A Court Of Thorns And Roses

What happened in A Court Of Thorns And Roses

By Sarah J Maas

The book follows Feyre, a human girl who ventures into the faerie realm of Prythian and becomes entangled in a deadly curse placed on the Spring Court High Lord, Tamlin. After killing a faerie wolf in the woods, Feyre is brought to Tamlin's estate as punishment. She slowly falls in love with Tamlin, unaware he is under a curse that only her love can break. Feyre returns home briefly but goes back to save Tamlin after learning his court has been enslaved by the evil Amarantha. Captured by Amarantha, Feyre undergoes three deadly trials to prove her love for Tamlin and free his court. Though she succeeds, Amarantha kills Feyre, but she is resurrected by the High Lords. Tamlin finally breaks the curse but Feyre struggles with her new immortality and the deaths she caused. In the end, she and Tamlin are reunited as Feyre becomes High Fae.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

The chapter follows a young hunter venturing deep into the winter forest in search of food for her starving family. She spots a doe but before she can shoot it, a massive wolf appears, stalking the doe. Realizing the wolf is likely a faerie creature, the hunter shoots it with a rare ash arrow, killing it. After ensuring the wolf is dead, she carries the doe home, leaving the wolf carcass behind.

Chapter 2

The chapter follows Feyre returning home from a successful hunt with a deer and wolf pelt. She provides food for her starving family, including her bitter sister Nesta who complains about having to eat scraps. Nesta announces she plans to marry a peasant named Tomas, angering Feyre who knows the family cannot afford a dowry. Feyre argues with Nesta, who insults her in response. Their father remains passive, upsetting Feyre further. She reflects on their poverty and her promise to her dying mother to look after the family. Feyre feels trapped and hopeless about their situation and future.

Chapter 3

The chapter follows Feyre returning to town after selling pelts to a mercenary. She gives some money to her sisters Nesta and Elain. Nesta warns Feyre about mercenaries. Feyre meets her occasional lover Isaac briefly before going to meet him privately. Later at home, as Feyre considers speaking to Nesta about her impending marriage, a large beast breaks into their cottage.

Chapter 4

Feyre faces off against a faerie beast who accuses her family of murdering his wolf friend. She takes responsibility to protect her family. The beast reveals a Treaty loophole - Feyre can avoid death by living in Prythian instead. Her father begs for her life but Feyre agrees to go, hoping to later escape and kill the beast. She says goodbye to her silent family and leaves with the faerie into the winter woods.

Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, Feyre rides north into the faerie lands of Prythian with the beast who claimed her life. She contemplates her doomed fate and the starvation her family will now face without her hunting. Feyre questions the beast about his identity but he refuses to answer. She plots to kill him and escape back to her family. The beast uses magic to make Feyre fall unconscious for two days as they travel. She wakes to find they've arrived at a gate entering Prythian. Though afraid, Feyre has no choice but to follow the beast into the faerie territory.

Chapter 6

Feyre arrives at a grand estate in Prythian and meets Lucien, a fox-masked courtier. She refuses faerie food but is bathed and dressed in finery by servants. Feyre contemplates escape but decides to bide her time, realizing Prythian is more peaceful than expected. She receives advice from a servant named Alis to keep her head down. Feyre struggles to adapt to the opulent faerie lifestyle so different from her human life.

Chapter 7

Feyre wakes early, missing her family but relieved to have a comfortable bed. She rigs her door as a warning system and startles Alis, a servant. Alis laughs at the attempt, saying Feyre can't outrun faeries. At breakfast, Feyre asks about the estate but learns little. She tours the art collection, admiring the paintings. Tamlin finds her about to explore the gardens and offers a tour which she declines, wary of him still. They discuss the magical blight weakening Prythian. Tamlin reveals it could one day affect humans too but faeries likely won't warn them. He confirms Andras was in the forest seeking a cure. Feyre realizes she's insignificant to Tamlin and will never leave. She walks the gardens alone, pondering the estate's empty loneliness and the blight's threat.

Chapter 8

In Chapter 8, Feyre steals a knife from the dinner table to defend herself, as she feels uneasy in the faerie estate. During the meal, Lucien taunts Feyre about her hunting skills while Tamlin shows unexpected empathy about her mother's death. Afterward, Feyre decides to try to persuade Lucien to advocate for her release back to the human realm. She packs a bag with supplies in case she gets the chance to escape suddenly. Though wary, Feyre aims to behave pleasantly and gain information that could help improve her situation.

Chapter 9

Feyre goes to the stables to find Lucien alone so she can persuade him to help free her from Prythian. Lucien sees through her plan and tells her there's no way out of the Treaty. On their ride, Lucien reveals details about the blight on Prythian's magic and implies a mysterious female ruler caused it. Feyre asks about the Suriel faeries who can answer any question if trapped. Lucien warns against seeking them out. Sensing a dangerous presence, he tells Feyre not to react. She feels an unseen menace in the woods.

Chapter 10

In this chapter, Feyre is out riding with Lucien when they encounter a dangerous creature called the Bogge. Though invisible, its bone-chilling presence terrifies them. It repeatedly demands Feyre look at it, but Lucien warns that would allow it to kill her. They manage to escape unharmed.

Later at dinner, Lucien informs Tamlin about their encounter. Tamlin is furious and goes to hunt the Bogge down. While waiting for his return, Feyre sharpens a knife she hid, contemplating the extent of Tamlin's powers.

Looking out her window at night, Feyre spots a mysterious man in the garden who resembles her father. She is shocked and wonders how he could possibly be there.

Chapter 11

In this chapter, Feyre sees her father outside her window and attempts to escape the estate with him, only to discover it was a faerie creature called a puca trying to lure her away. Tamlin stops Feyre before she can follow the puca, saving her life. He is angry at her escape attempt but also shows some empathy for her situation.

Over the next few days, Tamlin hunts a dangerous Bogge in the woods while Feyre goes on patrols with Lucien. Lucien provides insights into Tamlin's brooding personality and the changes in Prythian under the blight. One night at dinner, Tamlin leaves early to hunt, concerning Lucien. Feyre realizes Tamlin is a solitary, ruthless leader trying to hold onto power.

Feyre has a nightmare about killing a High Fae male. Disturbed, she gets up, unable to sleep. The chapter ends with Feyre feeling regret and shame over her role in Andras's death.

Chapter 12

Feyre wanders the manor at night, mapping it out to learn the layout. Tamlin returns injured from killing the Bogge and Feyre helps bandage his wounds. The next day she overhears Tamlin and Lucien arguing about Tamlin not doing enough to address the blight weakening Prythian. Tamlin takes Feyre to the study per her request, though remains guarded about the blight's threat. Feyre realizes she is insignificant to the Fae and may not survive if Prythian descends into war over the blight.

Chapter 13

In this chapter, Feyre decides to seek out a Suriel, a faerie creature that can answer any question if trapped, to learn more about the blight weakening Prythian. She subtly asks Lucien how to trap a Suriel, and he provides clues while warning her of the danger. Lucien equips Feyre with a knife and bow and arrow to defend herself when releasing the Suriel. Though risky, Feyre is determined to get information about the blight and any Treaty loopholes that could allow her to return home. She heads into the western woods, prepared to trap a Suriel and run at the first chance.

Chapter 14

In Chapter 14, Feyre ventures into the ancient western woods alone to trap a Suriel, a faerie creature that can answer any question if captured. She sets a clever snare using instructions from Lucien and hides in a tree to await the Suriel. When it appears, Feyre questions the Suriel about returning home, learning there is no way out of the Treaty. The Suriel reveals Tamlin is a High Lord and warns Feyre to stay close to him. It explains a wicked Faerie King in Hybern has sent spies for decades, unhappy with the Treaty. Before the Suriel can explain further, it senses dark naga creatures approaching, drawn by its screams. The Suriel begs Feyre to free it before the naga arrive.

Chapter 15

Feyre traps a Suriel to get information but must free it when naga arrive. She fights the naga but is overpowered until Tamlin arrives and brutally kills them. Tamlin heals Feyre's wounds with magic. She realizes he is the High Lord and a powerful, feral predator. Tamlin doesn't punish Feyre for disobeying but makes her promise to stay near the estate for safety. Feyre gained some information from the Suriel but not enough to thoroughly warn her family about the blight weakening Prythian.

Chapter 16

Feyre soaks in a bath and drinks hot chocolate brought by Alis. Alis brushes Feyre's hair and they discuss the threat of war in Prythian. Alis scolds Feyre for seeking the Suriel but provides advice on trapping it. At dinner, Lucien reveals faeries can lie, contrary to legend. Tamlin confirms they never lied to Feyre. Lucien leaves before dessert, leaving Feyre alone with Tamlin. She feels uneasy but resolves not to cower before the High Lord. Tamlin questions Feyre about trapping the Suriel. She admits doing so but claims the naga interrupted before she learned anything. Tamlin is impressed a human girl caught the Suriel. He shows the list of words Feyre was trying to learn. Embarrassed, she tries to leave but Tamlin stops her, praising her dedication to her family. He offers to teach her to read and write but she refuses, insulted. Tamlin reveals he glamoured her family's memories for safety. Though initially upset, Feyre is relieved they are warned of threats and will forget her. She requests paint supplies to pursue art. Surprised but pleased, Tamlin promises to provide them and show her the estate's gallery. Feyre finds herself unexpectedly charmed by his smile.

Chapter 17

Feyre is awoken by screams and goes downstairs to find Tamlin carrying a wounded faerie whose wings were ripped off by a mysterious female enemy. The faerie is beyond saving, and dies as Feyre comforts him. Tamlin performs a burial ritual alone while Feyre watches, grieving. She expresses regret for killing Andras and Tamlin seems to accept her apology.

Chapter 18

In this chapter, Feyre goes on an outing with Tamlin and Lucien to a beautiful glen. She swims with Tamlin in a magical pool of starlight water. Tamlin tells Feyre about Lucien's tragic past, explaining why he can be difficult. On the ride back, Feyre attempts to make amends with Lucien. Though still wary, he gifts her a jeweled hunting knife as an apology for endangering her with the Suriel. Feyre begins to see Tamlin and Lucien in a new light.

Chapter 19

In this chapter, Feyre spends her days happily painting in the Spring Court manor, exploring the grounds with Tamlin, and feeling increasingly charmed by him. She realizes how forgotten she is in the human world when she sees the bonfires being set up for the Fire Night celebration that she's barred from attending.

Tamlin opens up to Feyre about his brutal upbringing and how he unexpectedly inherited his title after his father and brothers were killed. Feyre feels sympathy for the weight of responsibility he bears. After an unseen creature delivers a sinister message from a dangerous enemy, Feyre realizes the serious threats facing Tamlin's court. She is unsettled by this reminder of the volatile politics of the faerie world.

Chapter 20

Feyre goes against Tamlin's orders and follows the drums of the Fire Night celebration to witness the Great Rite. She arrives at a large gathering of masked High Fae and makes her way through the crowd to a ritual site between two hills. A cave at one end is decorated with flowers and branches for the upcoming ceremony. Feyre is accosted by three cruel faeries who grab her and threaten her, but she is rescued by a handsome stranger who pretends to know her. He scares off her attackers. Feyre turns to thank the stranger and sees he is the most beautiful man she has ever seen.

Chapter 21

In this chapter, Feyre attends the Fire Night celebration against Tamlin's orders. She encounters a mysterious, dangerous stranger who helps her briefly before disappearing into the crowd. Lucien finds Feyre and angrily brings her back to the estate for disobeying. He explains that the Great Rite ritual will transform Tamlin completely and warns her to stay locked in her room no matter what.

Later that night, a magically changed Tamlin finds Feyre out of her room. He angrily confronts her about not being at the ritual, implying he was drawn to claim her instead. Feyre pushes back against his dominance but feels conflicted attraction. Tamlin bites her neck possessively before leaving. Feyre is left aroused but defiant against Tamlin's animalistic behavior.

Chapter 22

In this chapter, Feyre wakes up the morning after Fire Night still thinking about Tamlin biting her neck possessively. She decides not to hide the bruise, to Tamlin's annoyance. After arguing at breakfast, Feyre paints unflattering portraits of Tamlin and Lucien as pigs to get back at Tamlin. They make amends over dinner, and Tamlin brings Feyre roses from his family's garden.

Feyre dresses up for dinner the next night in a fine gown. Tamlin uses his magic to move the dining table closer before complimenting how she looks. After dinner, Feyre shows Tamlin her private painting room with impressions of her human life. Tamlin is intrigued by a bleak painting of her winter forest and wants to keep it. He implies jealousy over a sensual painting of Feyre with a past lover.

Feyre asks Tamlin how she can help with the blight weakening him. Tamlin says there's nothing she can do but he wants her to stay for companionship. He admits keeping her there selfishly for her own safety. Feyre is moved that the winter forest painting reminds Tamlin he's not alone. She leaves her bedroom door unlocked, symbolic of letting her guard down.

Chapter 23

In this chapter, Feyre spends an afternoon relaxing in a grassy glen with Tamlin. He explains that the willow tree sings, which puts him to sleep. Tamlin offers to enhance Feyre's senses so she can experience the magic of Prythian, in exchange for a kiss. Though hesitant, Feyre agrees. After Tamlin kisses her eyes, Feyre's senses open up to the rich sights, sounds and smells of the faerie world. She sees Tamlin's true powerful High Lord form before he hides it again. Feyre tries to remove Tamlin's mask but cannot. They discuss his physical markers as High Lord.

Feyre describes what she imagines Tamlin looks like under the mask. He seems pleased by her perception of him. Tamlin asks for the kiss she owes him. Feyre evades by kissing his hand instead, making him laugh. Overcome by the willow's soothing song, Feyre falls asleep. Tamlin curses at the unintended effect but lets her rest, lying down beside her. He strokes her hair and murmurs that she is exactly as he dreamed.

Chapter 24

Feyre wakes up to find the faerie servants in their true form, having had the glamour stripped from her vision. She is shocked to see Alis as a tree-bark skinned faerie. At breakfast, Lucien and Tamlin explain the estate has always been full of diverse faerie folk that were hidden from Feyre before.

The next day Feyre finds a severed, bleeding head impaled in the garden. Tamlin and Lucien determine it belongs to a member of the dangerous Night Court, likely left as a threatening message. Tamlin reassures Feyre she is safe but implies the Night Court delights in torture. Lucien removes the gruesome head.

Feyre asks Tamlin about when humans were enslaved by faeries. He expresses relief that he was a child when the slaves were freed. Tamlin insists he does not share his father and brothers' cruelty. Feyre is unable to paint that day, disturbed by the events.

Chapter 25

In Chapter 25, Feyre attends the Summer Solstice celebration at Tamlin's estate against his wishes after drinking faerie wine that enhances her senses. She dances freely and feels a strong connection to the music and nature around her. Tamlin plays fiddle with the musicians and dances with Feyre, showing her wisps in a moonlit field. They share an intimate dance and kisses. At dawn, Tamlin takes Feyre to watch the sunrise, and she realizes she is falling in love with him and sees hope for the first time.

Chapter 26

Feyre has an intimate lunch with Tamlin and Lucien, during which Lucien reveals that the blight has killed many young faeries in the Winter Court. Suddenly, Tamlin senses an intruder - none other than Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court. Rhysand taunts and threatens Tamlin, Lucien, and Feyre, whom he realizes is human. He forces Tamlin and Lucien to beg him not to reveal Feyre's presence to Amarantha. Rhysand threatens to allow Amarantha to torture Feyre, then vanishes after learning Feyre's false name. Feyre is left terrified and shaken by the encounter.

Chapter 27

In this chapter, Feyre spends an intimate night with Tamlin after he informs her that for her safety, he is sending her back to the human realm at dawn. Though heartbroken, Feyre cherishes her last moments with Tamlin. He admits he loves her before she falls asleep. When Feyre wakes, Tamlin is gone. She reflects sadly that the Spring Court estate had become her home, and that it may be years before she returns to Tamlin and the life they were building.

Chapter 28

Feyre is dressed in finery by Alis before leaving the Spring Court. Lucien argues with Tamlin about sending Feyre away so soon but Tamlin insists. Tamlin and Feyre share an emotional goodbye, both reluctant for her to leave. Feyre travels by magic carriage back to the human realm. She wakes to find herself at an opulent estate belonging to her newly wealthy family. Nesta and Elain greet Feyre, believing she inherited a fortune from a fake aunt. Feyre realizes Tamlin provided for her family in her absence. Though her family is well off, Feyre feels regret leaving Prythian and Tamlin. She worries she's made a mistake that could put her in danger despite Tamlin's efforts to keep her safe.

Chapter 29

Feyre returns to her family's newly wealthy estate after leaving the Spring Court. She invents a story about inheriting a fortune from an aunt to explain their riches. Feyre's father counts the jewels Tamlin provided while Elain shows Feyre her garden. Elain mentions Nesta tried to visit Feyre but was turned back by magic. Nesta remains distant. Feyre realizes the estate that was once a prison now represents hope and strength to Elain. She visits their old cottage, feeling it is now ordinary compared to Prythian. Feyre misses Tamlin but has no indication when she will see him again. She worries for his safety from the dangerous Amarantha. Though wealthy, Feyre feels regret at leaving Tamlin and Prythian behind.

Chapter 30

Feyre returns to her village and gives money to the poor who once shunned her family. She runs into her ex-lover Isaac, who is now happily married. Feyre feels nothing for him anymore. At home, the manor is decorated for a ball in Feyre's honor. She digs in the garden with Nesta, who reveals she was not fooled by the faerie glamour over her family. Nesta went after Feyre but could not get through the wall. Feyre is shocked Nesta cared so much. Nesta asks to learn to paint from Feyre. They bond while painting, though Nesta remains bitter towards their father for letting their mother die. Feyre understands but also sees her father and Elain are content now. She prepares for the ball, hollow over missing Tamlin.

Chapter 31

In this chapter, Feyre returns home after leaving the Spring Court and finds her family has mysteriously become wealthy, thanks to Tamlin providing for them in her absence. At a ball held in her honor, Feyre learns from her sister Elain about the gruesome death of the entire Beddor family, whose name Feyre had falsely given to Rhysand. Realizing the massacre was likely retaliation for the fake name, a horrified Feyre decides she must return to the Spring Court to try to help Tamlin, despite the danger. After an emotional farewell with Nesta and Elain, Feyre travels north back to the wall separating the human and faerie realms. She finds a gateway and crosses over, intent on telling Tamlin she loves him and will fight for him. But upon reaching the Spring Court estate, she finds it empty and destroyed, with no sign of Tamlin or anyone else. Feyre is devastated to realize Tamlin is gone.

Chapter 32

Feyre returns to the Spring Court estate and finds it destroyed. Alis explains that Amarantha, the High Queen of Prythian, cursed Tamlin 49 years ago - he must find a human girl who kills a faerie to fall in love with him to break the curse. Feyre unknowingly fulfilled the first part by killing Andras, but left before falling in love. Now the curse deadline has passed, and Amarantha has taken Tamlin and his court as her slaves Under the Mountain. Though Alis warns it is suicide, Feyre insists on going after Tamlin to try to free him from Amarantha. Alis agrees to show Feyre the way Under the Mountain.

Chapter 33

In this chapter, Feyre returns to the cave entrance to the faerie realm Under the Mountain, intent on rescuing Tamlin from Amarantha's curse. She is armed but afraid of the dangers that await. Alis guides Feyre to the ancient, sacred cave and warns her not to trust anyone inside. She offers advice for navigating Amarantha's court before bidding Feyre farewell.

Feyre enters the dark cave alone. After a treacherous journey she reaches a fire-lit passageway into Under the Mountain. Feyre sneaks quietly through the halls, wary of attracting attention. At a corner she encounters the Attor, Amarantha's sadistic servant who once terrorized Tamlin's estate. The Attor greets Feyre, realizing she does not belong there. Feyre is terrified but resolute on finding and freeing Tamlin.

Chapter 34

Feyre is captured by the Attor and dragged before Amarantha's throne. She sees Tamlin sitting expressionless beside Amarantha, still wearing a mask. The Attor forces Feyre to explain she came to claim Tamlin, but he denies knowing her. Amarantha mocks Tamlin for falling for a human as she reveals she tortured and killed Clare Beddor, whose name Feyre had falsely given. Feyre is horrified and grief-stricken.

Amarantha agrees to let Feyre complete three tasks to prove her love and free Tamlin from his curse. Feyre negotiates for the court's freedom as well. Amarantha adds a riddle that will instantly break the curse if solved. Failure means torture and death. Feyre has no choice but to agree to the bargain. Amarantha's minions then beat Feyre brutally until she loses consciousness.

Chapter 35

In Chapter 35, Feyre spends time recovering in her cell after being brutally beaten by Amarantha's minions. Lucien secretly heals her broken nose with his limited magic before the guards return. He scolds Feyre for coming to Prythian but she insists she had to try to free Tamlin from the curse.

Later, Feyre is brought before Amarantha again. Amarantha demands to know Feyre's real name, threatening to torture Lucien if he doesn't reveal it. To save Lucien, Feyre tells Amarantha her name. Amarantha then presents Feyre with a riddle to solve that would instantly free Tamlin and his court. Feyre struggles to figure out the riddle and Amarantha sends her back to the dungeons to ponder it further.

After two days, Feyre has still not solved the riddle. She is brought back before Amarantha as the full moon has risen, signaling the start of the first task Amarantha has devised for Feyre. Feyre is filled with fear, knowing she will likely die in the upcoming trial.

Chapter 36

Feyre is brought into an arena with a large crowd of faeries to face her first task from Amarantha. She is thrown into a muddy labyrinth of trenches filled with tunnels, where a giant worm creature lives. Feyre realizes the worm is blind and relies on smell, so she covers herself in mud to mask her scent. After a chase through the maze, Feyre tricks the worm into impaling itself on bones she arranged in a pit. Amarantha is displeased Feyre succeeded. Feyre throws a mud-covered bone at Amarantha in anger before being dragged away. She realizes her arm is severely injured by a bone shard from her fall. Though Feyre succeeded, she knows Amarantha will continue tormenting her.

Chapter 37

In Chapter 37, Feyre is suffering in her cell after her first trial, with a severe bone shard injury in her arm. Rhysand appears and offers to heal her in exchange for her coming to stay with him at the Night Court for two weeks every month. Feyre refuses at first but realizes she is likely dying from infection. With no sign of help coming, she reluctantly agrees to Rhysand's bargain. He heals her arm but also tattoos her entire left arm with a permanent magical mark of their bargain. Feyre is upset but knows she had no choice. Rhysand implies he did it to hurt Tamlin and vanishes, leaving Feyre to recover alone.

Chapter 38

In this chapter, Feyre is given impossible cleaning tasks by Amarantha's guards, such as scrubbing a marble floor with dirty water and sorting lentils from a fireplace. The Lady of the Autumn Court secretly helps Feyre by providing clean water, repaying her for giving a false name to protect Lucien. Feyre is then brought to clean Rhysand's room and finds him there. He reveals he has limited powers from Amarantha and demonstrates his ability to partially shift into a winged, clawed form. Rhysand implies Amarantha is testing him through Feyre's tasks. Feyre asks Rhysand for help solving the riddle but he refuses, bound by Amarantha's orders. However, Rhysand uses his powers to instantly clean the fireplace for Feyre, saving her from punishment. He also glamours the guards to stop tormenting Feyre. She realizes the danger of her bargain with Rhysand but is grateful for his unexpected aid.

Chapter 39

Feyre wakes up sick after being forced to drink faerie wine and dance provocatively for Rhysand at a party the previous night. Lucien visits her in her cell and is disturbed to see her dressed so scantily. He explains that Rhysand only acted that way to provoke Tamlin. Lucien risked punishment to heal Feyre's broken nose from the first trial. Feyre apologizes for binding herself to Rhysand and asks about Tamlin. Lucien says Tamlin stays quiet to avoid revealing what hurts him most.

That night Feyre is dressed up and painted again for a party. Rhysand informs her that her second trial is the next night. At the party, Rhysand reads the mind of a faerie trying to escape and exposes his plan to Amarantha. She orders the faerie's mind shattered but Rhysand secretly kills him quickly instead, showing mercy. Afterward, Rhysand and Feyre leave, with some guests calling Rhysand Amarantha's whore. Rhysand remains stoic until they are away from Amarantha, when he quietly hands Feyre a wine goblet to drug her for the night.

Chapter 40

In Chapter 40, Feyre faces her second trial set by Amarantha. She is lowered into a pit where Lucien is chained on the other side of an iron grate. Spiked grates begin descending from the ceiling to crush them both. Feyre sees a lengthy inscription and three levers, realizing she must solve a riddle to stop the spikes. But she cannot read well enough to decipher the riddle in time. Lucien shouts at her to guess, as the spikes come dangerously close. Through the grate, Rhysand subtly guides Feyre to pull the third lever, stopping the spikes just in time. Feyre survives but is devastated that she cannot read.

Later in her cell, Rhysand appears and wipes away Feyre's tears, stunning her. He implies he could sense her feelings through their bargain. Feyre orders him to leave but Rhysand reveals he knows she is illiterate and threatens to use it against her when she comes to his court. Though disgusted by him, Feyre realizes Rhysand kept her from completely breaking down.

Chapter 41

In Chapter 41, Feyre sinks into despair after the second trial, resigned to dying in her third trial for Amarantha. She stops fighting and finds temporary escape in the faerie wine Rhysand provides each night. Two of Rhysand's servants hide Feyre from the Attor and she overhears it talking with a creature from the Hybern kingdom. They discuss Amarantha angering the Hybern king by failing to aid his cause before. The creature implies the king will not tolerate another failure.

Later, Feyre hears distant music which reminds her of the beauty in life and her desire to free Tamlin. It renews her drive to survive the third trial. With two days left, Feyre prepares to face her final challenge from Amarantha.

Chapter 42

Feyre has a secret rendezvous with Tamlin at a party, expressing their passion and love before her final trial. Rhysand catches them and warns of the danger. Later Rhysand kisses Feyre as Amarantha arrives, making it seem he interrupted her and Tamlin. Rhysand visits Feyre that night, explaining he keeps her at a distance to avoid Amarantha's wrath and spur Tamlin's rage against her. Feyre realizes Rhysand is strategically working against Amarantha despite appearances. The next day, Feyre prepares for her third trial, knowing it will likely end in her death.

Chapter 43

In the final trial, Feyre must kill three hooded faeries. The first two plead for their lives but she stabs them, horrified at having to murder innocents. The third faerie is revealed as Tamlin. Feyre realizes Amarantha wouldn't risk her killing Tamlin, meaning his heart must have been turned to stone. Trusting her insight, Feyre stabs Tamlin, gambling that it won't truly kill him. She declares her love for him as she does it.

Chapter 44

Feyre faces her final trial, having to stab three cloaked figures. The first two plead for their lives but she kills them. The third is revealed as Tamlin with a stone heart, so stabbing him will not kill him. Feyre declares her love and stabs Tamlin, gambling it will break the curse. It does not, as Amarantha lied about the terms. Enraged, Amarantha tortures Feyre with magic. Rhysand tries to attack Amarantha but she overpowers him. Feyre endures excruciating pain, refusing to deny her love for Tamlin despite Amarantha's demands. Near death, Feyre realizes the answer to the riddle is love. She says it just before blacking out, hoping it will free the court.

Chapter 45

In Chapter 45, Feyre's spirit watches through Rhysand's eyes after Amarantha kills her. Tamlin transforms into a beast and brutally kills Amarantha, enacting revenge for Feyre's death. The High Lords of the seasonal courts all bestow a gift of light upon Feyre's corpse. Rhysand also gives Feyre a gift to repay her sacrifice. Finally, Tamlin professes his love and uses his powers to try to revive Feyre with a kiss.

Chapter 46

In Chapter 46, Feyre awakens after being resurrected by the High Lords. She is now immortal and struggles to adjust to her heightened Fae senses and abilities. Tamlin reveals he removed his mask, looking just as Feyre had imagined. They share an intimate moment alone before Feyre is overwhelmed realizing she killed two faeries during the trials.

Later, Rhysand secretly summons Feyre to say goodbye before she leaves, explaining he fought against Amarantha to not let her die alone. Feyre thanks him for the companionship. Rhysand is shocked seeing something in Feyre that she doesn't understand.

Feyre and Tamlin prepare to leave the mountain after the High Lords seal Amarantha's court. They emerge into the Spring Court, finally home again. Feyre feels hopeful seeing the manor despite her inner turmoil over the deaths she caused. She knows she will need to face her actions soon but for now cherishes the return to Tamlin's side after all they endured.