Iron Flame

What happened in Iron Flame

By Rebecca Yarros

The book follows Violet, a dragonrider cadet at an elite military academy in the fictional world of Navarre. In the first chapter, Violet is shocked when her believed-dead older brother Brennan suddenly appears at a meeting she is spying on.

Over the course of the book, Violet becomes involved in an underground rebellion led by Brennan to break away from the oppressive nation of Navarre and establish independence for their home region of Aretia. She also begins a secret romance with a fellow dragonrider named Xaden, who is part of the rebellion's leadership council called the Assembly.

Together, Violet and Xaden work to smuggle weapons out of Navarre to arm the Aretian rebels. They discover special daggers made with an alloy that can kill the venin, a dangerous parasitic species taking over hosts' bodies. Violet also researches the magical wards protecting Navarre, hoping to recreate them around Aretia.

After being tortured by Navarre leadership, Violet escapes with Xaden's help. They lead a mass desertion of over 200 dragonriders who choose to leave Navarre and join the Aretian rebellion. Violet later brokers a deal with the Poromish people to provide a luminary to boost Aretia's wards in exchange for training their gryphon riders.

When Navarre is attacked, Violet convinces the Aretian riders to return and help defend the dragonriding academy and its hatchlings. During the battle, Violet's mother sacrifices herself to raise the magical wards protecting the academy. Violet is devastated. She also realizes Xaden may have turned venin himself while killing his venin father to save her life, leaving his fate uncertain.

Overall, the book centers on Violet's growth into a leader who makes difficult choices to protect her home and people, even those who were once her enemies. Her loyalty is tested as she uncovers betrayals from friends and family while navigating the complex moral dilemmas underlying the brewing civil war.

Iron Flame Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

The chapter begins with the main character eating a meal with her older brother, who she thought was dead. She is shocked to see him alive after six years. Her brother has to leave for a meeting, and she follows him to eavesdrop. She sees her love interest, Xaden, at the meeting along with a group called the Assembly. They are discussing the war effort and whether the main character and other cadets should return to the war college. The Assembly does not trust the main character. Xaden defends her right to stay. The main character interrupts the meeting, frustrated they are talking about her without including her. In the end, the Assembly meeting concludes and the main character stays behind to speak with her brother.

Chapter 2

In chapter 2, the main character goes with her brother Brennan to see the dragon Andarna, who has grown much larger and now has black scales. The main character is upset that Andarna was forced to grow so quickly after using her power to stop time in Resson.

Xaden arrives with the other cadets. They debate whether to return to the dragonriding academy Basgiath or stay in Aretia. The main character argues they must return to protect the other cadets with rebellion relics from being killed. Brennan thinks it's too dangerous.

Eventually the group decides to return to Basgiath. Xaden says he has a plan to protect the main character from the memory reader Dain using her mental shields. The dragon Andarna tries to fly but is too uncoordinated in her new larger body. They realize they will have to modify her flying harness and that she is too young to make the long flight back to Basgiath.

Chapter 3

In chapter 3, the main character Violet returns to the dragonriding academy Basgiath with Xaden and the other cadets before sunrise. They sneak in and hide the dragon Andarna in the dragon dens to keep her safe. Violet goes to her dead friend Liam's room and takes his letters to give to her friend Rhiannon for safekeeping before his belongings can be burned.

When Violet and Xaden go to the courtyard for graduation, their names are called on the death roll, meaning the academy thinks they died during the war games. Xaden announces they are alive, surprising everyone. The chapter ends with the main character and her friends ready to face the consequences of returning to the academy after being assumed dead.

Chapter 4

In chapter 4, Violet and Xaden confront Colonel Aetos and Commandant Panchek at the graduation ceremony after being presumed dead. Xaden tells a fabricated story about their squad being attacked by gryphons during War Games to explain the deaths of Liam and Soleil. Violet backs up his story when questioned by her mother, General Sorrengail.

Colonel Aetos accuses them of lying but cannot reveal the truth without exposing his own deceit. The General believes Violet and Xaden's account and reprimands Colonel Aetos. After the confrontation, the surviving cadets are promoted to their next year. Xaden receives his orders as a new lieutenant and will leave the academy in the morning. Violet struggles with him leaving but he promises to find her before his departure.

Chapter 5

In chapter 5, Violet attends a party with her friends to celebrate becoming second-years. Her friend Ridoc looks forward to being allowed to visit the nearby village of Chantara. Violet thinks about how a third of their class likely won't survive to become third-years.

Xaden arrives dressed in officer flight leathers, indicating he is leaving. Violet goes to speak with him privately. Xaden reveals he is being sent to the front lines in the Southern Wing. Colonel Aetos introduces Violet to the new vice commandant, Major Varrish. Varrish will answer only to Commandant Panchek.

Violet and Xaden receive orders allowing them to take leave every 14 days to visit their dragons, who will be separated. This angers the dragons. As Xaden and Violet leave, Colonel Aetos implies he knows secrets about them and that secrets make poor leverage.

Chapter 6

In this chapter, Violet struggles to control her powers after Colonel Aetos subtly threatens her and her sister Mira if Violet reveals what really happened during the war games. Xaden helps calm her down before he leaves for his new assignment on the front lines of the Southern Wing.

Violet is upset that Xaden and his dragon Tairn will be stationed so far away from her and Andarna. They will only be able to see each other every 14 days when they visit their dragons. Xaden warns Violet not to get involved in Bodhi and the other marked ones' plans while he is gone.

At a party, Violet's friend Rhiannon reveals she has been made squad leader, replacing Colonel Aetos who was promoted. Rhiannon's first order to the group is simply to live. The chapter ends with Violet's determination to move forward with her own secret plans, against Xaden's wishes.

Chapter 7

Violet goes to her Rider Survival Course orientation where she learns the course will teach cadets how to survive behind enemy lines if separated from their dragons. The course will include navigating unknown territory, outdoor survival skills, and withstanding interrogation and torture. Violet is disturbed to learn she may be abducted and tortured as part of the training.

After class, Violet goes to the Archives to begin researching the magical wards at Basgiath, hoping to find a way to protect civilians without using the revolution's weapons. She lies to her friend Jesinia, a scribe, saying she needs old books about why Basgiath was built here for a debate assignment. Jesinia gives Violet two old books that may help uncover the wards' secrets. Violet is committed to finding answers to end the war and save lives, even if it means lying to friends.

Chapter 8

In this chapter, Violet attends the Conscription Day ceremony for the new first-year cadets. She struggles watching the candidates cross the deadly parapet, recognizing two familiar faces - Cam, the third son of King Tauri who is using the alias "Aaric Graycastle", and Sloane, Liam's younger sister. Sloane blames Violet for her brother's death and makes it clear she hates her.

The new cadets are divided into squads. Thanks to Dain's intervention, Sloane is placed into Violet's squad, though she strongly protests. During the ceremony, some cadets panic and try to flee, only to be burned alive by the vicious dragon Solas, belonging to the new vice commandant Major Varrish. Violet saves Sloane from the flames.

Tairn arrives, furious that Solas endangered Violet, and intimidates Solas into retreating. It becomes clear that Tairn and Solas have violent history. The ceremony ends on an ominous note, with Varrish openly glaring at Violet with hatred.

Chapter 9

In chapter 9, Violet wakes from a nightmare about the events in Resson. She goes running with Imogen, who asks about her comment that she won't "make it" on longer runs. Violet explains she saw her friend Soleil die from the power drain in Resson, and worries she can't outrun it herself without Tairn.

In Battle Briefing class, Professors Devera and Markham report on recent gryphon attacks at the villages of Sipene and Athebyne. Violet realizes the attack at Athebyne was likely the venin raiding for weapons. She tries to get involved with Bodhi's rebel group, but he refuses per Xaden's instructions.

At combat assessment, Violet's friend Rhiannon worries Violet is avoiding her. Sloane Mairi, Liam's sister, insists on fighting Violet but Professor Emetterio refuses. As Aaric and Sloane spar, a brutish first-year sneaks up behind Violet's friend Nadine and snaps her neck, killing her.

Chapter 10

In chapter 10, Violet is attacked by a brutish first-year cadet during combat assessment, who tries to strangle her to death. Violet manages to kill him by stabbing him repeatedly. It's revealed that Colonel Aetos likely sent the assassin as retaliation against Violet.

After class, a concussed and injured Violet returns to her room, where Xaden is waiting for her. He is furious about the attack and promises to kill both the assassin and Aetos. Xaden helps care for Violet's injuries. They discuss his new military posting on the front lines at Samara.

Xaden reveals he warded Violet's room for complete privacy, allowing only her and anyone she brings inside to enter. Their flirtatious banter highlights the sexual tension between them. Xaden gives Violet a letter before leaving abruptly to meet with the rebel leader Bodhi. The chapter ends with Violet alone, ready to read the intimate letter from Xaden.

Chapter 11

In this chapter, Violet travels with her dragon Tairn to the Southern Wing warfront to visit Xaden. Before leaving, her friend Bodhi asks her to deliver a vague message to Xaden about a "shipment" still being worked on. On the flight field, Violet is confronted by Vice Commandant Varrish and two lieutenants who search her belongings. They find nothing suspicious, but it becomes clear they are trying to catch Violet doing something improper.

Violet is angry that Bodhi used her as an unknowing "test" for Varrish without warning her first. She lectures Bodhi that he and Xaden need to ask for her help directly instead of manipulating her. After a tense departure, Violet flies off into the night with Tairn to reunite with Xaden, still bothered by Bodhi's actions.

Chapter 12

Violet travels to visit Xaden at the remote mountain outpost of Samara where he is stationed. She finds him shirtless and fighting another rider in an underground fighting pit to win a weekend leave pass. After he wins, they kiss passionately but stop before going further, both wanting more commitment.

Xaden reveals the daggers he's been smuggling can kill venin because the metal alloy in the hilt holds the same power as the wards. Violet realizes this alloy is key to protecting the continent. Xaden says the alloy has to be imbued with a rider's power to work. He helps Violet practice her mental shields before she gets some much-needed rest.

Chapter 13

In chapter 13, Violet returns to Basgiath after being severely punished by Professor Carr and Vice Commandant Varrish for refusing to make Andarna participate in flight maneuvers. They forced Violet to repeatedly summon dangerous lightning strikes until she nearly burned out. Her friend Tairn had to plunge her into a freezing river to save her life.

Back at the academy, Violet's friends are disturbed when they learn what really happened, realizing Varrish intentionally harmed her. Violet misses Xaden and wishes he was there to support her. She knows if Andarna doesn't show up to the next training session, Varrish's punishment could kill her.

In combat training, Violet and her friend Imogen watch fellow cadet Sloane sparring poorly. They realize Sloane will likely die in her upcoming challenge match on Monday. Though it goes against the academy's Darwinian culture, Violet decides to intervene and help Sloane survive.

After training, Violet's friend Ridoc startles her, causing her to pull a knife on him in self-defense due to her heightened vigilance. Violet heads to physics class with friends, still on edge. As they walk through the halls, a bag is thrown over Violet's head and she is kidnapped.

Chapter 14

Violet and her friends wake up drugged in a forest with infantry cadets for a joint land navigation exercise. Their dragon connections are blocked. The riders must work with the infantry cadets to navigate through the forest and reach an extraction point. Violet is confronted by an unpredictable orange dragon who killed her friend last year. The dragon targets the cadets, killing some. Violet and her friends try to protect the others. In the end, the exercise shows the cadets the importance of working together and not panicking when facing a dragon.

Chapter 15

In this chapter, Violet and her squad continue to struggle with a joint land navigation exercise in the forest with infantry cadets. After two days of being lost and the death of a cadet named Tomas, they are found by the professors. The exercise was a failure due to the two groups not working together.

Violet's friend Rhiannon confronts her about pulling away and keeping secrets. Violet struggles with wanting to maintain her friendship while also keeping dangerous secrets to protect Rhiannon.

When the professors arrive, Violet feels her dragon bonds being returned after they were blocked during the exercise. This concerns Violet and her friends, making them feel violated that their bonds were taken away.

They return to the academy, with Violet missing Xaden and doubting she will see him soon, despite his promise. She continues to struggle with the strain of keeping secrets from her friends.

Chapter 16

Violet visits her friend Jesinia in the archives to continue researching the magical wards protecting Basgiath. Jesinia gives Violet an old classified book that may help. During combat training, Violet helps a struggling first-year cadet named Sloane win her challenge match by secretly drugging her opponent. Violet later reveals to Sloane that she intervened to help keep a promise to Sloane's late brother Liam. Violet agrees to give Sloane some of Liam's letters if she trains with Violet's friend Imogen.

That night, Vice Commandant Varrish escorts Violet to her dragon Tairn, searching her belongings. On the flight to visit Xaden, Tairn says Violet's dragon Andarna is still in a deep sleep for safety. When Violet arrives, she learns Xaden is on 24-hour duty and she can't see him. The chapter ends with Violet disappointed she traveled all that way just to be kept from Xaden.

Chapter 17

In this chapter, Violet struggles to control her emotions and power during Battle Briefing class when Professor Markham lies about the Poromish refugees at the border being part of a propaganda tactic. She accidentally burns her pen and has to leave class early.

Violet goes to the Archives to try to find answers about the magical wards, even though it is not the scheduled time. Her friend Jesinia, who is a scribe, helps divert attention and agrees to bring Violet more books that night. Jesinia cautions Violet about isolating herself from friends who could help.

Violet admits she is keeping dangerous secrets to protect others. Jesinia emphasizes that Violet should at least tell her squadmates, as they deserve a choice like Jesinia did. Violet reluctantly agrees to only meet Jesinia on scheduled days going forward. She leaves the Archives committed to finding answers about the wards to save lives, even if it means lying to friends.

Chapter 18

Violet is researching books about the magical wards that protect Navarre, hoping to find a way to recreate them in Aretia. Her boyfriend Xaden confronts her about the research, worried it will put her in danger. They argue over Violet keeping secrets from Xaden while he keeps many from her.

Violet goes to the archives to return a book she borrowed from her friend Jesinia. Xaden insists on coming with her, worried Jesinia will betray Violet. After meeting Jesinia, Xaden remains suspicious of her motives.

On their way back, they see the healer Nolon with another student. Nolon looks unwell, making Violet worry something is wrong. She and Xaden argue more about trust and secrets. Xaden leaves to find the rebel leader Bodhi, frustrated with their lack of progress. Violet is upset they parted on bad terms.

Chapter 19

In chapter 19, Violet goes to the flight field with her squad for maneuvers, but Vice Commandant Varrish confronts her about not producing her dragon Andarna. He orders Violet to fly to her punishment location with Professor Carr. Violet's dragon Tairn defends her, stating that humans have no authority to summon dragons. Tairn forces Varrish to apologize to Violet on his knees in front of everyone.

Later, Violet's friend Rhiannon walks with her to the flight field for her scheduled leave. Rhiannon confronts Violet about keeping secrets, including Varrish's earlier punishment. Violet finally explodes in anger, describing the traumatic events she witnessed during the war games that Rhiannon did not see. Violet says the harsh training at the academy is meant to prepare riders for the horrors of war.

Just as Violet is about to reveal more to Rhiannon, Vice Commandant Varrish appears and searches Violet's belongings before her leave. It becomes clear he is targeting Violet and trying to catch her doing something improper. After he leaves, Violet laments that she almost revealed too much to Rhiannon in her emotional state. She knows she needs to be more careful with her secrets to protect her friends.

Chapter 20

Violet arrives at the Samara outpost to visit Xaden. She runs into her sister Mira, who is now stationed there. Mira realizes Violet has fallen for Xaden and warns her to be careful. Violet almost tells Mira that their brother Brennan is alive but stops herself.

Violet and Mira throw knives and talk about the magical wards that protect Navarre. Mira explains how they work but won't reveal classified details about the wardstone or alloy used to boost the wards.

That night, Xaden joins Violet in his room. They agree not to fight and have an honest conversation. Violet admits she kept her wardstone research from him because he keeps secrets too. Xaden promises to be more transparent going forward. He comforts Violet, who is struggling with nightmares. They cuddle in bed, both resisting their attraction. Xaden answers some of Violet's questions about the wards and alloy. He tells her to keep her mental shields up at all times to block the memory reader Dain. They fall asleep tangled together.

Chapter 21

In this chapter, Violet is injured during flight training and has her arm in a sling. In history class, she learns that a recent academy graduate named Masen was killed in an attack on the Eastern Wing. Violet suspects he may have actually been assassinated to cover something up.

In combat training, Violet's former best friend Dain uses his authority as wingleader to force Violet to spar against him, despite her injury. He pins her down and insists he just wants to talk to her, but she refuses and threatens him with her knife, still angry he stole her memories. Dain implies Violet's mother was responsible for carving the scars into Xaden's back, but Violet doesn't believe him.

After sparring, Violet's friend Rhiannon confronts her about the secrets she's keeping. Rhiannon guesses Dain stole one of Violet's memories and that the riders who went to Athebyne with Violet are being targeted. She asks what really killed Violet's dragon Deigh, but Violet refuses to answer.

On the way to the infirmary with an injured cadet named Aaric, he reveals to Violet that he knows she is part of the rebellion because his royal guards carry the alloy daggers. Aaric is secretly the prince in disguise. Violet is shocked he figured it out and knows her secret.

Chapter 22

Violet has a nightmare where she is unable to warn Tairn and Andarna of approaching danger. She wakes up terrified.

Xaden takes Violet to see the forge at Basgiath, finally trusting her with the secret. On the way they run into Major Varrish and some professors. It becomes clear that Violet's squad is being taken for interrogation training.

Xaden tries to protect Violet, who is still recovering from an injury. But Varrish threatens to cancel their weekend leave if Xaden doesn't back down. Violet convinces Xaden's dragon Sgaeyl to make Xaden stop arguing.

Violet is taken away with her squad for interrogation training. She gives Xaden a coded message about a book she needs returned to the archives before being led off.

Chapter 23

In this chapter, Violet and her squadmates are taken to an underground interrogation training facility at the Riders Quadrant. Their weapons are confiscated and they are locked in a room together. Professor Grady explains this is a training exercise to teach them how to withstand interrogation if captured.

The squad shares personal secrets as instructed. Violet reveals that Aretian infantry are killing Poromish civilians at the border, though it's not reported. The cadets realize their drinks are drugged to disconnect their bonds with their dragons. They dump the drinks out secretly.

Violet and her friends are chained up in an interrogation room. Two unknown riders question them, trying to force the cadets to reveal their classified secrets. When they refuse, the riders begin brutally beating and punching Violet and her squadmates.

Vice Commandant Varrish arrives, disturbed the interrogation is taking too long. He brings in Violet's former friend Dain, now a wingleader, to help crack the cadets. Violet and her squadmates are terrified, knowing Dain can steal their memories. The chapter ends on this cliffhanger.

Chapter 24

In this chapter, Violet and her squadmates are being held for interrogation training in an underground facility. Vice Commandant Varrish brings in Violet's former friend Dain, who has the ability to steal memories, and orders him to use his powers on Violet to uncover her secrets. Dain refuses, upholding interrogation regulations since Violet is injured.

Varrish punches and severely injures Violet's already hurt shoulder, knocking her unconscious. When she wakes, the healer Nolon has mended her injuries under orders to keep her healthy enough for more torture. Nolon implies to Violet that he will create a distraction so she and her squad can try to escape.

After Nolon lures Varrish away, Violet's squadmate Sawyer melts the hinges off the locked door. Just as they are about to escape, they realize the main exit is also locked. Strangely, when Violet touches the door handle with a dagger Xaden gave her, it unlocks the door by unknown means.

Violet and her squadmates quickly escape the interrogation building into the academy grounds, knowing Varrish will likely pursue them when he discovers their absence.

Chapter 25

In this chapter, Violet and her squadmates escape from their interrogation training exercise into the academy grounds. Professor Grady reveals the exercise was a test that they passed. Violet's squadmate Rhiannon asks about the special daggers Violet used to escape, which were given to her by Xaden.

Violet learns that a fellow cadet named Sorrel died during interrogation training with another squad. Violet and her friends discuss whether propaganda leaflets distributed in their class about an attack on the Poromish city of Zolya are real or fake. Their professor Markham claims the leaflets were a test that the cadets failed by overreacting.

Violet recognizes that the leaflets were likely printed within Basgiath without approval. She suspects they may contain real information about Zolya being attacked.

Markham announces that a rider named Jack Barlowe, who Violet thought she killed during last year's war games, has been healed and returned to the academy. Violet is disturbed to see her former enemy alive again. She worries he will try to kill her again due to their violent history.

Chapter 26

Violet attends Battle Briefing class and is shocked when her enemy Jack Barlowe, who she thought she killed last year, arrives alive. Professor Devera announces that the Samara outpost where Violet's sister Mira and boyfriend Xaden are stationed was attacked. One rider was severely injured.

Violet panics, realizing it must be Xaden who was hurt. She abruptly leaves class, ignoring her professors' protests. Her friend Bodhi brings her a flight jacket, realizing she is rushing off to see Xaden without proper gear. Violet is single-minded in her need to get to Xaden, with her dragon Tairn urging her on. She leaves the academy, desperate to reach Xaden and make sure he is alive.

Chapter 27

Violet flies to visit Xaden at the Samara outpost after hearing he was injured in an attack. When she arrives, she finds him unharmed and sparring in the gym. Overcome with relief and lingering worry, she kisses him passionately. They argue over Violet putting herself at risk by coming without leave, but make up. Xaden shows Violet the scar on his arm from the recent attack.

Their passion ignites again and they have sex in the bathing chamber. Afterwards, Violet insists on joining Xaden to deliver the alloy daggers to the rendezvous point, rather than spending more time together at the outpost. She is committed to moving forward with the rebellion's plans, even though it means cutting her visit with Xaden short.

Chapter 28

In this chapter, Violet flies with her dragon Tairn to a secret rendezvous with Xaden and the Poromish gryphon riders led by Syrena. Tairn is unhappy that Violet insisted on coming along, worried it is too risky.

When the gryphons arrive, Violet recognizes Syrena from their previous encounter, but not the man with her. Syrena implies some gryphon riders have been attacking Navarre outposts to steal the alloy daggers that power the wards. Xaden threatens to cut off their weapon shipments if the attacks continue.

One of the female gryphon riders named Catriona clearly knows Xaden and refers to a Viscount Tecarus who wants something from Xaden related to Violet. Cat's hostile behavior makes Violet realize she must be Xaden's ex that Bodhi mentioned.

After exchanging the latest dagger shipment, Xaden and Violet depart, committed to their secret cause despite the risks. Violet is disturbed by the revelation about Catriona and plans to confront Xaden about it later.

Chapter 29

Violet returns to the academy after visiting Xaden and is confronted by Vice Commandant Varrish, who demands she turn over the flight jacket she's wearing. Her professor Kaori intervenes and falsely claims Violet has been cleared of charges for leaving without permission. Varrish reluctantly lets Violet go but takes Xaden's jacket.

Violet's friend Rhiannon secretly uses her signet power through the wall to retrieve a venin-killing dagger from Violet's shoulder sheath before Varrish finds it. Rhiannon, Sawyer, and Ridoc confront Violet, demanding to know why the dagger is so important. Violet finally reveals the truth - the dagger can kill venin. She decides to trust her closest friends with this dangerous secret.

Chapter 30

In this chapter, Violet is on watch duty atop the academic tower when she and another cadet named Eya are attacked by four assassins posing as infantry soldiers. The assassins reveal they were paid to kill Violet and Eya to keep them quiet. A fierce battle ensues, with Violet managing to kill two of the assassins. However, Eya is stabbed and killed by one of the remaining assassins.

As Violet fights the last assassin, he grabs her and tries to throw her off the tower. She manages to catch herself on the edge, dangling precariously. The assassin tries to make her fall to her death, saying it's just a job and nothing personal. Just as he's about to succeed, someone stabs him through the back - it's Jesinia.

Jesinia helps pull Violet to safety. Violet is shaken and mourns the loss of her friend Eya. She realizes whoever ordered the assassins wants her dead to keep secrets hidden. The chapter ends with Violet's survival in question as she clings to the edge of the tower.

Chapter 31

In this chapter, Violet is attacked by assassins while on watch duty atop the academic tower. Her friend Eya is killed trying to defend Violet. As Violet dangles from the edge of the tower, her enemy Jack Barlowe unexpectedly saves her life and pulls her to safety. He says this makes them even after she previously killed him.

Violet's friend Ridoc arrives and is shocked by Eya's death. He confirms with Violet that the assassins were likely sent by Colonel Aetos to silence her. Ridoc reveals he learned from Jesinia where the magical wardstones that protect Navarre are kept - in the royal vault accessible only by King Tauri's bloodline. Violet realizes this means the disguised prince Aaric can help them access the wardstones. She is determined to protect what Eya died fighting for.

Chapter 32

Violet, Xaden, Aaric, Imogen and others enact a plan to break into the archives to find journals that may contain secrets about how the original magical wards protecting Navarre were created. Jesinia, a friend and scribe, helps guide them to a hidden staircase that leads to the restricted area of the archives. Once there, they only have 45 minutes to find the journals and get out before the archives seal them in overnight, which would lead to their deaths. Xaden uses his shadow powers to hide their presence as they search. The chapter ends just as they are starting to descend the hidden staircase, committed to uncovering the journals' secrets despite the danger.

Chapter 33

Violet, Xaden, Aaric, and others sneak into the restricted archives to find journals that may reveal secrets about the original magical wards protecting Navarre. With guards posted, they have limited time before the archives seal them in overnight, which would lead to their deaths.

Aaric pulls Violet through the warded entrance so she can help search, since the books they need are handwritten. Though nauseated, Violet recovers and searches the shelves and drawers with Aaric. The others warn their time is running out.

Frustrated they can't find the journals, Violet realizes they must be hidden from light. She notices a glass case holding two small leather journals - likely written by the first dragonriders. Aaric reaches through more wards, burning his hands, to retrieve the books.

Violet wraps the journals and they race to escape before the archives seal them in. Aaric insists on pulling Violet back through the warded entrance despite the pain. They sprint up staircases and through hallways. Xaden uses his powers to keep the final door from locking just long enough for them to narrowly escape with the precious journals.

Chapter 34

Violet and her allies successfully sneak into the restricted archives and steal two journals that may contain secrets about the original magical wards protecting Navarre. Xaden helps get Violet out safely. They split up, with Xaden taking one journal to give to Violet's brother Brennan for translation since it is written in Old Lucerish.

Violet stays behind at the academy with the second journal. She is happy they succeeded in finding the journals and feels hopeful they can recreate the wards to protect Aretia. After saying goodbye to Xaden, Violet is confronted by Nolon the healer, who drugs her lemonade. Nolon reveals he has betrayed Violet to protect Navarre. Vice Commandant Varrish and soldiers appear and capture Violet. It's clear her secrets have been discovered and she is now in grave danger.

Chapter 35

Violet wakes up chained in an underground prison cell, having been captured and drugged by Nolon after stealing Lyra's journal from the restricted archives. Major Varrish has been torturing Violet for information about the second rebellion for five days, trying to lure Xaden into a trap since he is Violet's weakness.

Violet's hallucination of her dead friend Liam helps her endure the relentless beatings and questioning. Varrish brings in Violet's former friend Dain, who can steal memories, and orders him to search Violet's mind for where the rebellion is staging their war. Though drugged and in agony, Violet fights to show Dain selected memories of the venin attack and Liam's death, trying to make him understand the truth.

But Dain only sees that Violet is smuggling weapons out of Navarre. As Varrish orders him to search deeper, a summons comes for all leadership. Varrish claims Xaden already deserted and the marked ones are being gathered.

Just as Dain is about to search Violet's mind again, he suddenly attacks Varrish instead, stabbing him with Violet's dagger. Dain cuts Violet free, explaining they have to escape now. Xaden arrives and kills Nora when she tries to stop them. Violet is too injured to walk on her own, but with Xaden and Dain's help, they flee the underground prison cell.

Chapter 36

Violet wakes up chained in an underground prison after being captured and drugged. Major Varrish has been torturing her for information about the rebellion for five days. Xaden arrives to rescue Violet along with Dain and Garrick. Dain stabs Varrish, freeing Violet. Though injured, with Xaden and Dain's help Violet is able to escape.

They gather the other riders and dragons to give them a choice - stay and defend Navarre or leave and fight for the continent. Nearly half the riders, including Violet's squad, choose to leave with Xaden. Over 200 riders and 100 dragons fly south to Aretia.

Violet is severely injured from the torture. When they arrive in Aretia, Brennan is upset to see Violet's poor condition. The massive group of dragons flying over the town surprises him. Violet says they now have the riders Brennan needs for the rebellion.

Chapter 37

In this chapter, Violet wakes up in Xaden's bedroom after Brennan healed her injuries from being tortured. She appreciates being able to simply look at Xaden while he sleeps. When he wakes up, they have passionate sex, with Violet insisting she is recovered enough despite Xaden's concern for her injuries.

Afterward, they go downstairs and see that the riders and dragons Xaden brought from the academy in Navarre have taken over the house. Violet's friend Rhiannon says they are just waiting for instructions. Violet feels guilty for disrupting the revolution's plans.

Xaden takes Violet to meet with the Assembly, who are angry he brought so many cadets without approval. Xaden argues he made the right choice. Violet realizes the ornate chair in the room belongs to Xaden, confirming he is the seventh member of the Assembly.

The Assembly questions Violet's presence but Xaden defends her fiercely. Violet is surprised to hear Andarna's voice in her mind again after so long. She realizes Andarna must have woken from her long sleep. The chapter ends with uncertainty about what to do with all the riders and dragons now in Aretia.

Chapter 38

Mira arrives at Riorson House with a group of dragons and riders who deserted Navarre. Violet rushes outside, worried they have come to attack. Mira explains General Melgren revealed the truth about the vice commandant's death and allowed the riders to choose whether to stay or leave Navarre. Nearly half chose to desert and fly to Aretia.

Mira apologizes to Violet for not believing her before. Violet is relieved to have her sister back. Brennan comes outside and Mira is shocked to see him alive. In her emotional turmoil, she punches Brennan. Violet hopes they can move forward as a family again now that they are reunited. Tairn confirms the rest of the deserters, including Xaden, are approaching the city.

Chapter 39

Violet leads a group including her siblings and the Assembly to a hidden chamber containing an ancient wardstone. She believes combining the blood of the six most powerful riders with her own blood will raise protective wards around Aretia. Each rider slices their palm and presses it to the stone, but nothing happens. Violet is devastated that her plan failed.

Xaden tries to reassure her that she will figure it out. The others believe the magic is lost. Violet refuses to fail her friends who are in danger without the wards. She decides to go to Viscount Tecarus and offer herself in exchange for his help, against Xaden's wishes. Her brother Brennan recognizes her determined look and says he will go with her. Violet has her dragon Tairn agree to take her to Tecarus, committed to protecting Aretia at any cost.

Chapter 40

Violet, her siblings Mira and Brennan, and their dragons fly to the Poromish city of Cordyn to meet with Viscount Tecarus. Violet plans to demonstrate her lightning wielding abilities in exchange for Tecarus providing a luminary to boost the magical wards protecting Aretia. Brennan comes along to broker the deal, while Mira wants to protect Violet.

They are met by Poromish gryphon riders who act aggressive but allow the siblings to proceed to meet Tecarus after a truth-sayer confirms their intentions are honest. However, when they reach the palace, Violet is shocked to find her boyfriend Xaden waiting for them instead of the viscount. Xaden is furious that Violet went behind his back on this dangerous mission. It's clear Violet is in trouble for defying Xaden's wishes to keep her safe.

Chapter 41

Violet, her siblings, and Xaden arrive at Viscount Tecarus' palace in Poromiel for negotiations. Violet is irritated with Xaden for trying to control her, while he is frustrated she came without his approval. Tecarus insists Violet demonstrate her lightning wielding abilities before negotiations.

At an outdoor arena, guards open a chest revealing a venin prisoner. Violet recognizes the bloodshot eyes and red veins. Xaden shouts her name in warning as she and Mira face the dangerous venin unarmed, with archers surrounding them.

Chapter 42

In this chapter, Violet and her siblings travel to the Poromish city of Cordyn to negotiate with Viscount Tecarus for help raising magical wards around Aretia. Tecarus demands Violet demonstrate her lightning wielding abilities against a venin prisoner. Though hesitant, Violet agrees and faces the venin in an arena with her sister Mira. After a difficult battle, Violet manages to kill the venin by electrocuting the water-logged ground.

Afterward, Xaden is furious that Tecarus endangered Violet and nearly strangles the viscount. Violet stops him and they begin negotiations. Tecarus offers Violet and Xaden refuge on an island if Violet serves as his guard against the venin, but she refuses.

Finally, Tecarus agrees to provide a luminary to boost the wards in exchange for weapons and taking 100 Poromish flier cadets back to Aretia for training. Though reluctant, Violet and her allies accept the terms, committed to working together against their common enemy despite their differences. The chapter ends with an agreement struck, but uncertainty about how the riders and fliers will coexist.

Chapter 43

In this chapter, Violet continues climbing the treacherous Medaro Pass trail up the Cliffs of Dralor with the Poromish fliers. The path is perilous for the gryphons, who are not accustomed to high altitudes. Violet's friend Luella struggles with altitude sickness. When they reach a section rigged with hidden arrows that will trigger if stepped on, Violet and her friends devise a makeshift rope swing to help Luella cross safely. But after Luella jumps, she accidentally barrels into Violet and Visia, knocking them toward the cliff's edge.

Visia and Luella go over the side. Violet manages to grab them, dislocating her shoulder. Cibbelair rescues Visia but Luella is still clinging to Violet. As Violet's friend Ridoc runs to help, he's struck by two arrows and severely injured. Violet screams for her brother Brennan, the only one who can heal Ridoc's wounds. The chapter ends on this cliffhanger, with Violet desperate to save her friend.

Chapter 44

Violet and the others continue climbing the treacherous Medaro Pass trail. Luella, a Poromish flier, struggles with altitude sickness. When they reach a section rigged with hidden arrows, Violet and her friends help Luella cross using a makeshift rope swing. But Luella accidentally knocks Violet and another rider toward the cliff edge. One of the riders and Luella fall over the side to their deaths.

Violet's friend Ridoc is severely injured by the trap's arrows. Violet's brother Brennan tries to heal him while Violet goes to battle two wyverns in the clouds, using her lightning wielding abilities to electrocute them. After killing the wyverns, Violet returns to find Ridoc still alive thanks to Brennan's healing. But they realize the wyverns were likely sent by venin who know of the alliance between riders and fliers. Violet worries this attack confirms the venin are aware of their group and will target them next.

Chapter 45

In this chapter, Violet and her squad are called to the valley along with Cat's drift of Poromish fliers for a new class taught by Professor Trissa. Trissa explains that runes are a type of magic that allows wielders to store power in objects using shapes and symbols. Each shape has a specific meaning that builds on the others to create the rune's purpose.

Trissa demonstrates how to separate strands of power and shape them into runes before placing the magic into an object like wood. She has the riders and fliers attempt to create simple unlocking runes. After some failed attempts resulting in explosions, Cat is the first to successfully temper and create a rune.

Violet struggles at first but manages to create her own unlocking rune before sunset. She realizes this skill is what Xaden was teaching her with the fabric weaving. The riders and fliers are amazed to learn runes can allow non-wielders to use magic. Trissa implies runes were banned long ago so they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands and rival rider abilities.

Chapter 46

Violet practices creating magical runes, a new skill she is learning. Xaden returns from a trip and they discuss the runes, including one he put in her dagger to help her escape during the interrogation training.

In combat class, the dragonrider and Poromish flier cadets are told they must integrate into mixed squads. Many are upset, feeling their squad bonds are sacred. The professors allow challenge matches to address grievances.

Most fliers challenge riders, still angry about past conflicts. When Catriona challenges Violet to a match, Violet realizes it's because of her. Though concerned, Violet's friends encourage her, knowing Xaden trained them both.

Violet and Catriona spar. Violet quickly realizes Catriona's fighting style is just like Xaden's since he trained her too. The chapter ends on this cliffhanger, with the outcome of the match uncertain.

Chapter 47

Violet faces off against Catriona in a challenge match. Catriona taunts Violet about her past relationship with Xaden, trying to make Violet jealous. The fight turns vicious as the two women trade blows. Catriona reveals she was once engaged to Xaden as part of a political alliance between their families.

Violet loses control of her emotions and nearly strangles Catriona to death before Xaden intervenes. He carries Violet out of the fight after she accidentally calls down lightning in her rage. Xaden brings Violet to a private room and helps calm her down. It's clear Violet's volatile emotions make her vulnerable to manipulation from others with mental abilities like Catriona's. Violet is left shaken and worried about keeping control in the future.

Chapter 48

In this chapter, Violet struggles with jealousy and insecurity after a vicious challenge match against Xaden's ex-fiancee Catriona. Catriona taunted Violet and manipulated her emotions during the fight, nearly causing Violet to lose control and kill her in a rage. Xaden intervened and carried Violet away.

He brings her to a private room to calm her down. Xaden reassures Violet that she is the only woman he has ever loved. He explains that his brief betrothal to Catriona was political and they were not compatible. Violet admits feeling inferior and insecure compared to Catriona.

Xaden insists Violet is perfect for him and that she needs to own her feelings rather than let others like Catriona manipulate them. He says Catriona can only amplify Violet's existing emotions. Violet realizes she has been emotionally unstable since the traumatic events in Resson.

Xaden encourages Violet to find her center again and promises to support her. He reveals the dagger he gave Violet is engraved with runes protecting her from Catriona's gift. They agree Violet needs to wear it at all times. The chapter ends with them both committed to strengthening their relationship and Violet's control over her volatile emotions.

Chapter 49

Violet and her squad integrate the Poromish fliers into their ranks, though there is still tension between the two groups. Violet gives Cat a squad patch, but their animosity continues. At the library, Violet asks her former friend Dain for help translating the journal they stole, hoping to find clues about the magical wards.

The next day, Violet and Dain work on translating the journal together. They have an emotional conversation about the past, including Dain's role in Liam and Soleil's deaths. Though it's difficult, Violet says she wants to move forward. Dain reveals he can imbue the wardstone and agrees to help with that as well. Violet says she will ask Xaden to assist too. They make a plan to meet daily to translate the journal and imbue the stone, slowly rebuilding trust.

Chapter 50

In this chapter, Violet practices controlling and limiting her lightning wielding abilities with Professor Felix. He helps her learn to extend her power from her hands to strike a target from a distance. After some struggle, Violet manages to maintain a controlled stream of energy between her fingertips and Felix's metal orb conduit up to 15 feet away. Felix emphasizes that Violet needs to think of her power as a dagger at times, using precise strikes, rather than a battle-ax.

When Violet returns to Riorson House, she learns that the venin have attacked and taken control of the nearby town of Pavis. Her friend Nyra was killed defending civilians. The venin are getting closer to the capital city of Draithus where Violet and the other riders are based. Violet realizes the venin are likely staging in Pavis to prepare an attack on Draithus next.

Xaden has also returned home early from a mission. Violet can sense his anger and frustration through their bond. She meets with Garrick and others who were on the mission and learns more about the attack. Violet worries for her sister Mira who was injured. The riders are being recalled to regroup and restructure their forces to better combat the venin's unpredictable attacks across the continent.

Chapter 51

In this chapter, Violet realizes she has mistranslated a key symbol in Lyra's journal about raising the magical wards. The symbol for "blood" actually means "breath", referring to dragons rather than riders. Violet rushes to tell her friend Rhiannon about her discovery, knowing Rhiannon will help her decide the right ethical path forward.

Violet explains to Rhiannon that she now knows how to raise the wards protecting Aretia - by using the breath of the six most powerful dragons, rather than the blood of riders. However, Violet is uncertain whether they should sacrifice six dragons to power the wards. Rhiannon listens and promises to help Violet determine the moral implications before acting.

The chapter ends with Violet's path forward unclear. She has uncovered the secret to raising the wards, but does not know if using dragon breath to do so is ethical. Violet must weigh morality against utility to decide if the sacrifice of six dragons would be justified to save human lives by protecting Aretia.

Chapter 52

In this chapter, Violet wakes from a nightmare where the dark wielder Sage threatens that she will tear down the wards protecting Navarre herself out of love. Violet tries to shake off the disturbing dream.

Six days later, Violet's squad is preparing for a training exercise to find hidden runes in the valley. Xaden returns from a mission and Violet realizes the wards could be raised using six powerful dragons, not riders. But she doesn't want to tell Xaden yet, knowing he'll want to raise the wards immediately which could strip the Poromish fliers of their powers.

During the exercise, Violet's friend Rhiannon seems excited about the squad getting more freedom to fly. Violet's dragon Andarna wants to join despite not being ready. The squad takes off on their mission, leaving Violet's conversation with Xaden about the wards unfinished. Violet is committed to giving the Poromish fliers a choice before raising the wards and stripping their powers.

Chapter 53

Violet, Sloane, Visia and Catriona are on a training mission to find hidden chests in caves. Andarna and Catriona's gryphon Kiralair accompany them. Tairn scouts from above. The group hikes through snow to a cave, where Catriona uses a torch lit by Violet's lightning to see. Inside, the cave forks and they choose the right path. They find a chest, which Catriona unlocks with a rune.

As they prepare to leave, Andarna smells other dragons ahead. They quicken their pace, committed to winning the competition. Visia takes the chest, hoping to use her prize of a weekend pass to fly home and convince her family to flee the Aretian-Poromish border.

Just as they near the cave exit, a vicious one-eyed dragon named Solas blocks their path. He swats Visia into the cave wall with his claw. As Solas prepares to breathe fire on Violet and Catriona, Violet mentally screams for help from her dragon Tairn.

Chapter 54

Violet, Catriona, Sloane, and Andarna are trapped in a cave with a vicious dragon named Solas. Catriona saves Violet by shooting arrows at Solas while Sloane drags her to safety. Violet realizes Sloane has manifested the rare signet ability of being a "siphon" who can drain power from others. Andarna kills Solas but is injured. Xaden is upset when he learns Violet risked her life to save Catriona. They argue over Violet's refusal to raise the magical wards protecting Aretia, which would strip powers from the Poromish. Xaden implies he made a deal with Violet's mother involving her safety.

Chapter 55

Violet confronts Xaden about knowing of the deal he made with her mother to protect Violet, but not telling her. They argue over Xaden keeping secrets and Violet not asking direct questions. Xaden insists Violet doesn't fully trust him and needs to demand the truth. He challenges her to ask real questions about their relationship.

Violet asks what Xaden's second signet ability is, knowing he likely developed one since his grandfather's dragon Sgaeyl bonded him. Before he can answer, Brennan interrupts to warn of an impending wyvern attack. Xaden asks if Violet is ready to raise the magical wards protecting Aretia, which would require sacrificing six dragons. Violet is conflicted on the timing and ethics.

Chapter 56

Violet and Xaden wait at the cliffs for the approaching wyvern horde. They argue over Violet's unanswered question about Xaden's secret signet ability. Xaden finally reveals he is a type of inntinnsic who can read people's intentions. Violet is shocked and struggles to process this revelation about Xaden's dangerous power.

When the wyvern horde arrives, one crosses into the wards and dies, confirming the wards are working. The dark wielder Sage who attacked Resson is leading the horde but retreats after losing wyvern. Violet and Xaden return home, where everyone is celebrating the raised wards. But Violet learns the wards don't block the Poromish fliers' powers. She knows they need to figure out what went wrong.

Chapter 57

Violet meets with her mother and other Navarre riders to discuss an alliance against the venin. Her mother warns that Navarre will be attacked and overrun at the Samara outpost on the winter solstice. She asks Violet, Xaden and the other Aretian riders to help defend Navarre, in exchange for recognizing Aretia's independence.

Violet is conflicted, not wanting civilians to die but also resenting how Navarre has treated Aretia. Her brother Brennan refuses the offer harshly, saying Navarre deserves its fate for sacrificing its own people. The Aretian riders leave, denying Navarre's request for aid.

Afterward, Violet's mother gives her Lyra's journal, which may contain clues to strengthen Aretia's wards. Violet and Mira examine dead wyverns and realize their mother was right - the wards are unstable. Violet knows she must translate the journal to understand Warrick's lies about the wards before it's too late.

Chapter 58

In this chapter, Violet realizes the enemy forces massing at the border of Samara are likely just a distraction, and that the real target is the hatching grounds at Basgiath. During battle briefing, Violet and her squad piece together that the enemy is waiting for the winter solstice to attack Basgiath when defenses will be lowest.

Violet rushes out of the briefing with her squad to find Xaden and warn him. After some debate amongst the squad about whether to return and defend Basgiath despite past conflict, Violet ultimately decides they must go back and fight to protect the civilians and hatchlings. Xaden agrees to bring her decision to the Assembly. Though it is dangerous, Violet is committed to defending Basgiath and proving they are better than those who would abandon innocents.

Chapter 59

Violet and her squad fly to Basgiath to warn that the wards protecting the dragonriding academy are in danger. Though initially skeptical, General Sorrengail allows Violet's group to inspect the wards. They find two dead guards in the tunnel leading to the wardstone chamber. Inside, they are attacked by Jack Barlowe, who is riding Violet's enemy dragon Baide. Jack kills Baide, causing her to fall onto the wardstone and destroy it. The wards protecting Basgiath have fallen, leaving the academy vulnerable to attack. Violet throws a dagger at Jack in retaliation before he escapes. With the wards gone, enemy forces will likely invade Basgiath soon. Violet and her squad may be the academy's only defense.

Chapter 60

Violet and Xaden survey the damage after Jack Barlowe destroys the wardstone, leaving Navarre defenseless. Jack reveals he has turned venin and helped them infiltrate the academy. Violet realizes Jack must have turned before she first wielded lightning.

The riders gather for battle briefing, where they learn a massive wyvern horde approaches. Violet argues they should defend the broken wardstone but is overruled. She convinces leadership to pair her with Xaden for the fight. Her brother Brennan arrives with Poromish fliers to help.

Violet tries to convince her dragon Andarna to flee to safety but Andarna insists on staying. After a tense confrontation, Violet's mother agrees to let Mira join Violet's squad for the battle. The riders are assigned sectors to defend. Violet worries they are outmatched and won't last long against the venin. She is determined to hold out as long as possible.

Chapter 61

Violet and the other riders prepare to defend the dragonriding academy Basgiath from an overwhelming wyvern horde. Violet's mother creates a rainstorm to help boost Violet's lightning wielding abilities against the enemy. When the massive horde arrives, Violet unleashes powerful lightning strikes, taking down many wyverns and their venin riders. But there are too many enemies, and riders start to fall in battle.

Violet does her best to defend her squad's sector while also aiding other overwhelmed squads with targeted lightning strikes. Her squad works together seamlessly despite the chaos. More wyvern waves approach, with some venin targeting Violet specifically. After a dangerous mid-air battle, Violet's friend Rhiannon saves her from an attacking venin. The battle rages on, with the riders struggling to hold their ground against the endless horde. Violet refuses to give up, determined to fight to the last for Basgiath.

Chapter 62

Violet and the riders continue battling the massive wyvern horde attacking the dragonriding academy Basgiath. Her friend Rhiannon engages in a dangerous midair fight with a venin dark wielder. Violet shoots the venin with her crossbow, saving Rhiannon.

Violet's friend Sawyer is gravely injured when a wyvern bites off part of his leg. Violet makes a daring leap between dragons to push Sawyer to safety before he can fall from his dragon's back. She manages to knock him down his dragon's spine toward its tail as they plummet, hoping her dragon Tairn will catch them. Tairn does catch Violet and Sawyer before they hit the ground.

On the battlefield, Violet spots her old dragon Teine still alive and is relieved. Her brother Brennan has repaired the broken wardstone but is unsure if it can be reactivated. The riders are struggling to hold off endless waves of wyverns. Violet refuses to give up, determined to fight to defend Basgiath as long as possible.

Chapter 63

Violet and Xaden are called to a leadership meeting with General Melgren and Violet's mother during the battle at Basgiath. A massive wyvern horde hovers nearby, waiting to attack. Violet wants to try raising the magical wards by using the repaired wardstone, but leadership refuses to try, believing it won't work.

The enemy leader arrives, and Violet recognizes him from her nightmares. She pleads with her mother to let her try using the wardstone before abandoning cadets as a distraction. Her mother finally agrees to see if the stone can hold power. Xaden takes Violet's hand and they walk out, with him planning to distract the wyvern horde to buy time for Violet. It's implied the horde is waiting for Xaden specifically before attacking. Violet is determined to raise the wards to save lives.

Chapter 64

In this chapter, Violet and Xaden survey the damage after the wardstone protecting the dragonriding academy Basgiath was destroyed by their enemy Jack Barlowe. Jack reveals he has turned venin and helped the venin infiltrate the academy. The riders gather for a briefing where they learn a massive wyvern horde is approaching.

Violet argues they should defend the broken wardstone but is overruled by leadership. She convinces them to let her partner with Xaden for the fight. Her brother Brennan arrives with Poromish fliers to help defend Basgiath.

Violet tries to convince her dragon Andarna to flee to safety but Andarna insists on staying to fight. After a tense confrontation, Violet's mother agrees to let Violet's sister Mira join her squad for the battle. The riders are assigned sectors to defend.

Violet worries they are outmatched and won't last long against the venin forces. She is determined to hold out defending Basgiath for as long as possible.

Chapter 65

In this chapter, Violet goes with her siblings Mira and Brennan to the ward chamber after successfully raising the magical wards protecting the dragonriding academy Basgiath. Inside, they find their mother Lilith's body. She sacrificed herself and Aimsir to siphon their life force into the wardstone and raise the wards.

Violet is devastated by her mother's death. After leaving the chamber, she reunites with her boyfriend Xaden and learns he killed his venin father during the battle. Xaden seems shaken and implies Violet should fear him now. His eyes briefly flash red, indicating he may have turned venin as well. The chapter ends with Violet shocked and afraid, realizing Xaden has changed in some dangerous way.

Chapter 66

Xaden wakes from a nightmare where he is unable to save Violet from the enemy Sage during the battle at Basgiath. In the dream, the Sage implies Xaden will have to turn venin to protect Violet. Xaden wakes relieved it was just a dream, but knows he has changed in a dangerous way since killing his venin father during the battle.

Xaden goes to confront the imprisoned Jack Barlowe, who turned venin. Jack confirms there is no cure for becoming venin - only more power. Xaden insists he would rather die than become venin like Jack. But Jack implies it is too late, and that Violet will see Xaden as the villain now. The chapter ends with Xaden disturbed and afraid of how Violet will react when she realizes he may have turned venin during the battle in order to save her.