young dragon, Andarna. The squad stops to rest at a lake before reaching Athebyne. Violet and Xaden share a private moment, but are interrupted when two enemy gryphon riders appear. Xaden prevents Violet from attacking and passes her off to Liam, who restrains her. Xaden then greets the gryphon riders, revealing he was expecting them. Violet is shocked and betrayed.

Chapter 35

In chapter 35, Violet confronts Xaden about his apparent betrayal, working with enemy gryphon riders. Xaden explains the gryphon riders are called fliers, and they are working together to get weapons to fight venin - mythical dark magic wielders that Violet thought were just folklore. Xaden says the venin are real and have been attacking Poromiel, draining magic from the land. He says Navarre's leadership knows but hides this so the venin don't attack them.

Xaden gives Violet a dagger made of venin-killing alloy to prove he's telling the truth. Though shocked, Violet believes him but doesn't trust him anymore after his lies. They fly to the Athebyne outpost with Xaden's squad, who all have rebellion relics. The outpost is deserted when they arrive.

Xaden realizes Dain must have read Violet's mind and learned of Xaden's trips here, telling his father. Colonel Aetos left a note for Xaden saying their mission is to survive. Xaden says they've been sent here to die. Liam sees something bad approaching past the trading post.

Chapter 36

In chapter 36, Violet and the other riders continue battling the venin and wyvern attacking the Poromish trading post of Resson. Violet uses her new lightning wielding abilities to take down multiple wyvern, but there are too many enemies and riders start getting killed. Her friend Soleil is killed by a venin's magic.

Liam's dragon Deigh is fatally wounded fighting a wyvern. When Deigh dies, Liam only has minutes left to live before their bond kills him too. Violet helps carry Liam to Deigh so he can die beside his dragon.

Xaden arrives just as Liam passes away. He and Violet realize a huge swarm of at least fifty wyvern is approaching. Xaden tells Violet that Liam said there are two wyvern riders she can kill to take down all the others. Xaden stays behind to hold off the wyvern horde with his magic while Violet takes to the air on Tairn to hunt the riders.

Determined to get revenge for her fallen friends, Violet channels all her rage and starts striking the wyvern with lightning, taking several down. But then Tairn is attacked from behind and wounded. Violet prepares to fight back against the new threat.

Chapter 37

In chapter 37, Violet faces off against a venin rider while flying on her dragon Tairn's back during a battle. The venin stabs Tairn and injures Violet, but Violet manages to kill her using the venin-slaying dagger Xaden gave her. This causes the wyverns created by that venin to die as well.

Violet realizes killing the venin riders is the key to winning the battle. She sees the venin leader disappear mysteriously. Xaden is barely holding back a horde of 50 wyverns. At Violet's urging, he drops the shadows restraining them so she can attack.

Violet channels all of Tairn and Andarna's power into her lightning wielding ability. She slows time and precisely strikes the venin rider controlling the wyvern horde with a massive lightning bolt, killing him. This causes over half the wyverns to die as well.

Xaden kills the remaining venin rider. With the venin dead, their wyverns fall and the battle is won. But Violet is gravely injured and falls unconscious from Tairn's back as they fly.

Chapter 38

In this chapter, Violet is gravely injured and poisoned during a battle against venin and wyvern. She falls unconscious from her dragon Tairn's back while they are flying. Xaden catches her and realizes she has been poisoned. He insists on taking her somewhere closer for treatment rather than back to the Riders Quadrant, despite the risks.

Violet drifts in and out of consciousness as Xaden carries her. She overhears the others discussing her dire condition and debating how to save her. Xaden is frantic, saying he doesn't care what happens to himself as long as Violet lives.

They fly to the Cliffs of Dralor. Violet briefly regains consciousness and realizes how close to death she is from the unknown poison. Xaden whispers for her to fight and live. The others question if this is the right course of action, but Xaden insists they have to try to save Violet. She passes out again from the pain.

When Violet wakes again, she hears Xaden speaking urgently to someone, begging them to save her life. Though disoriented, she recognizes they have reached their destination, wherever it may be.

Chapter 39

In chapter 39, Xaden waits anxiously at Violet's bedside as she recovers from a near-fatal wyvern poisoning. When she finally wakes up after three days, Xaden is relieved but worried about her memory loss. Violet seems to have no recollection of recent events and acts warmly toward Xaden at first.

However, it becomes clear Violet was only pretending to have amnesia to see how Xaden would react. She confronts him about bringing her to the rebuilt town of Aretia without her consent. Xaden admits he kept the truth about the venin secret from her, breaking her trust. Though Violet agrees to join Xaden's cause, she makes it clear she can't be with him romantically anymore due to his lies.

Xaden vows to earn back her trust, insisting she still loves him. Before they can continue, Xaden's presumed dead brother Brennan arrives, shocking Violet. Brennan welcomes Violet to "the revolution," implying he is part of Xaden's rebel group.

Chapter 40

In chapter 40, Violet wakes up in the rebel stronghold of Aretia after nearly dying from wyvern poison. She confronts Xaden about bringing her there without consent. Though grateful he saved her life, she is upset he kept secrets about the venin. Violet agrees to help Xaden fight the venin but ends their romantic relationship, unable to trust him after his betrayal.

Violet explores Aretia with Imogen and Garrick. She meets Xaden's presumed dead brother Brennan, who reveals he helped rebuild Aretia. Violet trains her lightning wielding with Brennan's help. She bonds further with her dragon Andarna.

Violet learns more about the venin from Brennan. He says they were created long ago by dark magic but were mostly destroyed, except for a few who went into hiding before resurfacing. The venin can only be killed by special daggers. Brennan says Violet is part of an ancient prophecy about the "Fated One" who will defeat the venin.

When a badly injured flier named Ori arrives, Violet helps heal him with her untrained healing magic. Ori reveals the venin are amassing an army and plan to attack Aretia. Xaden says they must strike against the venin stronghold preemptively despite being outnumbered. Violet reluctantly agrees to join the dangerous mission.

Chapter 41

Violet joins Xaden and the rebels on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the venin stronghold and assassinate their leaders. She disguises herself as a venin using magic. Inside the stronghold, Violet wanders away from the group and finds a secret passage. She descends and discovers the venin are breeding an army of wyvern. The venin leader captures Violet and reveals he knows her true identity. He uses blood magic to control her and force her to wield lightning against Xaden when he arrives. Xaden tries to break the venin's control over Violet as they battle. Ultimately Xaden stabs the venin leader, freeing Violet. But in the chaos, the venin's second-in-command escapes. Though shaken, Violet is unharmed. She and Xaden argue over his willingness to sacrifice her for the mission. Violet insists she is not his possession to be used as a weapon. Xaden reluctantly agrees to treat her as an equal partner moving forward. They return to Aretia, having dealt a blow to the venin army but knowing the threat still remains.

Chapter 42

Violet and Xaden continue training her healing magic, but she struggles to make progress. Xaden is cold and distant, still upset over their fight after the venin stronghold mission.

Violet goes to help Brennan gather herbs in the forest. They are attacked by venin. Brennan is badly injured protecting Violet. She desperately tries to heal him, finally succeeding in manifesting her healing gift.

They return to find Aretia under attack by the venin second-in-command and his wyvern army. Many rebels are killed before Violet and the others can help fight back.

Xaden arrives and confronts the venin leader. Violet helps Xaden defeat him using her healing magic to counteract the venin's life-draining power.

After the venin army retreats, Violet tries to heal the surviving rebels, exhausting herself. Xaden softens toward her, impressed by her bravery and healing skill. They reaffirm their love and commitment to each other. Violet vows to stand by Xaden's side as an equal partner.

Chapter 43

Violet is recovering from the battle against the venin. Xaden cares for her while she sleeps. When she wakes, they discuss the venin leader's ominous warning that Violet will "become like them." Violet worries it means she will turn evil from using her lightning power. Xaden reassures her that her choices define her.

Brennan shares intelligence on increased venin activity near the Montserrat border. Violet realizes the venin must be targeting her home city, Basgiath. Xaden, Violet, and the rebels fly to Basgiath to help defend it against the expected venin attack. At the city, Violet's mother General Sorrengail arrests Xaden for desertion. Violet stands up to her mother, saying Xaden was only trying to protect Poromiel from the venin. Her mother refuses to believe the venin exist. Violet challenges her mother to kill her if she wants to execute Xaden. Ultimately the general releases Xaden, but orders Violet and Xaden to remain in Basgiath under surveillance. Violet worries about how they will stop the venin without her mother's support.

Chapter 44

In chapter 44, Violet and Xaden are under house arrest in Basgiath after Violet's confrontation with her mother, General Sorrengail. Violet's friend Rhiannon visits and updates her on the rider squad. Rhiannon agrees to spy for Violet and learn what the military knows about the venin.

Violet and Xaden spar to stay battle ready. Sexual tension builds between them but Violet maintains distance, still hurt over Xaden's lies. They debate how to convince Violet's mother the venin are real when a venin attack hits the city.

Chaos erupts as wyverns and venin invade Basgiath. The riders struggle to fight them off. Violet and Xaden escape custody to help defend the city. Violet uses her healing magic to save injured civilians and riders.

General Sorrengail sees firsthand the venin are real and a threat. She agrees to an alliance with Xaden's rebels. Violet tries tracking the venin but they disappear after causing much destruction.

After the attack, Violet's mother awards her and Xaden medals for their service. Violet is grateful but conflicted, knowing the venin will return. Xaden promises they will face the threat together. Violet admits she wants to trust him again. They rekindle their intimate relationship.

Chapter 45

In chapter 45, Violet and Xaden lead a group of rebels in an attack on the Riders stronghold of Basgiath. They fly in on their dragons under cover of night and use explosives to breach the citadel walls. Chaos erupts as they battle rider soldiers to gain control.

Violet fights her way to the archives to try to free the captive fey inside. She discovers her mother, General Sorrengail, has set explosive charges around the archives, intending to destroy them. Violet duels with her mother, their relationship fractured by Violet's rebellion. Xaden arrives and helps Violet defeat Sorrengail.

With Basgiath under their control, Xaden gives a rousing speech to the people declaring the end of the Riders' tyranny and the dawn of a new republic. Violet stands with him, moved by this victory for their cause. There is still uncertainty ahead, but this marks a major step toward their goal of revolution.